The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/27/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

The Forrester Love-In has gathered at Stephanie’s. Nick has just left, handing off a gorgeous Felicia to Thorne who escorts her on into the living room. The place is ablaze with dozens and dozens of soft, white roses and candles (I quit counting at about 100). She’s greeted by her mother with a hug and a smile as the others follow. Stephanie asks about Bridget and Felicia tells her she won’t be coming; she’s still on bed rest. Felicia herself needs to take a rest as she nestles down on the sofa. Stephanie then asks about Dominick, and Felicia tells her that he too is with Bridget and Renee at the beach house. Felicia asks her mom if she has noticed how dashing her husband-to-be looks? Stephanie crooks her neck around to look at the group of men, sits beside Felicia and takes her hand and boasts that she never said he wasn’t a handsome kid. Felicia tells her she knows she never stopped loving that man even when she was furious with him.

As if his ears were burning, Eric pulls up a chair before the two of them. He asks Felicia if this is what she had in mind? He reaches out and takes her hand. She reaches out and takes one of her mom’s hands and puts the two of them together with hers and remarks, “it is now.” All look proud as peacocks.

At Jackie’s penthouse, the doorbell rings and she springs to answer it. It’s Nicky and she jumps to the heart of the matter that he didn’t say or do anything to stop the wedding, did he? He claims that IS why he went. Her fiancée is marrying his ex-wife. Jackie doesn’t like her; Stephanie doesn’t like her, she can’t be okay with that! But, he gets it; they are doing it to give their dying daughter some peace. She’s peeved at him for charging over there and doing this. He pours himself a drink and tells her that he went over and said what he had to say and Eric basically told him to butt out. When she starts to defend, he points his finger at her and tells her he doesn’t want to see her hurt again by this man. He mentions seeing Felicia and again Jackie harangues him that he didn’t tell Felicia that she and Eric were engaged? He remarks that was the plan…….until he saw her. “I think the best thing is to have her two parents together now……..given the time she has left.” Jackie smiles and nods in agreement.

The house is open, the sheer curtains billowing in the breeze, the candles flickering and all are soaking in the ambiance. Felicia still sits basking in her dream and offering that look at them; had anybody ever seen two people who belonged together more? Stephanie rolls her eyes, but she’s enjoying this. Felicia tells the clan that they all know why they are there, but it’s much more than a wedding. She asks them all to remember being in a room all together like this. That alone is a miracle. And she remarks she doesn’t think they have to be all stiff and formal, just because they are dressed that way. She thinks it would be great if they are just got comfy and shared a few stories in honor of the bride and groom. She beams at her parents, while Ridge grumbles “what, you want us to make speeches?” (secretly, he’s pleased too). Felicia tells him she wants him to speak from the heart, “you big lug.” They all laugh. She continues; she wants to hear about all the things they have given the children, not just material things but the values they’ve instilled. Plus, that as a family they can do anything. So, what do they think? Can they share a few words about these two wonderful people? Who’ll go first?………a pregnant pause.

Darla goes first and pours out her love for this family, a family who comes back together, even when they are fighting and it’s a true testament to these two people, Stephanie and Eric. And she thanks them for sharing it with her. Stephanie springs to her feet and thanks Darla and gives her a big hug, for being such a great daughter-in-law. And Eric chimes in for that beautiful baby granddaughter. Ridge opines that Thorne is a very lucky guy. Thorne add they are ALL lucky. And he knows his little sis wants to keep this upbeat, and he does love them very, very much…… but when they keep fighting like they have done lately, he feels like a little kid trapped in the middle, and he hates it. And he confesses that whether this night is real or night, it feels really, really good to see them getting along like they used to. Stephanie gives him a big kiss and puts her hands on his shoulders and tells him it feels good to her too. Eric clasps him by the neck and tells Thorne they love all of them. They all look to Felicia for this wonderful accomplishment.

Nick stands on Jackie’s balcony alone. She joins him and awkwardly tells him he did the right thing. He’s still pretty glum and admits he still doesn’t feel very good being involved in this little deception of hers. She offers that it is NOT a deception. They are just going to keep the engagement quiet from Felicia until……..she can’t finish the sentence. Finally, she says he saw how much seeing her parents re-marry meant to her.

He tells her he saw something else too. With a big sigh, he says that Felicia believes that something magical is going to happen to that family tonight. She truly thinks that what is happening between her mother and father is going to stick. Now, he has no idea, but he had to tell Jackie that for her to be prepared for anything. He touches her lovingly on the cheek.

