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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

With Brooke’s backyard turned into a surprise tropical paradise for the night by Ridge, he confesses okay, maybe this is a little much (from her previous non-interest). But, he’d do anything to get her to remember their wedding day and what they felt for each other. She turns to him and tells him it wasn’t Puerto Vista that made her love him. It wasn’t the ocean, the palm trees, the monkeys or the birds. At least the man she thought he was; that man disappeared the day he walked out on them.

He follows her and tells her again that walking out on her was the biggest mistake of his life and she had every right to be furious with him. And he lays his hands on her shoulders and says that even when she is angry, she is so sexy to him, only makes him want her all the more. “I do want you Brooke; I want YOU.”

At the beach house, Bridget is lighting the candles on the table as Nick walks in. He asks what is the special occasion? She says none, just wanted a romantic evening with her husband. Lovingly, he gives her the “stay off your feet” lecture and she agrees she will be careful. She gestures to the table courtesy of Café Russe and he gives her a big kiss and thank you. He pulls out the chair for her and she sits and wastes no time in telling him the one little bitty reason that she wanted a candlelight dinner.

She wants to discuss their daughter’s name. He seems a little surprised but then adds that it’s sort of a tradition with them – the Forrester’s take the two parent’s names and toss them around and come up with the kid’s name. That’s how she got her name. They thought Ridge was her father and they tossed them around and came up with Bridget. Well, they’ll take Nick and then Bridget and come up with – Nicket? Not overly enthused, she says they will keep that for an option. But, she does have a suggestion and she thinks it is perfect.

At Taylor’s, she is sitting on the sofa moping, hand to head when Thomas walks in. He offers that he just came back for his bag as he’s going camping on the beach with some of the guys. He notices his mother’s funk. She finally laments she can not believe it’s over. He kneels beside her and wraps both arms around her and gives her a big hug and kiss. He tells her sometimes he just wants to give his dad a big punch and scream at him. Tell him ‘don’t you see what you are doing?’ Taylor encourages him to tell her exactly what he is thinking.

He continues that he lived with them when Taylor was gone. Brooke was a mother to him. But since Taylor has been home, Ridge has been there, yet he isn’t. He bends again to his mother and tells her he knows his dad loves them and always will. But he loves Brooke too. Taylor adds and R.J. Thomas admits maybe in the long run, it is better this way for all of them.

Ridge strokes Brooke’s hair and tells her they belong to each other. She differs; not anymore. Suddenly they are interrupted by Hope running out followed closely by Catherine holding R.J. Hope is excited about the monkeys and the birds. Brooke goes to Hope to acknowledge her, but tells Catherine this really isn’t a good time. Ridge speaks up and tells her that actually it was him that asked Catherine to bring the children out. He takes R.J. out of Catherine’s arms and tells Brooke all of this isn’t just for her.

Hope wants to know why are the monkey’s here? Ridge tells her that he and her mother were married in a place very similar to this; a beautiful rainforest and he wanted them to see it. A place where he and her mommy promised they’d love each other forever. Looking directly at Brooke who is eyeballing him skeptically too, he says, “that day was a beginning for your mommy and me. I’m hoping this will be a new beginning for all of us.”

Bridget tells Nick that she’s had a lot of time on her hands recently and it’s given her a chance to think about him. What makes him the man she is so in love with. What sort of name would embody everything that he means to her. She picks up the knitted pink thing she has been working on, turns it over to display a heart with the name Nicole in the center, and tells Nick that is what she’d like to name their little daughter.

Thomas wants to change his plans and stay there for the night since Steffy and Phoebe are at boarding school and he’s nearly always at campus. Taylor won’t hear of it; she wants him to keep his plans and go be with his friends. He gives her a hug and they cling; finally she gives him a small head nudge toward the door. Reluctantly, he gets his bag and heads out.

She literally sinks into a chair, pulls her knees up to her chest and cries out Ridge’s name in anguish before dissolving in tears.

Later, she pours herself another glass of champagne and wanders about, calling the place a mausoleum. She decides the place needs a little music and picks up the remote and turns it on. Loud and funky, she thrashes about with hair flying everywhere. The phone rings. She looks around; first picks up the remote again, realizes that isn’t it then finds the real phone. It’s Hector who tells her he was about to give up; thought maybe she had gone out. He asks if Thomas is there with her? She replies no; she’s just there hanging out by herself, dancing, listening to music, she has so little time to be by herself. He doesn’t much like what he’s hearing and tells her he’s coming over. She tells him no; she actually likes being alone. Then she cringes, okay, it SUX, but she has to get used to it, right? Yes, he replies, but right now she needs company. She opines that she really appreciates his concern, but she’s really fine and she will call him later. And she signs off with a big sing-song ‘byyyyyyyyye’.

She can’t quite get back into the dance but takes more sips of champagne and looks into the mirror and shouts that she is PERFECT. Only her reflection belies the fact as her hair flies all over the place and she starts sobbing again when she pushes it back out of her face.

Ridge bolsters his cause by telling Brooke that the kids loved it. She tells him yes the kids love him. But, reminds him again how painful it was when he walked out on them. Here we go around the mulberry bush again. He tells her he knows how much he hurt her. She says she was devastated. And that dream that he told Hope about tonight; they had that. And it’s something that most people don’t get a chance to experience in their lifetime. The perfect family. And that dream was always going to be there……until he tore it up and threw it away. “So, there’s really no need to talk about a dream that is already dead.” She walks off, leaving him standing with his dreams shattered.

Nick repeats the name – Nicole. She asks if he likes it? She thinks of him every time she says her name. He beams as he says that he does like it. She sighs that she feels so blessed at everything they have found together. Lying in bed next to him and thinking of all the joy he has brought her, she can’t think of naming their child after anyone else but him. They lock hands across the table and both repeat “Nicole” in agreement.

He jokes by asking her if she has picked out a middle name? She replies no, that is still up for discussion which they can do over his favorite dessert, chocolate soufflé. He goofs “soufflé, no way!” They start to clear the table and Bridget has a sudden twinge. She stops dead in her tracks and puts her hands on her tummy but tries to pass it off as indigestion. He quips maybe they should have ordered from Chuck’s. Picking up the dishes again, she heads toward the kitchen when she cries out in pain and drops all the dishes to the floor. He picks her up with her still howling.

Taylor stares at herself in the mirror. She remembers Ridge putting a diamond ring on her finger; their wedding; her walking out of the grave; him telling her he is so sorry. She goes to pour more bubbly only to find the bottle empty. In frustration, she flings the bottle into the fireplace and crumbles sobbing on the floor before the fireplace.

Ridge catches up with Brooke and sits beside her and offers that he guesses he didn’t really realize how much he hurt her until tonight. He confesses he never should have made that decision, but he’s trying to correct it now. She asks if he thinks he can just come back in here and sweep her off her feet? And in a few weeks, she’ll kick and scream and give in to him and forget what he did to her? She shakes her head; not this time; she’ll never forget.

She gets up; again he follows. He tells her that what they have can’t die. He should have never let anything come between them. “I can’t believe the dream is dead. I pray to God it isn’t…… I NEED you, Brooke. I will never let you down again.” She asks how many times has she heard him say those words? He replies this time he MEANS it. She tells him she is sorry, but she’s not ready for this. With some hope, he asks, “not ready now, but you might someday be?” He pleads with her to give him some hope. A long pause before she turns to go and says she doesn’t know.

At the hospital, Nick brings in a frantic Bridget. The doctors bring her into ER, and orders tests to be run quickly. And they try to calm Bridget down who keeps repeating it’s too soon. She continues to holler in pain as Nick holds her hand and tries to soothe her.

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