The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/23/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Brooke’s, Ridge holds her by the shoulders and tells her that he wants a life with her; with her, Hope and R.J. She asks that he let go of her. She chastises him. Does he think he can apologize to her and kiss her and that will fix everything? It used to be that way; she couldn’t resist his charms because she was so madly in love with him. But, she states it’s not like that anymore. She is not going to let him do this to her again. She brusquely turns away.

At Stephanie’s, she tells Eric she feels like she’s in a bad dream. Ridge had told her that he’s still in love with Brooke. Eric questions why he’s just realizing that now. She thinks he’s just over-reacting. She knows he’s hurt and disappointed in Taylor’s actions, but she thinks this marriage can really work out. Taylor just needs to fight for him, but she won’t. Eric reminds her that they can’t force her. She frowns and says how can two people who love each other and compliment each other so beautifully just let the marriage slip through their fingers?

He utters that some things just aren’t meant to be. She counters with – like Ridge and Brooke. He offers that maybe Taylor does and that is why she isn’t fighting it. She’ll survive this. Stephanie says then she’s a stronger woman than she is. Eric disagrees with that. Stephanie continues that even during all this pain, Taylor did have one true moment of clarity when she said this war had consumed too much of their lives; it had to end. Stephanie opines that Taylor is right; it’s time. “My fight with Brooke is finished.” Eric can’t believe what he is hearing.

At Jackie M, Jackie tells Nick that Brooke can not be his #1 priority anymore. She knows he’s worried about Hope and not just Brooke, but pretty soon he and Bridget are going to have their own daughter to think about. He counters with that they will be fine. Jackie knows how he feels about Hope; like his own little girl and it’s Forrester that is like a hurricane and whips through that family and causes as much damage as possible. “Brooke and her family deserve to have a man they can depend on…….and that man ain’t Forrester,” says Nick.

Ridge says this isn’t sweet talk when Brooke accuses him of that. She counters with she knows what it is; what she’s always let him do, but not anymore. Dreaming of the day they’d be together and have a family. And then when it happened, she couldn’t be happier, until he abandoned her. She tells him she is sorry, but he had his chance. Or did he think she would just be sitting around here like some dutiful lapdog? He denies that; how could she think that? She sputters maybe because he came over there asking her to marry him less than 24 hours after ending the marriage to Taylor. He fires at her he doesn’t need time for this decision or to mull it over, because he KNOWS where he wants to be……right there with her. She asks what makes him think she wants to be with HIM?

Nick asks his mom what is it with little girls and fancy dresses? She proclaims they all like to be little princesses. Then that segues way into what Stephanie is doing to Forrester Creations right now. But, it isn’t as bad as she thought it might be. Eric must still have some influence over there. He asks if that bothers her, Eric and Stephanie still working together? She remarks that they have established a very uncomfortable detente. He chuckles, like an old married couple bickering. She corrects – like sworn enemies FORCED to work under the same roof. He tells her Brooke is not the only woman he is looking out for. He wants her to tell him if Eric is not treating her right.

Eric tells Stephanie that he is stunned; he’s speechless! She opines that she will never believe that Brooke is better for Ridge than Taylor is, but it’s Ridge's mistake to make. Quizzically he asks if she won’t interfere? She laughs since when has that ever stopped them from making mistakes? Felicia slips in just out of their eyesight and overhears the rest. Stephanie remarks that she’s been looking at her own life a little more realistically and thinking of all that pain and grief, what has it accomplished? “Ridge and Taylor renewed their vows, and Brooke didn’t disappear. I took over the company, and Brooke is still here.” He puffs that in the past that would have just fueled her fires. She asks does he know what is so good about beating your head against a brick wall? He answers because it feels so good when you stop? She nods yes and imagine if she had just realized that sooner; all the pain and grief she could have spared everyone. She smiles when he says better late than never. He even gives her a hug. She’s surprised, and Felicia likes it too, she smiles broadly.

