The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/6/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke sits at her bedroom dressing table brushing her hair. She hears Ridge’s words reverberate over and over in her head about how he can’t believe the dream is dead. And he prays to God it isn’t. He NEEDS her and he will never let her down again. All he needs is a little hope here. She talks back to the image in the mirror and says she can’t.

At Forrester, Thorne comes in and finds Ridge in his office; the one that used to be Ridge’s. He comments on him working late. Ridge assures him everyone knows it is Thorne’s office; he was just dropping off some sale’s figures and it looks like they had done pretty well in Europe. Thorne says yes, due to Ridge. Ridge accepts this by saying he didn’t go over there to play around. Thorne states and he couldn’t wait to tell everyone how well he did, especially Thorne.

Ridge gives him that ‘little brother’ gloating smile and tells him he thinks he ought to be glad there is some work going on around here. Given his mother’s not-so-stellar business decision; the company was still making money. Thorne brushes past him and asks doesn’t he have some place better to be tonight? Ridge answers that he’s not going to let this company flounder no matter what is going on in his personal life. Thorne asks, so this is his new home? The one place he still feels needed? He looks at him and tells Ridge that the truth is, he has no place else to go. No woman who wants him. Ridge thanks him for that generous summation of his life.

And he adds for his information, one of the reasons he lost Taylor was because he was over in Europe “covering your butt.” Thorne contends that Ridge didn’t LOSE Taylor. He walked away from her for Brooke. And now Brooke doesn’t want him either…..funny all his life he had to hear how he was such a loser. Ridge asks, “if you feel vindicated now, Mr. President?” Thorne says it does feel good, but he’s talking about family and the way he handles his family. He mentions that he has a wife at home whom he loves and she loves him and a beautiful daughter they adore. Ridge snarks that gee, all he needs is his pipe and slippers.

Thorne tells him it may not be as glamorous and exciting as his, but it is one hell of a life. And he points out that he’s glad he’s not like ‘big brother’, Ridge. Nothing is ever good enough; always looking for something else. Faster cars, faster women; what’s the next shiny object that is going to catch his eye? He really feels sorry for him. He should take a look at his life. What good has he to show for? What good has he done anyone?

Taylor sits in her car in the bushes by the side of the road with her eyes closed, a scratch on her forehead. Hector just happens to be the first one by and finds her. Frantically, he opens the door and calls out her name several times until she comes to. He thanks God she is all right and says that he will take care of her.

Thorne leaves but Ridge stops him and tells him he is right about one thing. All the years with Taylor, they raised an incredible family. Then he lost her. He grieved for her and he had children in his life, so he had to move on. Thank God he had Brooke in his life to help him get through. And then something happened; something no one could have anticipated. Taylor came back. Thorne states that Ridge immediately put her in competition with Brooke. “Who’s going to win Ridge Forrester, the Grand Prize?” Ridge swears he did the best he could in an impossible situation. Thorne asks how, by having two women grovel at his feet? Ridge offers that he has NO idea what it was like between he and Taylor. What it was like to be on the receiving end of DECADES of his mother’s manipulations.

Thorne wonders if he’s supposed to be sorry for him because he was mom’s favorite? Because he had all the advantages? “Please, Ridge, you made your choices.” He tells him he hurt Brooke when he left her for Taylor, and now he’s hurting Taylor for leaving her for Brooke. He asks does Ridge have any idea what real commitment is? Ridge accuses him of taking real pleasure in all of this. Thorne declares he’s only making him look at what he’s done. Ridge fires that he doesn’t have to take a look; he’s LIVING it. Does Thorne think he’s happy with what happened? After all, he’s standing there in HIS office having had his happy holidays, enjoying rubbing Ridge’s troubles in his face. He picks up the sale’s report and tells him this is Thorne’s peace of mind. So just go ahead and play Mr. President and looking down his nose on him. But, he’s not going to forget. He’s not going to forget anything he’s said today. As he does leave this time, Thorne says he hopes he doesn’t forget.

Hector helps Taylor into the house. She keeps saying she is fine, but he is afraid she might have a concussion. She rebukes that by saying she knows who she is and who he is. As he guides her across the room, he asks her if she knows who the President is? She hesitates and then remarks – Roosevelt. He asks Teddy or Franklin? She smarts it’s Eleanor. He laughs but then starts in on a ‘do you know how lucky you are?’ speech. She realizes but only is worried about her car. He tells her not to worry. He’s called a tow truck and they will start on it tomorrow. Looking at an empty bottle of wine on the coffee table, he tells her the only reason they didn’t go to the hospital was they could ask her questions, tested her for drinking. She scoffs that she only had one glass of wine and some champagne. He scolds her lightly that was enough. Does she know how many times he’s been called to a scene of an accident when the driver wasn’t so lucky? He tells her he could have lost her. She proclaims it wasn’t because of the alcohol. It was the phone call from Ridge. She bemoans that she was just trying to forget about him and going on with her life, then she gets this phone call from him in her car. And he was pretending to be concerned about her when everybody knows he’s moved on with his life with Brooke. So she was upset and just hung up. That’s when she lost control of the car.

