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Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At La Forrester Manor, Felicia tells her parents not to go through with the wedding ceremony, her dying wish, unless they truly want to. Stephanie answers that of course they are going to go through with it. They gave her their word. Felicia beams with joy.

In Taylor’s office, Hector catches her packing up her stuff. He commiserates when she says since her marriage to Ridge is over she doesn’t think it’s a good idea if she works there anymore. He’s truly sorry. She thanks him, but says it was inevitable. She’s been thinking back over her entire marriage and they did have some great times, but if she was really honest with herself she should never have gone back to Ridge. She knows he only married her to please his mother.

Stephanie and Eric stand in the doorway of the breezy, candlelit balcony/patio with the judge as he asks them to say their vows. Stephanie quotes they will speak from the heart. Eric begins how they have had many achievements, but the greatest was their children. And he tells Felicia he was reluctant to come tonight, but he stands there with her mother tonight filled with emotion and longing for them to all spend more time under this roof together. And longing to spend more time with her. He can not imagine his life without her.

Stephanie states that Felicia believes the two of them are stronger together rather than apart. And she is going to need all of their strength when they help her say goodbye to this world. She looks at Felicia now when she says, “in the short time, that very precious time that we have left with you, I promise you, we will ALL be together and love one another as we never have before. Your brothers and your sister and your father and I will be your strength. You can count on us……you can COUNT on us.” Felicia mouths a quiet thank you.

The judge asks for the rings and Felicia surprises them by saying she found these on their dressing table; perhaps they were left there by mistake. Grinning, Eric walks over and takes them from her. He hands one to Stephanie and each put their own wedding band on. The judge declares them husband and wife. They look at each other and Eric kisses her on the forehead, then a quick kiss on the lips. Again, Felicia is beaming.

Teary-eyed, Taylor remembers fonder times at St. Thomas with Ridge when he told her he wanted her to be his wife. But, even then a little voice was telling her she wasn’t right for him or him for her. Hector says she told him that she tried to stay away. She admits yes but Ridge followed her and took her off to some private island. It was larger than life; like some romance novel. Hector tells her that wasn’t her though.

As the band plays, Stephanie and Eric laugh while dancing. As others join in, Darla remarks to Thorne that his parents have loved each other for a long time. He says maybe they still do. Kristen remarks to Ridge as well and he replies they look like two people who actually like being married. Maybe it will last this time.

Renee comes in with Dominick, back from the beach house. Felicia wants to hold him before Renee takes him back to the guest house. She eases herself down into a chair in the foyer. She kisses Dominick as she shows him his grandparents and that they said their vows tonight….for her. She points out this is his family and they will always take care of him.

On the balcony, with the wind chimes clanging behind them, Kristen gingerly brings up that this wedding must remind Ridge that his marriage to Taylor is over. He comments this is Felicia’s party and he’s not going to bring that down. He just came out for a little air. She asks if he wants her to go? He tells her no; and he’s not questioning his decision. When Taylor came back into his life, he’d already moved on with Brooke. They tried to pick up where they’d left off, but it just wasn’t right. She is sympathetic that right or wrong, it still can’t be easy. He states that Taylor is the mother of his children and he loves her. But, he hurt her; hurt her badly.

Hector reminds Taylor that her marriage wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did if there hadn’t been something between the two of them. She shrugs that she and Ridge did have some wonderful times. There was a connection, but ever since she had come back, it was different. Hector states that time apart is never easy (eh, remember him and Sam?). Taylor states they only got back for one reason – Stephanie. Yet, she didn’t want to believe that Stephanie had that much influence on Ridge….or herself as well. Stephanie saw her as the perfect wife, but deep down Taylor wondered if they were right for each other or even what he needed or wanted.

Thorne and Darla are dancing a funky little dance while the band plays and Ridge walks up to Felicia and tells her he hasn’t heard music like this in this house since he was a kid. She jokes that was a long time ago; does he even remember how to dance? He fires back that he could teach her a few steps if she’ d like to try. Saved by the bell, she tells him he will have to show his moves to Kristen; her date has just arrived.

Dante walks through the door. Ridge gives Felicia a quick kiss and tells her to save him a dance for later. Felicia tells Dante he looks dashing. He tells her he has an engagement. She hopes he wore his dancing shoes. He tells her he hopes she is up to it; and she replies absolutely. He gently pulls her into his arms. Eric is paying attention and remarks that Felicia looks beautiful and they will always remember her….just this way adds Stephanie.

Taylor sobs that Ridge has chosen Brooke and she doesn’t know why she is jealous. Not of who she is, but that Ridge loves her so much. Why couldn’t he love her like that? Hector takes her by the shoulders and turns her around. “If you want a man who understands you for who you are, and loves you unconditionally, you’re looking at him.”

Slow, slow dancing, Felicia tells Dante that she bets he never thought he’d see her again after that night in the disco in Paris……especially not here, halfway around the world, on the best night of her life. And she thanks him for being her date. He tells her he is honored. They share a tender kiss and she remarks wow, that felt really good. Then she asks him to excuse her and she leans backward and asks Darla if she can cut in? As she and Thorne dance; they speak of their parents married again, pretty amazing! She makes him promise that he will always be there for Dominick. He needs an uncle like Thorne. With warmth and that smile and that kind, kind heart. He tells her to count on it and she’s overjoyed. He gives her a kiss on the forehead and holds her tight. Ridge then cuts in and Thorne gives him a cute little slap under the chin and hands her over. Ridge tells her she looks beautiful and she sloughs it off as the magic of makeup, but he replies no, it’s the magic of her. She tells him don’t dare make her cry again, big brother. They comment that their parents are coming together for them…Ridge says for her. Felicia thinks eventually they will come together for each other. “They are going to make it. I know it.” He gives her a kiss on the cheek and steers her toward his dad. She slips into his arms as Ridge takes his mother’s. Lovingly, Felicia tells Eric she saved the last dance for him; right back in her daddy’s arm where it all began. He calls her sweetheart and says he loves her. Softly, she says she loves him. Then asks him to please sing to her.

Softly he croons to her while gazing deep into her eyes and she doesn’t take hers off him as well. In the background, we see Ridge and his mom also riveted. Eric sings, “lovely never ever change that breathless smile won’t you please arrange it ‘cause I love you just the way you look tonight.” She slowly closes her eyes and swoons…..literally slumps to her knees as Eric prevents her from completely falling. Everyone rushes to them. Never opening her eyes, she clings to her daddy with her head on his chest and tells him, “I am okay, daddy. You took my breath away. Thank you for tonight. I had the time of my life.”

Eric looks hopelessly at Stephanie; then we see Ridge; Thorne and Kristen and then one last look at Stephanie as she looks down. We see one small lonely tear slip from her eye…..something we don’t often see from Stephanie.

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