The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/25/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Brooke’s, Ridge stands his ground and gestures as if ‘bring it on’ and tells Nick he wants the truth; he thinks he deserves that. Something is going on between the two of them and Nick had led him to believe it was over. Nick reaffirms that it IS over. He inches closer to Forrester’s face and says let’s not forget the issue here. He’s not going to let him SLITHER his way back into Brooke’s life.

Brooke tries to intercede by pulling Nick away. He walks away, but Ridge follows and tells him he’s getting way too involved with his mother-in-aw; it’s a dangerous road he’s walking. Nick bellows at him that HIS life is none of Ridge’s business. Ridge points out that he has a sister who is dying that is depending on him and Bridget to raise her child – HIS son! …..and Nick has another child on the way so he has no business SNIFFING around here. Brooke tries to defend by saying that Nick is committed to Bridget and their children. Arrogantly he continues though, “you talk about honor and integrity, Nick. Here you are marking your territory while your pregnant wife sits at home for you." He demands that Nick end this; end it or he’ll go tell Bridget what’s really going on.

At Stephanie’s, Massimo stands dumbfounded as Stephanie has just filled him in on her re-marriage to Eric. She admits she knows it sounds crazy. Crazy, he repeats, like the man took her company away from her; humiliated her with Brooke and if they hadn’t found the trust, Eric would have shipped her off to Florida, lived off her assets and now she is marrying him? She has to explain when he asks her to enlighten him as he is sure she is just heading for another fall…….again! She tells him it’s Felicia’s idea; she wants the family re-united. It’s not a real marriage in any sense of the word. He reminds her that she is going to stand up before a minister and with witnesses and exchange vows with a man she once loved, and this is not going to mean anything? Mass advises her that if she lets this bum back into her life, he’ll worm his way back into her heart…and maybe even her bed. She looks at him askance on that last one.

Meanwhile, in bed at Jackie’s, Eric and Jackie are basking in the afterglow. She holds her left hand high admiring her new diamond ring and giggles that it is even prettier in the bedroom than it was in the living room. He agrees with her amid tender kisses; he just wants her to be reminded every minute of every day that he loves her. She remarks that she doesn’t need a reminder; she knows that. She says although this feels kind of strange, making love to a man who’s going to go off and marry another woman. He states the wedding is just for show; he promises her that. Jackie reminds him that Felicia believes it though. She believes her parents belong together. She thinks they will re-discover each other once they are married. Eric says no, it’s not going to happen. He’s given his attorneys instructions to draw up a prenuptial with an iron-clad annulment in place. She relays that she knows he’s just doing this for Felicia; to make her happy. She kisses Eric and tells him she loves him for that. Just as long as he stays honest with Stephanie……. and to her as well.

Stephanie faces Mass and asks if he thinks she has some secret fantasy of being married to Eric again? He tells her he just is telling her to be careful. She assures him she is finished with Eric. She doesn’t love him anymore. He realizes she has told that to Eric and to herself, but how long has he known her? Hmm, he knows she is vulnerable to Eric especially now in the face of the loss of a child. He tells her that her heart is in the right place, but it is the wrong thing to do and he’s not going to let her do this. She smiles, then chuckles, he’s not going to LET her? He’s acting like, well she doesn’t know what. He asks isn’t it obvious? She asks if he still has feelings for her?

Eric tells Jackie he just wants to tell everyone about them. She giggles again that they can’t advertise it, not yet. She states her feelings again about Felicia and his doing the right thing spending more time with her. And marrying Stephanie, so don’t worry about her. “I will be here, anytime day or night. Whatever you need; I will be here for you.” They embrace tenderly.

Nick tells Ridge don’t try to flip this around because he and Brooke are NOT the problem here; he is! He says he’s seen this act before how many times. God knows how many times Brooke has seen it. He builds up her hopes then disappoints her. He wanders over and stands behind Brooke, still talking to Ridge. Well, it’s not going to happen this time because she is NOT going to forgive him and NOT going to take him back. Ridge asks if Nick thinks he has changed her? Is that it? Nick replies no, but he thinks she has learned to trust and respect herself. Ridge squares around and tells Nick that this is the way this is going to play out…..He looks at Brooke while speaking basically to Nick, that Brooke is going to kick and scream a lot. She is going to put him through hoops, and rightfully so. He walks closer still caressing Brooke with his eyes and says when she gets all of that out of her system, she’s going to look at the life that they had. And she’s going to realize that the life with him is the way it is supposed to be “She’s going to come back to me. I get what I want, little brother. And I want Brooke.” Nick glances at Brooke to see if she is buying this.

Stephanie tells Mass she is not some romantic schoolgirl who lives on suggestions and innuendos. And he answers that is one of the things he appreciates about her. So she wants to know exactly what he is trying to say. He asks her to please sit while he explains. He tells her she knows he has deep feelings for her and they have always had a deep connection; they always will. They have a son and grandchildren. And now for the first time since they have known each other, they aren’t involved with anyone else. So, it occurred to him that maybe they could find some happiness together. But now, if she marries this BUM, he’s afraid there is no chance at anything. Demurely she tells him that he knows she loves him as a friend, but it never occurred to her that it could be something more. He asks well, does she think there is a chance? She gives it a quick thought and reverently gives him the answer that at this point in her life, and all that is going on, she couldn’t promise anything. He asks if she would call off the wedding? She says no, then reminds him she is doing this for her daughter. She’s given Felicia her word and she can’t back out now. But, Mass doesn’t have to worry about some romantic entanglement. This marriage to Eric is only going to last as long as her daughter lives. She can barely get these last words out. She’s sad; he sighs.

