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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Stephanie’s, Felicia is talking with Dante who has stopped by. She asks what could her son, Dominick, possibly have to do with him? He is very serious and seems concerned that now that Bridget has lost her daughter, it might change things. He’s concerned about the boy more than she knows. Maybe a future with Bridget and Nick is not the only option, he says.

At the beach house, Taylor stands hugging Bridget and telling her she is so sorry for her loss. Very matter of factly, Bridget tells Taylor she’s been alone but she can’t imagine what she would do without Nick. Taylor tells her she doesn’t have to imagine; she still has Nick and he’ll never leave her. Bridget reciprocates and tells her she is sorry to hear about her and Ridge.

Taylor sighs and replies that he’s in love with her mother, so how do you counter that? Bridget replies that she knows he loves Taylor too, but she was just gone for a really long time. They both agree that when you lose someone you love, there just aren’t enough kind words to make you feel better.

On the deck of The Shady Marlin, Nick is sadly and wistfully holding a pink teddy bear when Brooke walks up and interrupts his thoughts. She says she got his message to meet him there. She asks how is Bridget?

He replies heartbroken. He tells her he is going to pick Dominick up in a while and take him over to the beach house in hopes that he will make her feel better…..the light in the storm…..bad storm…….a lot of damage done. She tries to keep it upbeat by saying he was there for her too. And she can’t tell him how much that means to her.

He stands up and states that Bridget’s insecurities are still there. Brooke asks has Bridget said something? He tells her that Bridget thinks he stayed with her because of the baby……..”and now that the baby is……..gone…….she says I am free to be with you.” Brooke says oh, my God, in amazement.

Resting on her walker, Felicia tells Dante she is trying very hard to understand what he’s talking about. She knows he’s worried about Bridget, and if he thinks she is forcing Dominick on her too soon after her own loss……He tells her the issue is about Nick, not Bridget. He squares around and looks at her and tells her he’s talking about Nice, the first night they met. He can’t stop thinking about it. He regales the night. It was early morning; he was with his buddies, and she was dancing on the tables. She jumps in and says she shouldn’t have been there drinking, at the time she didn’t know she was pregnant with Nick’s baby. He reminds her that every guy in the place wanted to be with her. She is remorseful that she was just drowning her sorrows, Nick had just broken up with her (pardon, if I am wrong, but I don’t believe Nick broke up with her. She told him earlier that she was leaving for one of their overseas offices, when she found out she had cancer).

Dante reminds her that he took her back to her place. She asks why is he bringing all of this up now? He contends because she is acting like she doesn’t remember what happened between the two of them. She relents, okay, so she remembers. He took her home, he stayed….and he adds and they made love. She nods, and that makes him the last man she will ever have shared herself with. And she thanks him for calling it making love, but it was just sex. And she doesn’t want him to get the idea it was any more than that. She was in love with Nick at the time, and unbeknownst to her, she was pregnant with his child at the time. He asks is she sure? She replies of course. He says he’s not.

They have a little conversation about safe sex and using a condom. She tells him she may have been drunk as a skunk, but she is ALWAYS responsible and she carries protection and gave it to him. He intimates he did use it…..the first time.

While Bridget is on the phone with Dr. Caspary, Taylor pours them a glass of wine. Bridget at first turns it down, not sure that is the best thing for her. Taylor says it will be if she doesn’t overdo it, and might even be the best thing for her. Bridget takes it but doesn’t drink. Taylor does and even jokes that she feels better already. And they both share in the judgment “and this too shall pass.” Taylor apologizes; she came over to cheer Bridget up and here she sits talking about her problems with Ridge. Standing before the fireplace, she suggests why don’t they focus on what they DO have? She has her children and Bridget has Nick. Bridget replies, “I certainly hope so.”

Nick looks Brooke in the eye and tells her that Bridget is still concerned that those feelings are there. She remarks they had re-assured her, what did he say? He replies that he told Bridget that he loved her and even though she lost the baby, they still had Dominick and they could have other children and they could be a family. Tears starting, Brooke thanks him for re-assuring Bridget again and being there for her. She tells him she knows how much he is hurting too. How much he wanted a little daughter of his own. She’s sorry, but he still has a son to raise…..him and Bridget. Dominick needs a father too.

Felicia is shocked and repeats, “the first time?” He reminds her they made love for hours. Incredulously, she accepts that but they used protection, so if he’s trying to tell her Dominick could be HIS son, there’s no way! He wants to know how she can be so sure? She snarks that she’s his mother, so she knows! He questions her more; what did the doctor say? Was Dominick at all premature? She tells him there was no doctor, only a midwife who came to the house. He concedes it could be Nicks, but when was the baby born? She flatly refuses; they aren’t going to do this. It makes no difference, she knows what she knows and she goes into a barrage of it being Nick’s baby, not his. He looks at Dominick in the playpen and tells her if a doctor didn’t confirm anything, then Dominick could be his son.

