The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/24/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Brooke descends the stairs at her house to find Nick waiting. She asks where Hope is, and he replies in the kitchen with Catherine. He expected to hear from Brooke when Forrester left and she didn’t call. She tells Nick that Ridge came there and tried to sweep her off her feet; even proposed marriage. He asks what did she say?

At Stephanie’s, both she and Eric are pacing the floor. He asks what just happened here? They agreed to get re-married? She offers that she could not say no to Felicia. They both agree this is ridiculous, even though it gives Felicia something to hang on to what time she has left. Eric finally relents and says they can have the ceremony there and put on a show. She quips she thought Christmas was the show! He tells her he doesn’t like this any more than she does, but Felicia is hell-bent on seeing the two of them together again. Sarcastically, she chuckles “as if we could ever love each other again.” He remarks that she took the words right out of his mouth. After some consideration, he tells Stephanie he’ll talk to Felicia in the morning. They’ll call this thing off. Very seriously she says this isn’t about them, but then they know that, don’t they? She loves Felicia; Eric loves Felicia, sooooooooo? Again, he gives in and nods okay. They will have the ceremony there in the house.

At the cottage, Ridge is sitting with Felicia as she obviously fills him in everything since he’s been away (I guess no phones in Europe) and he’s amazed that she has a child. With her illness, he didn’t think she could get pregnant. He tells her she looks tired, but then what new mother doesn’t. He’s just glad she is okay. He scoffs though when she tells him Bridget is going to help raise her son…..why?……because his name is Dominick. So Nick is the father of her child! Slowly she fills him in that Bridget will BE Dominick’s mother. When she stopped the chemo, she signed a short-term contract. “The cancer is back; I’m dying.”

Brooke tells Nick it wasn’t just a marriage proposal; it was an apology. Ridge had told her that he never should have walked out on her and the children. Nick points out to her that Ridge DID walk out on her and the children. Can’t she see? This guy can’t commit to ANYTHING. He goes from woman to woman on an impulse…..or to PLEASE his mommy! Brooke says Ridge did admit he was manipulated and that he is not going to be influenced by Stephanie anymore. And he was going to protect Brooke from Stephanie. Nick scoffs again – yeah like when hell freezes over. She goes on further; that Ridge told her that his feelings weren’t divided anymore. She was the one he loved. And he wants to be a father to R.J. and Hope and them spend the rest of their lives together. Nick says well he knows what Ridge had to say but she still hasn’t told him what she said to him. She looks him in the eye and says she told Ridge she could not be with him again. It’s just NOT the same.

Eric tells Stephanie that Felicia doesn’t expect them to stay married. They will make an agreement in advance to divorce. She chuckles well he knows who to call about that – Jonathan of the Shady Divorce. (ah yes, good old Jonathan who should be run out of town). Seriously this time, he asks her if she really meant what she said about ending her battle with Brooke? Because, that is the only way to really bring this family together the way Felicia wants. She replies that she really does mean it. He says good; he’s glad to hear that. He’s happy for her…..and for himself as well.

His cell phone rings and he sees it is Jackie and answers immediately and tells her that he is sorry he is late for lunch; something came up. He tells her that he NEEDS to see her; that he’ll pick up Chinese and be right over. Stephanie chuckles, here they are newly engaged and he’s having lunch with another woman. She grins, “some things never change.”

Felicia tells a concerned Ridge that she declined the treatments and nothing can be done for her now. He tells her not to say that. They’ll find a specialist that will make her better. She approaches him and says she never thought she’d ever say this, but she is in God’s hands now. She takes his hand and holds it close to her heart and says she has to believe that now because she doesn’t want to be afraid. “Will you help me with that, my big, strong brother?”

He touches her face; gives her a hug but questions her stopping her treatment. She tells him she had to. It was a choice, either that or her son. Selfless behavior, who knew? She’s dying, but she’s happy. Having that boy made her life worth living. Her life is finally worth living, and now she has to say good-bye. He tells her then don’t. But, she says she has to and he must let her go. As they hug, she says she got to be a mom, so no regrets.

Nick asks Brooke if she was tempted? She admits there is a part of her that will always be vulnerable to Ridge. He demands of her that she needs to FIX that. The man has done nothing but disappoint her. It’s just words, words, words, that mean NOTHING. He tells her he knows she needs a man in her life. That is obvious, but she deserves better. Let him help her now. She reminds him that he has his own family now. He states that he WILL be there for Bridget but he’s here for Brooke too!

Jackie opens her penthouse door and greets Eric carrying a bag of goodies. He apologizes for being late but promises that he will make up for it. She delights that it must be her favorite dumplings. He says no and after putting the bag down, gives her a big kiss.

Felicia tells Ridge that she thinks there is a lot of positive things that will come out of this. He remarks, “there is no positive spin on death, kiddo.” She jokes that she’s got some magic power or something, but it’s making their family come together in some very interesting way. She just waves her magic wand and poof; even their mom and dad are doing things she never imagined them doing. She tells him the dying daughter’s last wish; the folks are getting married again. It’s quite a hand, but she’s playing it. He’s aghast. She says they think they are doing it for her, but she thinks it might stick this time. He tells her she really is something, right up to the end.

