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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Brooke’s, Ridge is underfoot again, supposingly helping her with the kids. He asks why is Hope’s skating class and swim class on opposite ends of the town? And seems he just gave R.J. a bath and now Brooke has to give him another. He laments he’s not much help around there if everything has to be redone. She chalks it up to “that’s parenting, remember?”

He segues way into has she heard from Bridget? She replies she and Nick are going to need some quiet time today. And adds that he was very empathetic with Nick at the hospital yesterday. Ridge points out that he was remembering when they lost their child, as he is sure she was too. And he relays he always seems to do that. No matter where he goes, nothing is ever as good or as meaningful as it is back home. In this case, “what you and I had – the life you and I shared.”

She ponders and then tells him she thinks it’s time he took his meds. He continues that he knows he hurt her. He knows he hurt her badly enough that she thought she was in love with somebody else – Nick. Maybe she still is. She’s astonished when he says, “but, I can overlook all of that. I can forgive you for Nick.”

On the front porch a the beach house, Bridget stands remembering an earlier time with Nick on the beach when she’d allowed him to think she’d had an abortion…..and now he could go be with her mother. Nick interrupts her thought when he brings in a large box full of pink things from the bedroom and tells her that he called the shelter and they will be sending someone by to pick up the things. Reflectively, she says she is glad they are going to a good use. She leans her head against the door and asks doesn’t he believe things happen for a reason? Thoughtfully, he says some do and some don’t. She states either everything happens for a reason or nothing does. If there is reason that people are born and die, then there has to be a reason why soup boils over. They just can’t see it.

She fights back a sob and he tells her he’s not one who has ever tried to figure God out. But, Bridget makes the distinction. She had told him she had an abortion. She’d told him she’d killed their child….and now she’s gone. Nick offers that what happened to their child was a medical crisis, Bridget did NOT cause it. She brings up her faulty cervix. What caused that? He begs her not to do this. She keeps making comparisons. She knows it is crazy thinking, but what if she wished someone fell off a cliff, and then they actually did? She knows she does not have superhuman powers. And she’s not saying she caused this, but that she deserved it. He’s adamant – God does not punish people by killing their children!

She claims she does not blame God, but she blames herself. She argues that she loved Nicole, but she loved her too late. Mostly she was a device for her. She’d used her to find out how much Nick loved her. And when the answer wasn’t exactly what she wanted, she’d gone ahead……He grabs her around the middle before she can finish. He tells her he asked her not to do this. What happened was a terrible thing and they have to be gentle with each other. But, he’s not going to stand there and let her say he doesn’t love her. She sighs and reminds him they wouldn’t be together if she hadn’t gotten pregnant. Forcefully, he tells her, “let today be hard if it has to be hard, but don’t unravel what we have. Don’t do that!”

She closes her eyes, then breaks away saying she’s not. She just wants to honor Nicole’s memory. And the only way she can think to do that is to undo all the wrongs surrounding her. Simply, he asks what does she want? She walks toward him and states that he thought that loving her was the price he had to pay for fatherhood. And she’d let him do that. And she felt things…..things that she’ll probably never feel again. “But, what I can do now is to be the person that I’d wished I’d been all along…..and tell you that you are free to go.” She turns and walks away from him.

“How arrogant can you be?”, asks Brooke. She says she has done nothing to ask his forgiveness for. He tells her he did not accuse her of any crime. He was just saying when they are not together, she loses her way. She reminds him she needed to be without him to FIND her way. And her being with Nick wasn’t some stupid mistake on the rebound. He really has no idea what was between them. He wonders why she isn’t with him now?

She walks off announcing she’s had enough of this conversation. He asks her if she thinks this is some silly flirtation to him? He states that he left his wife and kids because in his heart, he thought his place was with her. And if that can’t be, he wants to know why. Is it Nick? She admonishes him for even suggesting that she would pursue a relationship with Nick. But, he says he doesn’t. With the multitude of people harping on how they thought she was going to try and steal her daughter’s husband away from her, did she ever once hear him say that? She proclaims that she hadn’t. And he emphasizes he wouldn’t because he’s hers. And Brooke can’t think of him that way.

He offers but none of that would have happened if he was the man she thought he was. He would have done what Ridge did – thrown over everything for her. And he thinks she knows that. He asks her what sort of life does she see for herself there? Does she see herself alone in the house, him coming over to play with the kids, throwing him a smile and a sandwich and then kicking him out at the end of the day? Is that really going to do it for her? He doesn’t think so because she is too much like him. She declares that she is not. But, he thinks she is. He says she lives in her skin. Not in her head, like Taylor. And not in some tortured fantasy like Nick. She doesn’t think her way through the day; she FEELS her way through it. She wants to be touched. She wants to feel someone warm and alive in her hands, just like he does!

