The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/7/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Stephanie’s, Felicia manages to get up off the sofa to her feet, but crumbles to the floor in excruciating pain just as Eric walks through the door. He rushes to help get her the walker that she should have been using, but she vehemently denies that she fell. He also scolds her for not being on pain medication and that she should take some. She finally declares that she is out. He was under the assumption that the hospice people brought her a weekly supply every week… this must mean she is taking more. He tells her this is NOT a character flaw. If she needs more pain medication, do it. She apologizes for being out of sorts, but she is tired of everyone needing a bulletin every time she goes to the bathroom. She would like her privacy if everything else is taken away from her. But, she laughs when Eric tells her he’s used to it; that her mother also has been out of sorts since about 1960. He kisses her on the forehead and asks at what point does that become important? Should they have someone around that does know a bit more? Wouldn’t she be more comfortable or better cared for at the hospital? Adamantly, she replies NO, for him not to even think of that!

At the hospital, Nick tells Bridget that they had another message from Felicia. Bridget is sorry that she didn’t get back with her. She offers that perhaps they ought to go by and see her on their way home. Brooke bursts in and tells them both she could strangle the two of them. They should have called her the minute they got there. She says early labor is no joke…..and did they call Eric? The doctor walks in and Nick practically hops on her if he can take Bridget home. Good news he hopes since there has been no more contractions. She hesitates; looks at Bridget and tells her this was her second scare. And pre-term labor can be very tricky, as she saw last night. Bridget guesses that she’s not going to go home at all and the doctor nods.

Eric panics and admits he is scared. He’d like Felicia to get more help; put some weight back on her. He’s afraid she will get sick, not call anybody and then she’ll be GONE (only he can’t say that last word, it just sticks in his throat). Teary-eyed, she tells him that science is not what she needs. She needs him just to be afraid WITH her. She says there is one advantage of knowing you are going to die and that is you can die the way you want to. She turns away and says, “and I do NOT want to die in a hospital….. with all those strange people coming in the middle of the night sticking needles in me.” Not to mention someone screaming in the room next to her and the stinking of a combination of floor wax and urine and the stupid machines beeping all night. She rests on the sofa and says whatever they can do for her there, they can do for her here. She tells him he may think he doesn’t know what to do, but he is doing it.

He comes and bends down beside her and tells her there will be no faking it. If she is in pain, say so. If she is out of medication, tell them and if she is in pain, as well. She admits she is in pain and she is out of pills, but she will be able to walk once she gets them. She also makes him promise that his part of the bargain is to not let them take her. No matter what, even if they just say it is for overnight. Don’t believe them because once she is in, she will NEVER come out. He says he promises and she bends down to kiss him as he returns it.

Bridget tells Nick that looks like she is going to set up housekeeping there. He states he doesn’t think the doctor means for the rest of her pregnancy, but……She finishes it for him, maybe just until the baby’s survival isn’t an issue anymore. And if that is how it has to be, that is just how it has to be! Brooke is pleasantly surprised to know they named the baby already and thinks the name, Nicole, is beautiful. Feeling just a little awkward, Nick says he needs to slip out and get some coffee. He barely closes the door when Bridget tells her mother that she loves him so much. Brooke replies there is no one like Nick. Bridget seems saddened when she says she doesn’t even know what would happen……but things would change between she and Nick. Brooke tells her not to even think that way.

Nick calls Felicia and fills her in on Bridget and then proclaims they’d love to see her if she’s having a good day. She tells him she and Eric will be right there. Eric is against the idea since she can’t even walk to the front door. But she claims she can if he helps her; he won’t let her fall. He tells her Bridget will understand, but she barks that she won’t understand. This is the woman that agreed to raise her son! She asks if he’s faxed the hospital for her medication and he replies yes. So she knows she will be fine then. Eric tells her if she collapses, he may not be able to keep his promise. He may have to leave her there as he can’t carry her home. Reluctantly, she tells him hospice left her a wheelchair so if he will go down to the guest house and bring it to her. How complicated can it be? He gives her a hug and tells her he will go get it if she will be all right alone, and he leaves her propped up against a gigantic column in the living room. But, she glances to the side and her eye is fixed upon some pretty boxes and wrapping paper.

Nick grumbles about Bridget’s hospital food and she wonders what happened to his coffee. He replies he had some phone calls to make. She admonishes him that he could go into the office for a while if he needs to. He quips, “the office? Why worry about my wife and child in the hospital when I have an important stack of papers on my desk?” Brooke speaks up and says Ridge said Mass was back in the office now. Nick picks up on this and asks when did he say that? She replies last night. Nick is obviously concerned and tells them he needs that coffee now.