She then has something to ask of him. Now, he’s scared. She reveals she knows he doesn’t much like Nick but the truth is, he is Dominick’s father. So even when he and Nick are sparring, please promise that he will remain in his life. Give him the same trouble and grief that he gave her. Because if he does that, and loves her son like he loves her, he’ll be just as strong. He gives a big sigh and says she’s got it; deal; deal! They hug and she tells him she loves him and he says it back to her.

As they sit in the living room eating their take-out (on china though), Eric apologizes to Jackie for not being able to see her more. She says she understands; he needs to be with Felicia. He says he appreciates her understanding that. He wants her to know how much he cares for her, and misses spending time with her. (oh, wait until he gets to the punch line!) There’s just so much going on at home and he’s being pulled in a thousand different directions. She sssssshs him and says she knows he wants to be with her, and she wants to be with him too. He kisses her hand. Then she continues eating. He goes on that before they can be together; there is one thing he needs to do. She goes uh-oh, the last time he said that to her, he ran off and married Brooke. He assures her it isn’t that. She gives a sigh of relief and then asks then what is he going to do? He tells her he’s going to marry Stephanie.

Nick explains to Brooke that he obviously knows they will never be husband and wife, but they will always be a part of each other’s lives. Like a broken record, she asks how can they be? He needs to focus on his life with Bridget and his own children. He assures her he will, and she will find someone else, but it CAN’T be Forrester. She bares that she doesn’t want a man; she doesn’t NEED a man. (for how long? Maybe 5 minutes).

She turns to walk away, he grabs her. At that moment, Ridge comes walking in the door unseen by them. (are any doors locked in Los Angeles?) Nick tells her, “this is all going to work out. I promise you it will. But no matter what happens, believe me, Forrester is NOT the answer.” They are standing with Nick’s hands on both of her shoulders and they still do not see Ridge; he of the smug look on his face.

Jackie has the wind taken out of her sails. Eric explains they were just with Felicia and she wants her parents to re-marry. Jackie opines that she knows Felicia doesn’t have much time, but to ask this…….He explains more fully that if she could just see her. How much she wants to contribute to the well-being of this family; to bring the family together again. And he wouldn’t even be considering it except that Stephanie promised that her battle with Brooke was over. She’s astonished that Stephanie actually said that. Eric says it’s all very complicated, but Stephanie had assured him it was over. And he knows Jackie knows how Felicia is; wanting to go out the LIFE of the party. Sorrowfully, she admits and what better party than to have your parents re-marry. He states to her it’s just a ceremony, for Felicia, just an act. She asks, so he’s not in love with Stephanie. He replies God, no. She bemoans that they have spent a lifetime together, so there could be something there. She thinks there is. Felicia has seen it, and so has she. He tells her this is just for Felicia and once she is…….(he gives a very long pause and winces)…….gone, there will be an annulment. Jackie tells him she could forgive him for marrying Brooke, but this….She looks up to find Eric holding out a jeweler’s box and he asks her to open it.

Very hesitant she does. She gives an audible gasp as it holds an exquisite huge, (looks like heart-shaped) diamond ring. He says, “I love you, Jackie. I love you, and I want to have my life with you.” She gulps as he continues that once this is over, they will be together. “I want a life with you, Jackie. I want you to marry me. Will you?” She says yes. He seems surprised. She slips the ring on her own finger and repeats yes again, cries of joy that she will marry him and they deliriously hug. He thanks her; no she thanks him and they both declare their love for each other.

The door closes and Ridge waltzes on in. “Well, looky here. You are a busy little sailor, aren’t you, Nick?” He approaches him with, “you have a baby with Felicia….she’s actually all gushy about the great life her baby is going to have being raised by you and Bridget. Well, at least she can depend on Bridget to raise him.” Nick remarks that he will be there for his son. Ridge replies really? Maybe he should be there NOW with him and his wife, who’s expecting YET another child – instead of being here with Brooke. Nick says not until they finish their conversation.

Ridge replies that he's bashing him, no doubt. And if there was something going on between the two of them while he was with Taylor, then so be it. (what an asinine thing to say, yeah, pass her around, but it’s okay). But, Nick is married to Bridget now and they are expecting a baby. If Nick had any decency, he’d stay away from Brooke! Nick maintains that nothing he is doing there is being disloyal to Bridget or his family. “Unlike you, Forrester, I know how to make a commitment.” Ridge fires back that really, in Brooke’s arms? That’s his commitment to Bridget? Nick says he is a friend giving advice. Ridge retaliates by saying he’s telling her to stay away from him? Nick answers that’s exactly right. Because, he hurts her and disappoints her. Ridge shoots back, unlike Nick! Nick is only too happy to explain that Brooke doesn’t want Ridge; stay away from her!

Ridge mocks, so now he’s her protector? Nick says that is exactly right and it’s time for him to go. He gives him a big shove that knocks Ridge backwards. Brooke asks him to stop it. Ridge only grins and bares his teeth, “you want a fight, Nick? Let’s fight! But you stay away from Brooke and her kids." Brooke interrupts again and tells him that he is the one not listening. He’s the one leaving. He asks what is going on here? She says she told him. He replies he knows what she said, that Nick is her friend and advisor. Arrogantly, he says, but, this isn’t friendship. Something else is going on here, and it stinks to bloody hell.

He piles on that he has two sisters; two sisters that are depending on Nick being the father of their child. And he’s here MESSING around with Brooke. He inches closer, face to face. “It’s got to stop. It’s got to stop right now. And if you don’t stop it, I will! What do you think about that, little brother?”

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