She sits and goes over it one more time. Nick is Dominick’s father and once she is gone, he is going to be with Nick and Bridget, it’s all been settled. Dante joins her and says she has to be sure. Dominic deserves to know who his father is. Emphatically, she tells him he KNOWS who his father is and it’s not some guy she met some drunken night in France. And she spouts at him that since she’s come back to L.A., she’s had one purpose, and does he know what that is? “To find a family, and care for him the rest of his life.” And that is Nick and Bridget.

He says he does not want to cause her any problems. Then she tells him DON’T. Stop talking this way. Nick IS the father. “He and I made Dominick.” She cries that she is fighting for her damned life here, and she has one purpose, one concern, and that is her son. Her little boy, and making sure he is safe. So Dante can’t come in here and say those things and she orders him to get out.

Taylor pours more wine and asks Bridget if she feels she has reason to believe that she doesn’t have Nick? She offers that some times she wonders if he was just with her because of the baby. Taylor rebukes this; she knows he loves her very much. Bridget replies that she told him he was free to go be with her mom. But, he said she was wrong and he wanted to be with her. Taylor tells her sometimes it’s hard to have faith, but Nick is her husband, and she’s about to be the mother of his son. Bridget is awfully quiet, turns away. Taylor asks is she still okay with that? She says she doesn’t know. Nick thinks their lives are going to go on just as they had hoped. Taylor remarks but Bridget is not sure how she feels about being Dominick’s mother?

Inside The Marlin, Nick sits the teddy bear down and tells Brooke that he wants to be there for Bridget, to support her and protect her, but she is having trouble accepting Dominick, he can feel it. It’s too soon. Brooke muses that Nicole will always live in their hearts even though they weren’t able to hold her, “but she touched every one of us.” And she reminds him that Dominick is going to bring them so much joy. “He is your road to recovery.”

He looks at her and tells her that is just like R.J. being Forrester’s son. He wants to protect him. He hesitates a long time then asks if she is going to let him be there for R.J.? Misty eyed, she tells him too much of her life has been worrying about her own needs and she states she just can’t live that way any more. His back is turned now but she touches it and turns him around to face her. “R.J. HAS to come first; Bridget too.” Tears beginning to fall, she touches his face, they look at each other lovingly, wanting to do more, but she smiles and walks away.

Dante argues that he’s not trying to stake any sort of claim here. He’s a single guy; he doesn’t want a child. She says good, then she’d advise him to turn away and walk out that door. But he’s as adamant as she. If Dominick is his son, shouldn’t they know that? The baby fusses and she goes and picks him up. She struggles to hold him, but declares to Dante that this is Nick’s boy. Dante walks toward them and asks does she remember the last time she and Nick made love? She tells him this conversation is OVER! He knows she can’t tell him, then how can she be so sure? They need to do some sort of test.

Before she can respond to Dante, there is a knock at the door. She puts Dominick back in his playpen and slowly goes to the door. It’s a little awkward when it’s Nick but she tells him Dominick just got up from his nap and he’s just around the corner there. Nick walks on in, spies Dante. Nick picks Dominick up lovingly and tells him it’s good to see him. Dante takes all of this in.

Bridget relays to Taylor that when she lost Nicole, Felicia had come in and put Dominick in her arms. And as much as she wanted to love him, in that moment, she just couldn’t. She just wanted her baby, Nicole. She wanted her to be alive. Taylor gives her a big hug and tells her perhaps it’s just a little too soon, but if she can’t handle it right now, Nick will understand. Bridget does know he’s a blessing in their lives. Dominick is an incredible comfort to him, and Nick is hurting too. But, Bridget lashes out that every time she holds Dominick, she is going to think of Nicole and want HER baby. She cries that she wants the baby she lost. She’s not sure she can handle this.

Taylor tries to show her that Bridget loves Nick so much, and Dominick is a reflection of him and as difficult as this is, she is going to see that little boy will be what pulls them through. She gives her another big hug and Bridget responds okay.

Nick says he hopes he isn’t too early. She tells him he is right on time. He wants to spend a little extra time with him if he can. Dante tells him he is sorry for his loss. Felicia says she is really glad he’s going to spend the day with he and Bridget. He grabs Dominick and cajoles that did he hear that? He’s going to bunk with him and mommy Bridget. Felicia asks how is Bridget and he replies it’s been hard. He just wants to hold onto this little guy as long as he can. He explains to his boy that they had a little problem with Nicole, they lost her. But, they aren’t going to lose him. They love him and they need him. He gives him a healthy pat on the bottom.

Clearly Felicia wants to avoid anything more with Dante and she tells Nick he should leave and let Bridget be with Dominick too. Before Nick can leave, Dante stops him and wants to say something. Felicia shakes him off and tells Nick that she and Dante were discussing something, but it’s not important. And she sends him on his way. But, Dante argues with her again before Nick gets to the door and he hears. He opens the door, but Dante tells him to wait, there is something he should know. Nick closes the door and faces them. Solemnly, he replies, “ you have something to say…….say it.”

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