The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/20/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Next day after the Ridge/Taylor ‘dump your wife’ Big Bear confrontation. Ridge is in Brooke’s living room holding R.J. and playing with him with a toy airplane. Fondly, he remembers the night R.J was born.

Brooke descends the stairs and surprisingly asks what is he doing there? He smiles that he wanted to see his son….and her. Something had happened last night when he went to see Taylor. She sits and says she knows. She drove up to Big Bear last night herself, trying to find him and stop him from making a huge mistake. “I guess I was too late.” He gives R.J. a hug. Then says they tried, but just couldn’t make it work. Brooke tells him to try harder! Ridge says that you just can’t pick up a marriage after all those years, when you know there is somewhere else you need to be.

She turns away and walks off. (if he had any sense, so would he, it’s clear she is NOT interested). He follows. He tells her they have a child; they built a family. He admits that he knows he hurt her, and he has no right to ask, but could she forgive him? “Is it possible…..remotely possible….that you could take me back? (the colossal nerve!).

At Tridge Manor, we see a long table full of framed Forrester photographs of Ridge, Taylor, Thomas and the girls. The doorbell continues ringing but Taylor lies on the couch ignoring it. Finally Stephanie lets herself in, calling Taylor’s name.

She finally spies her on the couch and goes over to her, patting her on the leg and laments that she knows; Ridge came to see her. Taylor replies that it is over. Stephanie tells her it’s not. She soft peddles it that Ridge is just over-reacting; he’s mad at everybody. He threatened again to throw her out of his life if she didn’t accept Brooke. Taylor warns her that Ridge is going back to Brooke. Stephanie argues that he is not. And she begs Taylor to pull herself together; they have a battle to fight here. Taylor tells her she is through fighting; she keeps shaking her head and says she won’t do it.

Brooke tells Ridge he can’t just give up on his marriage. He replies that his place is there with her, R.J. and Hope. She points out to him that he just said that he can’t just pick up where you left off and expect everything to be the same. He tells her things are different with them. She replies yes, she is different. Things have changed. He offers that they shouldn’t have. He should have ended it with Taylor the minute he knew he was manipulated into renewing their vows. Brooke reminds him that he didn’t. She walks away and again he follows, still telling her that the kids were so happy to have their family back. “I made a mistake, Brooke……the biggest mistake of my life.” (no, this is). She turns to him and looks deeply into his eyes as he continues, “I was wrong. I made the wrong choice.” He tells her that he wanted to please everyone and he ended up pleasing no one. Especially her. There was a time when he made her happy….and he could do that again.

Before she can say a word, the door pops open and its Nick and Hope. She’s wearing his sailor cap and asks if they can guess what they have? Ridge goes to her and bends down and says from the smell, it must be breakfast. Brooke tells him that Nick took her down to the pier to get some Belgian waffles. Hope asks if he wants some? He politely declines, saying that he and her mommy have some things they need to talk about. Nick isn’t shy, he asks about what? He looks to Brooke and asks what is it the two of them have to talk about?

She gets R.J. out of his playpen and hands him to Ridge and suggests that he go into the kitchen and help Catherine put butter and syrup on the waffles. Stunned, he says they still need to talk. She tells him they will; she just needs a minute with Nick. Ridge takes Hope’s hand as well and ushers them out. Nick steps toward Brooke and puts his hands on his hips and the first thing he says is that Ridge is not wearing his wedding ring. Which means he called it off with Taylor. Brooke says she couldn’t get there in time. Nick blurts out but here he is. The guy didn’t even take a breath and here he jumped from Taylor to Brooke. She counters that nobody is jumping anywhere. But, he tells her he warned her this would happen. It’s like some sadistic ping-pong match between the two of them. Back and forth….her…. Taylor….this family…..that family. “It’s got to stop. You’ve got to get him out of this house.” Brooke urges him to calm down; she’ll handle it. Through clamped teeth, he asks why doesn’t she let him handle it? He’ll throw him out right now while the kids are having breakfast. She lets him know he won’t. He snarks that Ridge is R.J.’s father, no one is questioning that, but that is NOT the reason he is here, is it? He wants to know if Forrester asked her to take him back. And how long this time? How long before he changes his mind and breaks her heart again? Defiantly, he tells her he’s not going to let that happen.

