The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/3/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital with Nick holding her hand tightly, Bridget lies in bed writhing in pain. It’s too soon for the baby to come.

Hector lies on his couch daydreaming. In his dream, he and Taylor come back to his house and she is all giddy with excitement which she attributes to his ‘saving’ her. She wasn’t aware of a lot of things until he saved her from a marriage that wasn’t working. She tells him she feels better than she has in years. She feels whole; at peace, and it’s all thanks to him. She thanks him, rips his shirt almost off his back and pulls him down on her on the couch smothering him with kisses. Of course, Hector wakes with a smile. Then the sound of the television snaps him back to reality, and he grabs the remote and turns it off. He glances at his phone and tosses the remote down.

At Taylor’s, she is sweeping up the remnants of the broken champagne bottle. Down on her hands and knees, she is eye level with family pictures on the end table. She spies two of she and Ridge and angrily turns them face down. Holding her head in her hands, crying and stumbling she makes her way around the room until she again comes face to face with more photos.

As she picks up one, behind it another large one of Ridge looms before her, closer, and closer and closer. Her knees buckle and she collapses to the floor in sobs. Looking back up, she takes that picture and slams it hard to the floor breaking the glass. Within seconds though she turns it back over and loving rubs his face before dissolving in tears.

At Forrester, Ridge is studying a photo of Brooke as Thomas bursts into his office. Without even waiting for his dad to acknowledge his presence, he starts in on him that his mom is falling apart and Ridge has to get over there and do something. Doesn’t he care what’s happening to her? Ridge wants to know what happened? Thomas snaps that he already knows. That’s the reason she is sitting over there in that house with all the memories. He grabs the picture from his dad’s hands and asks him is he so in love with Brooke that no one else even matters; not even his mom?

As they monitor her, Bridget continuously shrieks in pain and orders them to give her a larger dosage. Nick holds her hand and tries to calm her; give the medication time to work. She knows enough to say that if she has another contraction within the hour, the medication won’t be able to stop the labor. And her little girl could have serious complications. She tries to hang in, as Nick tells her to do, but she grits her teeth and winces why is this happening to their daughter?

Thomas looks at the photo and tells his dad, he gets the connection to Brooke and his son, but he doesn’t have to be happy about it. Ridge tries to soften it by saying this in no way lessens his love for him and Steffy and Phoebe. Hell yes, he wishes things would go back to the way they were, but Thomas assures his dad he didn’t come here to guilt trip him. He hates to put his dad in this position, but his mother is usually so together. He didn’t know what else to do. Thomas implores him that mom needs their help, “she needs you.”

Meanwhile Taylor is sitting calmly, holding the photo of Ridge, and sipping on a glass of white wine. The phone rings and she gets up to answer it. It’s Hector and she asks why is he calling her again? Same as before, he says he doesn’t like the idea of her being alone in that house. She replies she’s not; she with Mr. Chardonnay. He voices his opinion that he doesn’t think that is a very good idea on top of champagne as well. She opines that she doesn’t think someone going through what she is and having a glass of wine is a sin, does he?

He replies no, but that he still worries about her and would like to come over. She informs him she was thinking of going to Café Russe to get a bite to eat. He remarks that she shouldn’t be driving while drinking, so he’s going to come pick her up. She quips which he has been trying to do for months. (naughty, naughty, Taylor, you’ve not exactly been discouraging him). She tells him she is not good company right now, in fact lousy company so let her call him back when she feels better. She tells him goodnight and then finishes off her glass of wine. Without so much as combing her hair or putting on lipstick or drying her eyes, she grabs her coat and purse and heads out the door. Hector is calling again, but no answer.

Nick makes Bridget hand over a heavy book and her reading glasses. He remarks he likes to call the shots but tonight they are on a higher power. He pats her tummy and says SHE is getting impatient and wants to join them. That or she has a big problem with escargot. The point is she just wants to prove who’s boss. And she wants to be born healthy and happy. And that’s exactly what is going to happen, but Bridget has to take it easy. This little princess is counting on them and they can’t let her down. “I can’t let her down…… or her beautiful, smart, sexy mom.” She smarts at the sexy part. But, Nick asks if she knows how sexy pregnant women are? Even after they give birth and are cradling their little baby right in their arms. He tells her that WILL happen in a few months. Nicole will come kicking and screaming and they are going to count their blessings, love her and watch her grow.

He chokes up with tears when he tells Bridget they are going to tell Nicole about this, how she scared them to death and she’ll just blow it off that they are worrying too much. He tells Bridget that is a heck of a kid they have there. He kisses her hand and she grips tighter as she kisses his.

Wrestling her mind around thoughts of Ridge, Taylor’s eyes are wet with tears. She hears a blaring horn and swerves to keep on her side of the road.

Bridget dabs her eyes. Nick is glancing through the book and pointblank asks how is her placenta? He grabs the nurse in dismay when Bridget tells him she can’t FEEL her placenta. He comments he’s just trying to get used to all this medical jargon. First it was her cervix that was incompetent, then invasive and when she corrects him, he says if she was on the tankard, she wouldn’t know what he was talking about either. And he boasts that as a sailor, unlike some of the doctors here, they know exactly what to do in a crisis. She rolls her eyes and tells him she knows she is going to hate herself for asking, but what? He replies duct tape. And asks Barbara, the nurse, if she has any duct tape? Bridget tells her to not listen to him; he’s a little crazy. He quips well she married him, so what does that say about her?

Then he has a little confession to make. He’s been wanting to tell her for a long time. And he hopes it won’t affect the kind of father that he will be to their little girl.

More memories for Taylor; recent ones where Ridge told her he couldn’t be her husband anymore. She’s crying more now.

Bridget braces herself – a confession? Nicks says it’s more like a secret desire. She says okay. He makes a funny face and tells her he’s really just a silly sailor who’s dying to do standup. Subdued, she tells him she thinks she knows what he is doing, and she loves him for it. Trying to be all silly and goofy and trying to keep her from worrying. And it’s working, how long has the last contraction been? He replies 22 minutes. Then he informs the nurse, that is a good sign. The medication is working and she didn’t have the 5th contraction within the hour. He gives Bridget several big kisses as the nurse says it looks like she has stabilized, and she will go tell the doctor. He talks to Nicole asking her to wait and come out later so he doesn’t get premature gray hair. He tells Bridget they are in a battle now, but it’s not just the two of them. Nicole is in there with them. They’ll hold onto each other because that is what families do. “There is NOTHING we can’t do. NOTHING we can’t get through.” They exchange more kisses.

Taylor’s cell phone rings and she sees it’s Ridge and asks what does he want? He tells her Thomas was just there worried about her, and so is he. She tells him she is all right and she will talk to Thomas and reassure him as well. He comments again that she’s not all right and he IS concerned for her. She admits it’s not the easiest of times. They had a beautiful life together and now it’s over. Their children aren’t children anymore, so he’s free to go live his life with Brooke. She’s not standing in his way anymore!

She continues that she knows he loves her, but she’s beginning to think it would have been better if she had never come back into his life. He asks her not to say that. She tells him she has to go and says good-bye. To herself, she says, “good-bye, good-bye, my love.” She turns her head slightly to lay the phone down and hears the blast of a trucker horn and she screams into the bright headlights.

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