Bridget asks Brooke what did Ridge want last night? Brooke replies he pulled one of his Ridge stunts. Actually a few of them. What does he think she is – a prize at the carnival…..a huge stuffed animal? She thinks that is how he sees her sometimes. Bridget remarks it’s okay if she slams the door in his face, but perhaps just make sure she leaves a window open. Brooke is surprised. Bridget didn’t want to see her get back together with her father, but it’s okay to get back together with Ridge? In the middle of the sentence, Bridget breaks down and cries that was when she was acting crazy, and she doesn’t want her acting crazy anymore. Brooke jumps to her rescue to soothe her, but Bridget says she is fine. Tell her about her and Ridge. Brooke tells her no; she wants to hear what’s going on with her.

Bridget admits she is afraid she has done everything wrong. She’d done some stupid things. What was she thinking climbing upon chairs? Maybe she deserves this. And what she’s done to Nick, lying to him about the baby. Brooke reminds her that God doesn’t punish babies for mistakes their parents make….otherwise nobody would ever be born. Bridget states, “I know her life depends on me…..maybe mine depends on hers too.” She laments what if she loses HER……what if she is the only thing that is keeping her and Nick together? Her mother tells her this is just a little scare. Nick adores her and they got through this together. And in the future, they will have more children and there will be more trouble, but they will get through those too. “As long as you remember who you are. You are my daughter. You are the most precious, wonderful human being on this planet, to me and your husband. And don’t you forget it.”

Eric pushes the wheelchair with Felicia out of the elevator. He tells her he thinks the pharmacy is down at the end of the hall. Lots of activity wandering about, but she asks him to just leave her there; she won’t get kidnapped. He manages to push her up against a not-too-busy corner wall. She wants to go see Bridget but the first person she asks pretty much ignores her. She decides to move on her own and maneuvers the wheelchair to the middle of the floor when two orderlies come through with a gurney with an obvious dead body covered with white sheet. (this is a no-no in real hospital I suspect). She’s blocking the way so one asks her if he can help her? She replies not and backs out of their way. But then they stop again so the gurney is inches away and she can’t help but turn her head and gawk at it rather sheepishly. Then the other orderly asks her if she knows where her room is? She barks that she is not a patient here. She will NEVER be a patient here so he won’t be escorting her anywhere….”not in this chair or THAT (gurney) or any other conveyance.”

Boy is she glad to see Nick step off the elevator, but not that he found her in this situation. She asks him to take her to Bridget and not to mention this to her. He wants to know how she got there? She tells him her Dad’s there with her. And come to think of it, will Nick wait outside so Eric doesn’t think demons dragged her down to hell already. She then guides him to help her up out of the chair; stick the present under her arm and point her in the right direction. And put a smile on that handsome face. This is Bridget’s hard time. “Let me let her be the patient.”

Steadying her on his shoulder and arm around her, he asks if she is ready? She nods yes so they waltz into Bridget’s room. Bridget tells her she wanted to see her; she just didn’t want to ask. Felicia quips she just happened to be in the neighborhood. Alone, they exchange horror stories and Bridget tells Felicia she is not looking so good. Felicia fires back that what – she thinks she looks like the height of chic? Then she giggles and hands her the present. Bridget says it’s just what she always wanted. Felicia demands she open it first. Bridget tears away the wrappings and gasps as she pulls out a tiny black leather jacket covered with silver studs. Bridget tells her she’s too much and she loves it. And they already know Nicole is a toughie, so this is perfect.

Felicia says she just wishes she could be there to teach her to slouch and to spit. Girls are such lousy spitters. Bridget offers that yes, Nick does take a lot of pride in his spitting. Felicia responds with exactly, he’ll teach Dominick, but not Nicole, trust her. Bridget says then Felicia can teach her and she will teach Nicole.

An awkward moment though when Felicia smells pizza and feels like she is going to heave. Bridget hurries to put the box away. And then asks Felicia how worried does she have to be while she’s in the hospital? Felicia tells her not as worried as she has to be about Bridget. “You’re going to be my son’s mother. My other me.”

Bridget asks her to teach her how to be as fearless as she is. Felicia states that is easy. Just picture the worse thing that can happen. She proceeds to tell her to close her eyes. Bridget does. And picture the universe. Bridget asks how? Felicia has one hand holding Bridget’s and the other she takes and touches her hair then lets it rest on Bridget’s shoulder. She says it’s big and dark, and full of a million stars that have burned out and gone cold. And Bridget is a fly-speck, a pinpoint of light. And then you burn out and go cold, just like those millions of stars did. Bridget listens raptly and says okay. Felicia asks if Bridget had rather be with those millions of frozen stars or here where the worst thing could happen? Bridget opens her eyes and replies – here. Felicia wipes a tear away and says “right. So isn’t the trick to hold it off, the worst?” But, being afraid keeps it near you. Bridget agrees with her.

Felicia tells her then she needs to keep something else near her instead. Bridget cups Felicia’s face and answers her with “my sister.” Felicia repeats it, “my sister.” They reach and generously hug one another and in a Kodak moment Felicia tells her, “that baby is going to be fine; just fine, you’ll see.”

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