Back inside, she declares that she is not going into this with her eyes closed. She is fully aware of what Eric and Stephanie have meant to each other. He offers it is a huge connection. There is always going to be a pull; she knows that. She admits that is why she was so cautious to get involved with Eric again. When you spend almost a life time with someone, it is SO hard to move on……especially when there is children involved…..even grown children. He adds and especially when they have a daughter who is dying. She declares that she has faith in Eric. He knows how much he hurt her when he married Brooke, and he swore he would never hurt her that way again, and she believes him. She tells him she just wished he would.

Kristen takes center stage and says that yes she is a grown woman. But, sometimes she wishes she were a little girl, still living in this house. Because this is the one place where she felt so safe and protected. She admits she gets scared sometimes….for Tony and his health (he has HIV) and overwhelmed at raising Zende (adopted) and she wishes she were just around the corner instead of thousands of miles away. She gets emotional when she says when she was a little girl she knew they would wrap their arms around her and make it all okay. “Thank you, my dear, loving parents.” Another round of hugs.

Stephanie tells her they will always be there for her when she needs them. Smugly, Ridge chirps even when she doesn’t want it. Then he adds he knows they are getting all warm and fuzzy with the great moments and all, but he has to be honest here. There’s been a lot of turmoil in this family. Eric frowns that he’s not sure this is the time to bring all of that up. Felicia interrupts and says she thinks Ridge is right; the Forrester’s aren’t perfect. They have done their best, but……..Ridge continues, but……”Mother, all my life, she has done things that just made me crazy!” But he admitted that he realized something he hadn’t before. All those things came from a place of love. He walks closer to his parents and repeats again that he knows that. And as ripped off as he felt when he was made aware that Eric wasn’t his real father, it didn’t take away at all from all the special things that they shared. It didn’t make them any less real or less special. He tells him that Eric will always be his father. And hell, if the two of them can’t make a go of it; what hope is there for the rest of them? And he thanks them and they too each get a hug while Felicia grins ear to ear.

Jackie takes off her engagement ring and slips it on a long chain around her neck. Nick states that she trusts Eric? She replies that yes, she has every faith that he will do the right thing not only for his family, but for her as well. He wants to be convinced but admonishes her that Felicia thinks there is some higher power, like she has some pull somehow with the big guy upstairs, and he’s not sure that she doesn’t. He tells her he’s been there, he’s seen it. He loves Jackie, but he knows what Felicia can do. It’s like she is willing it to happen. Maybe she knows something they don’t. Jackie takes her ring and holds it to her lips as she ponders this.

Eric says his piece. That at first he was skeptical, but he’s glad because it gave him the chance to see and hear all of his children, what this marriage and this family has meant to them…..and it was pretty telling and surprising. He almost chokes up when he says it was proof positive that he just wasn’t there enough. Kristen tells him they all understood that he was busy running a business. Thorne adds that he had an empire to create and to nurture. And Ridge says that there was no fashion house in the world that could rival Forrester Creation’s success. Stephanie chuckles when Eric says he will take all the credit. But, then adds that it is this lovely one here (Stephanie), who is a pain in the posterior that gets all the credit for making this house into this home. “While I was burying my head in my work, it was your mother who planned all the birthdays and took care of all the holidays. It’s your mother who deserves the credit for all these memories you so fondly recall." Clearly, Stephanie is touched with the look she gives him. He continues that he’s never acknowledged her contribution to the well-being of this family and she’s been waiting for it all these years. She quips try all their married life!

With Felicia in the middle, both Eric and Stephanie join hands with her and he says he doesn’t know why he hadn’t seen it before now. Perhaps he had and he just didn’t want to admit it because he would be acknowledging he had missed a great deal.

Stephanie softens it by saying they both have regrets. And if she could go back, there are things perhaps that she would change. She leans into Felicia and tells her “listen more” and to Ridge “maybe not so heavy handed.” She turns to Eric and tells him that he brought a very special warmth to this family. He was sort of like the old comfortable arm chair that they liked to sink into and feel very comfortable in. “What are birthdays and celebrations really worth if that warmth isn’t there?” Ridge quips why does this sound more like a family therapy session than a wedding (amen to that). Thorne gets up and asks shouldn’t they get Judge Boland? That is the reason they are here to say the I Do’s.

All eyes turn to behind him when the wind chimes gently jingle. Felicia looks to the higher power and tells them that actually what she wanted to happen tonight has already happened….so she is letting “you guys off the hook.” She takes their hands again and tells them not to say their vows unless they truly, truly want to. Eric and Stephanie look at her and without moving another muscle, just their eyes look at each other. Stephanie says they have given Felicia their word; they have to go through with it. “But, Heaven help us, Felicia.” She looks down in her lap at her parents holding hands…..all seems right with the world.

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