The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/8/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the beach house, Nick is talking to baby Dominick, getting ready to take some things back to hospital to Bridget. The last thing he spies is the baby blanket with 'Nicole' embroidered on it. He grabs it and is still talking when Brooke slips in the door. She overhears Nick telling Dominick that he’s going to make a first rate brother because he’s already taking care of his sister, that shows character. Brooke announces her presence by telling him of course he’s got character, he’s a Marone (at least for today). She apologize for intruding, but Nick tells her she’s not. She says she came by to get some things for Bridget, but it looks like he’s already taken care of that. They discuss Bridget’s case and he opines does Brooke really think he would have left her side if she wasn’t okay?

At the hospital, Bridget and Felicia are still enjoying their visit but Felicia thinks she needs to leave. She jokes that she doesn’t want to hog her. There are a couple of Forresters and Marones waiting out in the hallway. There’s enough groupies out there to prove that someone in this room is loved very much. From out of nowhere, Bridget doubles over and screams in pain. She manages to convey that her water broke and the nurse flies to the phone and calls Dr. Caspary, STAT.

Dr. Caspary passes by a waiting Eric, Mass and Thorne and Eric asks if anything is wrong? She informs him that she doesn’t know yet; she will let them know the minute she does. Eric looks through the paned door window and can tell all is not going well. The doctor is telling Bridget it’s too late to stop the contractions, her water has broke, she’s in active labor. They need to remove the stitch and let nature take it’s course. Bridget is crying and still begging her to try something.

Brooke sits on the couch by little Dominick in his carrier. She commends Nick for how he is with his son. He tells her that when he found out R.J. wasn’t his son, that was the hardest thing he’d ever gone through in his life. But, he’s a blessed man; he has a son now. And a daughter on the way. She remarks she hopes not too soon.

He thinks he should get back to the hospital and no sooner than he gets up, his phone rings. It’s Eric who tells him he thinks there is a problem. He doesn’t know what, but it doesn’t look good. Nick doesn’t even say goodbye. He hangs up and tells Brooke something is wrong with Bridget and he has to go. She shuffles him on out and says she will bring Dominick and everything, just go.

With Felicia holding onto Bridget tightly, and Bridget still loudly ordering the doctor to do something, the doctor tells her there is no more time. They have to remove the stitch or the cervix will be permanently damaged. The doctor performs the procedure. Bridget cries to Felicia that Nicole is NOT ready, her heart and her nervous system…..she screams in pain. She finally settles back and turns it all over to Nicole to do her thing. She prays to God. Other doctors come in to assist in the birth. Dr. Caspary tells her to give one good push. She pants, she grunts, she yells, and in moments the baby is born. The doctor attends to the baby and Bridget settles back in silence, then wonders why the baby isn’t crying?

The doctor takes the small object to the nearby table and three huddle around and give baby CPR. They do it three or four times with Bridget staring at the monitor and realizes Nicole isn’t breathing. Finally they stop and shake their heads with Bridget looking on in absolute horror. She cries no, no, no and rolls over in the bed not even wanting to look at Dr. Caspary, who tells her she is so sorry.

A nurse comes out in the hallway carrying some bloody clothes, sheets and Eric lashes out at her to let him know what’s happening. She tells him she is sorry; he’ll have to wait for the doctor. Back inside, another nurse takes the wrapped baby and starts to leave. Bridget asks her to wait. She asks if she can see her? “I want to see my daughter.” The nurse and doctor exchange glances and without a word the doctor gives the nurse a gentle nudge toward Bridget.

Bridget gently takes her and looks down at the precious, lifeless form with a range of emotions on her face. She pulls her to her bosom and sobs. The nurse looks brokenhearted too.

With Felicia still looking on and almost breaking up herself, Bridget relaxes her hold on Nicole and pulls the little blanket out of the way and looks again at her. She sobs while telling her she is so sorry she can’t be…..she knows she fought so hard and she doesn’t know what she did wrong, but she’s so sorry. “I love you, mommy will always love you.” And she holds her and hugs her again crying, “my baby girl.”

The doctor has her own tough moment when she emerges and the guys converge on her. We see them gather around, no sound, as she explains what happened. Eric immediately has to sit down; Mass grabs his mouth to cover it and Thorne stiffens himself. Nick bounds off the elevator and heads to Eric. They don’t have to say a word; their faces say it all.

Bracing himself for the news, Nick walks into the room. Felicia is still holding Bridget and she acknowledges his presence and tells Bridget, who doesn’t. She seems to be in a fog right now. Slowly as Felicia wanders out, she mouths an “I’m sorry” to Nick. Holding the Nicole blanket, he closes the door and stands and gapes at Bridget who is silently crying. She notices him and sits up and he goes to her and they embrace and cling to each other in sorrow.

Eric helps Felicia with her wheelchair and Mass and Thorne asks what happened? Everything looked like it was going so well. Felicia sys she doesn’t know. She was fine, then there was nothing they could do for her.

Jackie has joined them by this time and she laments – poor Bridget, poor Nicky. Brooke brings Dominick in and hands him to Felicia. Eric takes her aside and tells her that Bridget lost the baby. He has to control her and tells her that Nick is with Bridget now.

Nick is actually lying in bed along side Bridget rocking her. Neither saying a word until he finally says he never would have left if he had known this would happen. He tells her this was not her fault when she says she doesn’t know what she did wrong. She tells him she held her and she had ten fingers and ten toes….and now she can’t believe it. She bemoans that Nicole never knew how much they loved her. But he declares that she does know. Bridget repeats over and over that she lost her, she lost their baby. What’s happened to her?

Felicia comes back and overhears and states that she will find her. She’s holding Dominick, but tells them she will find Nicole and take care of her. The nurse pushes her on into the room and Felicia gives Dominick a kiss on the head and proudly tells them that while Bridget is taking care of Dominick, she’ll be taking care of Nicole. She hands Dominick to Nick who immediately passes him to Bridget. Almost stunned, she automatically takes him as Felicia nods her okay. Bridget holds him, cradles him, gives him a kiss on his head as well, and looks at this precious child, a substitute, a blessing in disguise. Nick gulps, has a very unsure look of how this is all going to work out.

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