Brooke tells Ridge he’s just not listening. He admits maybe he jumped the gun and it’s just too soon. She says no, it’s ludicrous and it’s insulting. Assuming they could just pick up like nothing happened. He mouths he was just hoping they could start over. She says no. He asks why? Is she afraid they might re-ignite the old spark? That’s why Nick is so overly protective. He knows she has not completely closed off her heart to him. She whispers that Nick knows it would be a mistake to let him in. He offers that Nick has his own agenda. She snaps that it is NOT going to happen. He asks what if they could? What if they could go back to the life they planned when R.J. was born? Isn’t that what she wants for her children? Isn’t that what she wants for herself?

He tells her that he knows he has hurt her and he regrets that more than anything that he can ever say to her. She claims she is not punishing him. But, he feels she is pushing him away. She tells him she is just saying something he is not used to hearing. “I’m saying no.” He follows her as she walks off and reminds her she is saying no to the life with R.J.’s father; a life she has dreamt about all her life. She says what’s done is done. He answers back that maybe for other couples, but not for them. Look at their history; they ALWAYS find their way back. She looks at him and says that no, HE finds his way back when it suits him and she lets him in. This can NOT be fixed with an apology; or this wound healed with a kiss. Exasperated, he asks if she needs proof? Firmly, she replies no; she needs him to get out of there. He came there and proposed to her and she gave him an answer. “And my answer is NO.”

Jackie tells Nick to be perfectly honest she doesn’t know what Eric’s intentions are. He just wants to make sure he’s not jerking her around. She confides that she thought when this ridiculous marriage to Brooke was over that he would have more time for her. He reminds her that he ought to be lucky that she is even talking to him. She confesses that she loves Eric; he makes her happy. Happy in a way she never expected to feel again. He recommends that he will talk to him and find out his intentions if she wants. She flatly refuses that. Says Eric is NOT neglecting her; his daughter is dying. He’s spending as much time with her as he possibly can and she can’t begrudge him that; how could she? “A man needs to give his child as much peace as he can.”

Felicia loudly clears her throat to announce her presence. Stephanie breaks apart from Eric. Felicia wants to make it clear if she heard right. Stephanie is going to stop interfering in her children’s lives? And she adds, and her with so little time left. Stephanie declares she is through fighting the things she can not change. Felicia asks even her brother’s infatuation with Brooke? Now she knows her mother is putting her on. Stephanie replies no, she just has more important things she wants to do. Felicia whispers that her mother knows she is not going to be there forever to distract her. Stephanie strokes Felicia’s face and tells her she is not a distraction, but her #1 priority. Eric caresses Felicia’s shoulders and tells Stephanie that no one has ever questioned her loyalty to this family. She says maybe they should have; she owes them all an apology, especially Eric. Just think of all the time she wasted by warning him about Brooke. She offers that when they were first married, they used to be partners but somewhere along the way she stopped being his wife and became his drill sergeant. He proposes that he was just as responsible for what happened to their marriage as she was. She answers it would be nice to go back and be able to change things. Eric says sometimes he thinks that too. Felicia tells them maybe they could. She perks up when she says there is still time left; it isn’t too late. Stephanie looks at Eric; Eric looks at Felicia; Felicia grins like a Cheshire cat.

Nick follows Jackie around as she works and asks that things are working okay between her and Eric? She says they are progressing. But, she’s not getting her hopes up. Did that before and BIG mistake. He scoffs that he’d have to be out of his mind to let her slip through his fingers and go back to old Stephanie again. She gloats that after everything Stephanie put him through, she doesn’t think there is ANYTHING that could get them back together.