Nick looks at Brooke then walks away. Ridge continues that Nick let Brooke get under his skin. He understands that; that’s who she is. “She needed you. And you served her like a string of other guys over the years.” (how insulting!) He asks him to look around. Does he see any of those other guys here today? No, because they couldn’t measure up to what Brooke and he had…..and neither will Nick. He tells Nick that he has a family and life waiting for him at home. “You don’t deserve someone as pure and good as Bridget, but for some reason she seems to think you make her happy and I WANT Bridget happy for her sake and for Brooke’s. You understand that? 'Cause if you don’t, you’re gonna be out in the middle of the ocean in a dinghy with no paddles, Nick. Your call.”

Stephanie is on the phone making last minute preparations when Eric enters. She tells him she thought about having a minister, but didn’t think that was appropriate, so she asked a Judge Brolin and he’s going to come over. Eric thinks that is a good idea; he would feel a little strange with a man of God.

She tells him Felicia made up some invitations for the family and shows him and tells him that Kristen is flying in tomorrow morning. The invitation is a rolled up scroll tied in pretty ribbon. He reads, “by Royal decree, you are hereby commanded to attend the ultimate Forrester family reunion, a ceremony re-uniting grumpy groom, Eric Forrester, and his reluctant bride, Stephanie Douglas-Forrester. Anyone not attending will be talked about after the ceremony.” They laugh and Stephanie says it’s his daughter and she will do anything for her. He sees she is going to lose it and he walks toward her. She wards him off saying…… even marry him. But, she breaks down and says she is not prepared to lose her; she is NOT prepared for this.

Nick walks away again, and this time Brooke steps in between he and Ridge. She faces Ridge and tells him that he’s wrong about Nick. He did change her. He’s not like anybody else. Not even like Ridge. Then she turns around to Nick and tells him that Ridge is right about one thing. They can’t keep doing this. Nick doesn’t understand. Hmm, what? Looking out for each other like a family?

She pleads with him that he has a life now with Bridget. He can’t protect Brooke at Bridget’s expense. Just go home, please, she can take care of this. He stares at Ridge, then steps aside, still staring at him all the way past and on out the door. Exasperated, she turns to Ridge who is looking pretty satisfied.

Stephanie dabs her eyes with a tissue and says she doesn’t want Felicia to see her like this. She has enough to handle. Eric opines he doesn’t know if they are helping at all with the wedding. Felicia has completely unrealistic expectations. Maybe they shouldn’t go through with it with what they know. She scoffs that suddenly his conscience is kicking in?

Felicia walks in and congratulates the happy bride and groom. Stephanie asks shouldn’t she be in bed? Eric immediately offers for her to sit down. Felicia says she only wanted to check up on the wedding plans. Stephanie fires off that the flowers are ordered and menus selected. Felicia adds the attorneys contacted and prenups drawn up. She says she knows they think she is silly for asking the two of them to get re-married and they think they will divorce before she is COLD in the ground. But, she’s a realist. She looks at things just the way they are, just like her mother. But Eric tells her maybe they should just call this whole thing off. She tells him she is a realist, not a pessimist. She sees the way the two of them treat each other. Eric remarks not exactly like two people in love.

Felicia continues maybe not on the surface, but underneath all the bickering, blaming, fault-finding….she knows they have to dig pretty deep beneath all of that, “but then I think you find two people who still love each other, but who are too stubborn to admit it.” Eric tells her he thinks she is just seeing what she wants to see. She lets him know she is just going to take it one day at a time. First, get married, then take it one day at a time while she is there. After that, who knows? If they think they still can’t stand each other, fine. But, at least they have done something that means a lot to her. Suddenly she winces and grabs her abdomen and tells him it looks like they have it under control. She believes she will go to bed. Eric helps her get to her feet. Stephanie has a doomed look on her face, but manages a slight smile for Felicia’s sake and they all hug.

With Nick gone, Brooke asks Ridge to please leave also. He says he will as soon as he tells her how he feels. He confesses that the way she looked at Nick scared him. For the first time, he’d felt like he’d lost her forever. She reminds him that Nick is married to Bridget. Nothing is going to happen between the two of them. He admits he isn’t too worried about that, but “it’s more us. Please, tell me there is some hope here.” She’s incredulous and chastises him that he thinks he can just waltz back into her life like nothing has happened. She tells him he thinks he knows what she is thinking or what she is going to do, but he doesn’t. And she says she is NOT his Logan anymore. He tore apart everything that she knew, everything she counted on, and she had to find her own way. What she found was what it was like to be COMPLETELY loved by a man….to be FIRST in his heart. With Ridge she was always competing for his love with Taylor, with Caroline, even his mother. But, she never got it. She never came first. “And I deserve that, Ridge. I deserve to come FIRST. I would rather have nothing than what I had with you.”

He takes it like a man and admits that she is right. He’s been incredibly selfish. She turns away as if disinterested. He continues that he’s acted stupid, childish, and cruel. To walk away from her and their little son that they’d waited a lifetime for. He was trying to please everyone and wound up pleasing no one. He offers that these last few months without her, he’s felt dead inside. Completely empty except for the pain. But, he knows no matter what he was feeling would never compare to what he’d done to her. And here he is, asking her to find a way to forgive him. He knows he has destroyed their lives and he has no right to ask her to give him another chance. “But I’m praying to God you will. I need you, Brooke. I need us. I’m asking you to somehow find that forgiveness one more time.”

Her face is contorted, tears flowing and Ridge watches in horror as she bolts up the stairs without a word leaving him so alone.

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