Still in the office, Ridge calls Brooke who dashes to the phone with a crying R.J. in background. She mistakes him for Dr. Barrett and he asks if everything is okay? She replies R.J. has an earache but he’ll be fine once he gets his medication. Trouble is the doctor called it in to a place that doesn’t deliver and Catherine is off for the night. Ridge offers, in fact demands, that he go pick it up for her and he’ll be right over.

Hector and Taylor have a little talk about alcohol in which he says it is not the answer. She knows, it is a depressant, the mood swings are worse, it clouds the judgment. No more drinking and driving, she promises. She swears it is not going to get out of hand. It’s not like she’s throwing back shots of tequila or something. She shrugs, call it self-medication. She realizes it is not the thing to do but offers that it is just a temporary stage. And if a glass of wine helps her do that every now and then……

He warns her that she barely weighs a hundred pounds. And it doesn’t take much. She asks is he calling her a lightweight? He tells her he guesses he is. And he knows what she is going through is just a temporary situation. But, what’s going to help her more than anything else is to focus on something besides the end of her marriage to Ridge. He opines that they have talked about this before; the sacrifices she’s made for Ridge that weren’t really who she was. He thinks she has wasted a lot of time with that guy. “Now it’s time to start thinking about you.” She quips if only they knew who that was!

Holding her by the shoulders, he tells her not to waste her gifts. She is open to suggestions. She laughs when he suggests she volunteer at a shelter. He says she has no idea what she has to offer or how many people would benefit from it. And he’s given it a lot of thought and if she’s interested, he has a couple of places in mind. She remarks that wallowing in self-pity isn’t exactly helping anyone. He claims a little wallowing is okay, but then you have to get back upon the horse. Working at the shelter will keep her SO busy, she won’t have time to think about Ridge. She mulls that over and concurs that actually sounds like a pretty good idea. She tunes up to cry and tells him it’s just not what she expected at this time in her life. She confesses she’s really scared, but whispers that she’s glad he’s there.

Brooke tells Ridge she is glad he’s there. He praises her for her times with R.J.; singing to him, attending to him. She comments that he has a pretty tough dad. Ridge tells her she must be exhausted. She sighs as she sits on her bed; there is nothing worse that watching your child in pain and you can’t do anything about it. He tells her she could have called him. She states that she didn’t want to send him the wrong signal. She didn’t want to confuse him that she was opening the door back to him again.

He tells her he does know the difference in a little baby who needs help and a woman letting him back into her life. She tells him again she is glad he is there for them and that he called when he did. He sits on the bed before her and says he’s been thinking a lot about what she said. How she’d placed her faith in him. And how he’d let her down; how he’d let “us” down.

She offers that she has been thinking about that too. And she thinks she was foolish to even believe in that dream. Romantic love – it doesn’t exist. Only in novels. It’s not lasting or real. He tells her that is where he thinks she is wrong. “What we have may exist in novels, but it’s here too, Brooke.” Skeptically, she says maybe once upon a time. He says no, it’s forever.

Hector asks Taylor if she really wants him to go? Is that what she really wants? She says with him she can’t trust what she’s thinking…..and what she’s feeling. He’s an amazing man and he keeps showing up when she needs someone the most. He says he just wants to help; she does know that, doesn’t she? He wants to take her and guide her and nurse her back to health. So if she needs him to stay………she touches him on the neck, face but says it’s too soon. He knows she is hurt, but he’s happy for her, happy that she is free. Free of that burden that has been pulling her down and holding her back. He whispers he knows she doesn’t see this, but he does. She is the most amazing woman he’s ever met. And nothing can stop her from doing great things and hopefully someday they can do them together. She gives him a big smile and he kisses her on the cheek.

Brooke regales to Ridge that she trusted him and that he’d never let her down. But, he walked out on her and her family….a family that he’d wanted for a long, long time. Just to be with Taylor. He justifies it by saying she came back in his life after he thought she was gone forever. And he’s not trying to make excuses, but those sort of circumstances, no one could imagine. He goes on that when he left earlier, he went back to the office. And Thorne was there and he railed him over for the way he was acting and the way he’s been treating her. He admits he hasn’t treated her very good, taking her for granted far too often. That is not going to happen anymore; he wants to protect her; protect her from anything and anyone who dares to want to harm them. Including the dragon he calls Mother. This isn’t an act. He’s the guy who’s afraid of blowing the best thing that has ever happened to him. He knows she stopped in believing in them; what they had was special. And he knows it seems that he has done just about everything possible to kill this relationship, but he’s not going to let that light go out in her. He knows what they shared and she is what he needs. Someone who believes that anything is possible. He believes it and with R.J. and Hope that they can conquer anything in this world if they just try.

He pleads with her to forgive him; he needs her in his life. Don’t let their love story end. It may be a little thread bare and a few pieces of it a little shattered…… but it’s not the end. It can be better than it ever was if they just let it. “This right here, this is the middle of our love story, Brooke……not the end.”

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