Brooke jumps up to stop him as Hope flies in with a beret on her head and announces to all to look at her, what she has. Nick stares down Ridge alongside and asks Sweet Pea, what is that? Ridge speaks up and tells them it’s just a little present from Paris. Brooke commends her on how pretty she is. And that she bets she knows who would appreciate that hat, Jackie. Maybe Uncle Nick could take her to see Jackie. Hope wants to know if they can go NOW? Nick throws a look to Ridge and says to Hope that after he has a little talk with Ridge…….outside. Brooke says she thinks they should go now……and she mouths to Nick that she will handle this. Nick glowers at Ridge, but scoops Hope up and Ridge hands him the sailor hat, not to forget it. Nick gives him one backward glance at the door. Brooke braces herself for another round.

Stephanie continues with Taylor that they are still married and she CAN work this out. She replies no; what they had was in the past. The perfect life she wanted ended a long time ago. When she was gone; her life stood still. But, Ridge has moved on with Brooke. And now was her turn to move on. And she tells Stephanie she thinks she should too.

At Jackie’s Boutique, she is laughing on the phone when Nick and Hope enter. She motions them in as she says goodbye to Oscar. He asks as in cousin, Oscar? She corrects – De la Renta. She calls Hope Mademoiselle and that she loves the beret. Hope comments that it itches. Nick says of course, it was a present from Ridge. He takes it and hands it to Jackie and puts his sailor cap back on Hope. An associate, Andrea, walks up and Jackie suggests she take Hope into her office and then whispers to Hope she might find a little surprise in there waiting. Then she spirits Nick away and wants to know what’s going on?

They sit and he fills her in on the juicy details that Ridge is over at Brooke’s right now, and he’s split with Taylor. She’s astounded and says poor Taylor. Nick asks doesn’t she mean poor Brooke? This guy is going to try to worm his way back into her life. Jackie asks is he sure? She can think of plenty of other reasons he might be over there. He scoffs, “oh, please, Mother. The guy breaks up with his wife one night and the next day, he’s parked right in the middle of her living room. No, I don’t think so. There’s only one thing on his mind!”

Ridge asks Brooke is he wrong, or did Nick just ask him to step outside? She reveals that he’s just there looking out for her. He thinks Ridge is there to SWEEP her off her feet. He jokes that he would never be accused of trying to do something like that! She bats her baby hazels and tells him that they had their chance and she told him it was over. So why doesn’t he do himself and his family a favor and go home? Go back to his wife.

Jackie tries to calm Nick down, not allow him to get caught up in Brooke’s drama. But, he broadcasts that she will get hurt. Jackie tells him so will his wife. And him, if he doesn’t stay focused. He points a lady’s shoe in her face and says it has NOTHING to do with him and Bridget. She isn’t convinced. He remarks that Brooke is a big girl, but what about little Hope? If this guy weasels his way back into their lives, all he’s going to get her to do is love him and then disappear again. She argues that Brooke won’t let that happen. She’s seen it so many times before; she’ll stop him. She won’t fall for that. He states well if she does, he’s going to have to answer to him!

Ridge states to Brooke that what happened with Taylor; he was confused (some lame excuse from a 40ish year old man). She says she’s not. He continues his excuse, that he knows he let her down. She tells him she has already accepted his apology; she walks off. He tells her she deserves so much more. And now he is able to give it to her. She tells him they had a life and family, and he replies they can have it again. But, she laments he turned his back on them. All he’s asking is for a chance to make it up to her.