With a determined look and the help of her walker, Felicia opens the door at Stephanie’s to admit Dante. And with a thought provoking statement that she is not sure she finds him more or less interesting. Glumly, he tells her that being interested is overrated by “you Forrester people.” She pounces on him right away; why didn’t he tell her that Nick’s marriage to Bridget was so shaky? He tells her there is a bunch of stuff they should discuss. How about they talk about it right now? She tells him he’s sweet, but he’s in the wrong movie. She confesses she is not some tragic beauty longing to collapse into some strong man’s arms. “I am a bitter, difficult, sickly bitch interested in only one thing – my son’s future.” He asks how does she know that is not his subject too?

Nick stands shell-shocked with Bridget sniffling on the sofa. He asks if she is saying they stayed together for all the wrong reasons? She replies he knows they did. He tells her that is NOT true. It’s not just love that brings people together. There are other things involved – vanity, sex, and fear, loneliness and ego. He sits beside her and re-enforces that they’d faced all of that and didn’t drift apart. They could have, but they didn’t. They’d held it together and found love. And he admits he’s not saying he wasn’t stupid and made mistakes, but when he found out she was pregnant, the world changed for him. She reminds him the world changed again yesterday. He hammers that he didn’t.

He gets up and wanders to the steps and sits down just inside the door. Holding his head, scratching it for answers, he says she knocks him out. Here they are one day after the worst thing that could happen happened, facing the darkest places inside them. “You know, you’ve got guts, girl. But, you don’t have any faith, and that’s my doing. I’m sorry.” She tells him she has no idea how he can admire her right now. Is that just one of his charms? She says she just can not block out the past like he does. She doesn’t have that quality. And she reflects that she loved their time together, the life they almost had. But, when she looks back, it all seems so simple. They’d had their life together because he couldn’t have the one he really wanted. “But, you can now. You hear me? I’m telling you that you can.”

Ridge suggests to Brooke that he’s her way out. The way out of the maze that she’s in, with Nick, her daughter, with his father, all of it. Why doesn’t she try letting things be simple again? She chuckles that things were NEVER simple between them. He admits they let things get in the way, but they are over with now. They were both free and clear. He gets in her face and parks there and states that all she has to do is say yes, just like that. Not batting an eyeball, she hesitates but finally tells him she thinks he’d better go. Not taking no for an answer, he purrs that no, that isn’t what she thinks at all. Go ahead, tell him….tell him…..’cuz he knows she wants to.

Wallowing in self-pity, Nick tries to get Bridget to look at him but she turns away, sobbing. He manages to pull her closer and kisses her on each eyebrow. He slowly tells her she is his wife. Cupping her chin, he asks did she forget who she is to him? She reminds him their child is dead. He replies he knows, and he misses her and the dreams that died with her. She screams at him that their child is dead. He restrains her and puts her hand on his heart and asks her to feel that. That’s his heart beating. And he doesn’t know how many days it has left, but he wants to spend every day with her, if she’ll let him. But, she tells him everything that held them together is gone. He argues that it is right there in that room, in this moment. But, they’ve taken so much from her and that’s why she wants to cut him loose, so there’s nothing left to take anymore. He understands it, but he can’t let her do it. “And if you can’t love me today, and you can’t love me tomorrow, you can love Dominick. You can love my son.”

She hangs her head and says of course she loves him today. She just doesn’t want to be alive today. What if she can’t love Dominick the right way? What if she resents him that he lived and her little girl didn’t? He kisses her fingers and sweetly tells her she loves that little boy. He knows she knows that. She’d never resent him because that is just not inside her. “This I know.” She sobs that she wants to be a mother to him…..He stops her and proudly proclaims that nobody, nothing is going to take him away from them --- nothing. He kisses her and hugs her tightly as she clings.

Dante tells Felicia she is thinking that her son’s future depends on Nick and Bridget, but there is something she is overlooking. She asks, such as? He reminds her they only had one night in Nice, but maybe it meant more than she knew. She sets him straight, there can be no future for “you and me.” He tells her he knows that; he was talking about her son. She asks why is he interested in her son? He thinks it’s natural considering……she breaks in, no it’s creepy, it’s morbid. She’s seen that type that gravitates toward terminal illness, getting off on the pathos, the panic….

He confesses he likes her, she’s great, but not as much as she thinks. Then she wonders what is so critical that they have to discuss that he won’t take no for an answer? Walking before her, he states her son’s future. It may not be what she had in mind for him.

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