Felicia holds out her arms to both parents and says they obviously still love each other; she saw them together at Christmas. It was like they were still married. He quips he thought they were having a much better time than that! She admits they still have issues, but there is time to work through them. Time to undo the mistakes. They just said they’d like to if they could. He claims it’s not that simple. She takes her mother by the hand and pulls her toward Eric and says yes it is that simple. She’s learned it. Death has been staring her in the face and that strips away all the garbage that clutters their lives. All the swollen egos; the important careers; all that money they make and all the useless stuff they buy with it. “The only thing of value is the people we love and those who love us. That is our real legacy, and that is what I want to leave my son.”

Stephanie reminds her that baby boy will be surrounded by people who love him. Felicia counters with she wants Dominick to be surrounded by people who love each other….if she could just get the two of them together. Eric tells her they WERE together and celebrating at Christmas. She nods but says they can do better. She states to them when they are together, the family is whole and is happy. She wants Dominick to see that; she wants to see that! Then she comes out with it. If they would just get re-married! They both say WHAT? in unison. Okay, she replies, if not for themselves, then for her. He scoffs that is a bad idea. She counterclaims that he can get a divorce the day after the funeral, but he won’t. He digs in and says no he won’t, because they aren’t going to get married.

She tells them when she’s gone, people are going to come looking to them for support. Stephanie says and they will have it. But, Felicia asks who’s going to give it to them? And she knows with all the bad stuff that happens to them, they always come together in a crisis, but why wait? They know it’s going to happen; it’s already starting. So, why not now; right now for her? Give her that peace of mind. She gently urges her mother to remember what she said about going out with a life of the party. She can not think of a better party than the two of them getting married with the whole family watching. This is it! “This is what I want. I want to dance at your wedding.” Very seriously, Eric tells her she does not have a right to ask that of them. They are her parents, but there are limits. She looks to her mom for answers. Stephanie ponders and says she doesn’t know, but it looks like she is considering it. Felicia asks her daddy again. He looks at Stephanie and finally back at Felicia and says okay. They hug and then Felicia still hugging, holds out her hand to include Stephanie and all three of them plant kisses on Felicia and hug as a family.

Nick checks his cell phone/voicemail and Jackie asks if he’s expecting a call? He replies that Brooke said she’d call when Sir Galahad had left, but she hasn’t yet.

Ridge is pleading his case to Brooke. He tells her he’s offering her a chance to get back what they had. She replies they can’t. He pleads then something new; a fresh start then. She tells him he just doesn’t get it. He retorts he guesses he doesn’t. He doesn’t understand why she would want to be alone. Why she’d want to deny her son the chance to grow up with his father. She counters with he denied their son that chance when he chose Taylor. He comes toward her and face to face says he wants to be with her, only her! And he vows he’s going to repair the damage he has done, somehow! “I don’t care what I have to do. You ARE going to be my wife again.” And it’s going to be different this time. He’s going to protect her from his mother, Taylor and anyone else that doesn’t agree with their relationship. “I’m going to put you #1, before my family, before the business.” You’re never going to have to look over your shoulder again, and you’re never going to have to question my commitment.”

She says, but she does. He replies maybe now….but in time. She replies that in time, he’s going to realize that he’s on the rebound. This isn’t about her, but about Taylor and James. He denies it; that was only the last straw. He boasts that he’s had these feelings for her longer than he cares to admit. Brooke reminds him that he didn’t say anything until Taylor admitted she slept with another man. He looks at her and asks why does she think he didn’t come home for the holidays? She looks at him blankly.

He goes on that because he had to come to the terms that the marriage was failing and was seriously in trouble. And when he did come home, he thought he’d give it one more try and throw himself back into that family. To find that connection that he and Taylor desperately needed to make it all work. And then he found out about James; he found out about Hector and that was just proof that they had been in trouble for a long time. “I knew it. Taylor knew it. I knew I was in love with you. My place was with you, Brooke. My heart was with you. It always, always was with you.” He cups her face and kisses her. He breaks away long enough to say again, “with you.” Her tears flow as he kisses her again. She responds but not as passionately as he.

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