She points out she gave him a chance after her and Jackie exposed Stephanie’s deception, but he still decided to stay with Taylor. He tells her things are different now. She replies not for her. She walks closer and looks into his face and tells him he hurt her. More than anybody else ever has, and she’s not going to put herself in that position again. “So why don’t you go home….go home to Taylor, and just pray that she’ll take you back for the kid’s sake. Because, I won’t."

Taylor gets up and tells Stephanie that the battle is over; she is done fighting. Stephanie tells her she has so much to fight FOR! Taylor says she knows how hard she has fought to get Brooke out of her life, but it’s got to stop. She walks to the window and pulls back the drapes to let the sun shine in. She further says she will always cherish the time she had with Ridge, and the years she had raising their children, but she shrugs that it’s over now. That time has passed and she needs to move on, and so does Stephanie. For themselves, for their children. They have to put down their weapons and take off their armor, and make new lives for themselves. Wonderful lives. Lives with new goals and priorities. She urges they can do that, do it together. She reaches out and embraces her.

A long-stemmed red rose is offered to her face. She turns to find Dante standing there smiling and saying he figured she could use some cheering up. (Isn’t it time Hector came back and fixed these doors and locks that people keep wandering in and out of uninvited?). Bridget had told him that she and Ridge had been having some problems. She tells him they ended their marriage. Just last night. It wasn’t working no matter how hard they tried. He looks concerned and says sometimes it’s just not enough. He nervously laughs that look at him. He came all the way from Italy to be with Bridget. And he believes in his heart that he’s the right man for her; that he can make her happy, but guess it just wasn’t meant to be. She starts explaining her plight; she knew things weren’t right but she thought if she had faith…….He tells her that faith is what brought her home.

He KNOWS how hard she fought to get back home to Ridge. It was like she was obsessed. She had one vision, one goal. And she would have done anything. Her voice cracks and she opines that just to see him again and to be able to hold him……He tells her that determination may have saved her life. She remarks with a lot of help from him, and here he is again. He says he hates seeing her this way, as he joins her on the couch. He recites an old Italian which translates, ‘not everything that was bad will come back and hurt you.’ He gently touches her and she smiles.

Ridge won’t give up. He faces Brooke and calls her Logan. She’s miffed; she’d asked him to leave (Ridge, how about checking out that book, He/She is Really Not That Into You). He tells her he is NOT going back; not going back to Taylor. And he spouts again that when he walked away from her, that was the most difficult thing he’d ever done. That when she left the house, he loved her as much as he ever did. But, manipulated or not, he had an obligation to Taylor. So they said their vows, and he had an obligation to uphold them. But, more and more, that’s all it seemed to turn into an obligation. They see-saw back and forth that she knows he loves Taylor, go back to her and the kids. He says he can’t. Brooke knows she lied and hurt him, but they can work past that. He tells her maybe, but he can’t work past his love for her. It’s still there. It always will be. She reminds him it wasn’t strong enough to keep him from leaving.

He confesses he messed up and made a huge mistake….and he doesn’t blame her for shutting him out. “But, this is where I belong, Brooke. This is where I belong, if you will just forgive me.” Tears almost forming in her eyes, she bites her lip and tells him it’s too late, just go home. He points out that his home is here with her and R.J. and Hope. She shakes her head; no, that is never going to happen. He asks her to marry him. Incredulously, she asks, “what?” He wants her to be his wife again. He knows it’s out of the blue, but it’s right. She walks off, reciting NO. He finishes with they can raise R.J. and Hope together. Her son will grow up with his father. She begs him not to do this; she can’t.

He boldly makes a bee-line to her and says yes they can and plants a big one on her. She returns the kiss. He cups her face with his mouth still near her lips and says yes they can. He loves her and wants her in his life. “I want you back in my life; I want you now.” Rather weakly, she stares at him and tells him please don’t. Don’t do this to her. “Please, just leave me alone.”

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