The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/18/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

At Big Bear cabin, a worn-out, tears finally stopped flowing, Taylor sits and reflects over what she and Ridge have just gone through, the end of their marriage. She glances at a framed photo of the two of them, caresses her wedding band. Ridge paces and finally comes up behind her, silently, reverently touching her on the shoulders, even kissing her there through heavy sweater and all. It doesn’t seem to make her mood any better.

Stephanie comes into her house, throws her keys on the table and discovers Eric there. He says he has come to visit Felicia; he hopes she doesn’t mind that he got a soda out of the fridge. Then he notices her face and asks what’s wrong? Throwing her arms into the air, she replies Ridge and Taylor and then berates Eric that he’s ten steps behind when he doesn’t realize something is going on. He asks what’s the problem, and she replies Brooke. He scoffs, oh well, surprise, surprise. She starts to tell him that Ridge and Taylor are struggling with their marriage, then she just gets exasperated and stops. Says Brooks smells blood and it just frightens her, the whole thing. Frightens her for Ridge.

On the Shady Marlin, Brooke is frantic why she can’t get Ridge on the phone. She’s hell bent on talking to him before he gets to Taylor. Nick reminds her they could be talking right now. She is livid that Taylor tried to keep the James Warrick secret all these years from Ridge. And Nicks adds, passing judgment on her. Brooke says she doesn’t even care about that now. It’s the children that she is worried about. First, they lost their mother, trying to adjust to that and go on with their lives, now suddenly she is back. She doesn’t know if Taylor and Ridge should be together, but says Thomas, Phoebe and Steffy need stability in their lives. Whatever Ridge is feeling, he’s going to have to be able to look at his kids and tell them he is doing the right thing.

Ridge tells Taylor they are going to be here pretty soon. They…..being the kids. She’s ticked – how can he expect her to explain it to them when she doesn’t even understand it herself? (wasn’t this just ducky of Mr. Charm to haul everybody all the way up to the cabin just to dump his wife?) He tells her just to be honest with them. She shoots, if that is the case then she’ll have to tell them she does not want out of this marriage. That’s being honest. He says he is sorry. She sighs and confesses the truth is that she guesses she felt it all along. She just didn’t want to see it. She thought they could pick back up where they left off. She wanted to believe that nothing had changed while she was gone (this from a renowned psychiatrist?) But, she realizes by time she got back, his feeling for Brooke were so deep.

She knows she should have just accepted that and moved on herself, but she just couldn’t! He tells her his love for her hasn’t changed, but he just can’t ignore the hypocrisy to Brooke by her and his mother over the years. (okay, is this about it? He can accept Brooke sleeping with his dad and all of his brothers, not to mention having a baby by her son-in-law, Deacon. He can easily accept all of that but can’t accept a hypocrite?) Then to ease things, he tells her he hopes they can continue to have a strong, productive relationship. Find a way to be united in that regard. (doncha think this is where she should tell him to take a long walk off a short pier?)

She asks; does he really want her to tell the kids that she has accepted this decision that HE has made to destroy their marriage? He replies yes. It’s going to be hard enough for them to come to terms with this without watching their parents fight over it. He wants her to let them know they still love them and will still be a family, just not in the way they had hoped. (what a bunch of crock!) Can she do that?

The gang walks in and Thomas immediately asks what’s going on. One twin asks if something is wrong? Ridge turns and walks toward them and says everything is going to be okay. He just wanted them all to be up here together. Without missing a beat, he starts in on that their mother and him wanted them to know how much they loved them and how proud of them they are. There is nothing they won’t do for them for the rest of their lives. (maybe Thomas should mention Gabi right here). Thomas steps forward and states that Ridge only says this when something terrible is about to happen. What’s wrong? He slowly walks to Taylor and looks at her, but she is silent and throws the ball right back into his corner.

Nick tells Brooke it is admirable that she is so concerned about Taylor’s kids. She reminds him they have been through so much upheaval. She doesn’t want to see their lives turned upside down all over again. She keeps trying to reach Ridge by phone even though Nick feels Forrester has already made up his mind so he doesn’t see where anything she says will make any difference. She tells Nick that she can always remind Ridge of his responsibilities to Thomas and the girls. And if he thinks he can get back with her, that’s not an option.

The twins sit and Thomas goes to his dad and asks again why did he call them to come there? He looks at them, calls them each by their name, and tells them they have always been so sensitive and aware. He is sure they have been aware that things have not been that smooth between he and Taylor. They say they understood him being gone at Christmas and New Year’s and this was no big crisis. Thomas cuts to the quick and asks if this has anything to do with Brooke? Ridge starts telling this long, slow story of how ecstatic they all were when Taylor came back. It was the way it was supposed to be. He goes on, but……he had another family with Brooke, Hope and R.J. They were part of that family too. He re-emphasizes that his love for their mother hasn’t changed, but he and Brooke shared a life together too. And it was just thrown away like it didn’t matter. He says it DOES matter, and he needs to go back to it. They look stunned. Ridge keeps saying this doesn’t change how they feel about their kids. They still love them very much. But, his and Taylor’s marriage to each other is over.

Throughout all of this, Taylor hasn’t said a word. Both girls get up and go to her and beg her to say Dad is wrong. Tell him she does not want to go. Thomas is incredulous and says, “so, you’re just going to walk out on her, after everything she did to come back to us?” Ridge and Taylor exchange sorrowful glances, but neither speaks.

Brooke is still trying to reach Ridge and keeps making noises that the signals in the mountains may not be getting through. Suddenly she remarks that she has to go up there. To stop Ridge from making this huge mistake. Nick stops her; he doesn’t think that is such a good idea. She’s the one who walked in on Taylor and the fireman in the first place. Brooke reminds him she is only going up there to save Taylor’s marriage. Nick points out he doesn’t think Taylor will appreciate that, especially coming from Brooke. She says she will do what she can and turns to go. He stops her long enough to tell her to be sure to be careful……. driving. She answers, “Nick, we both love Bridget very much and want her to be happy, but that doesn’t mean that we have to pretend that we don’t have feelings for each other.” She looks him in the eye and says she will never regret one minute of the time they spent together. "I wouldn’t change it for anything.” She says she has to go; Nick takes her in his arms and gives her a big hug which she returns.

Thomas verbally attacks his dad and asks how he could do this to Mom? Taylor tells him to wait. Slowly, she states that when she came back home she thought everything would return to like it was before she left. She wanted that; she expected that. She had no way of knowing that things would change so much while she was gone. She had Ridge and all of them frozen in her mind. But, they couldn’t stop themselves from growing and moving on. And she would have wanted that if she knew she wasn’t coming back home. She would have wanted their father to marry again. She would have wanted him to make a home for them; nurturing and loving, which he did. But, then he and Brooke had R.J. and when she came back home that little boy lost his father. And R.J. misses him just the way that all of them missed her.

She sits down and both girls follow her and sit by her side, holding onto her. She finishes that she didn’t realize what all of this would mean. She just wanted to close her eyes and pretend that everything would go right back to the way it was before she left. But, that’s not living in reality. “And I don’t want to live like that anymore.” She says but she still has them, her two girls and her son. They are still together, still a family. “And your father and I will always love each other. We just won’t be married anymore.” Thomas joins the girls in support of his mother as her tears fall.

Phoebe speaks up and says she does not understand. Taylor tells her they will have plenty of time to answer a lot questions later. What she wants them to do is go on home and she will join them in a bit. She wants to talk to their dad about a few more things. Steffy tells her not to take too long. They walk past Ridge without a glance.

Thomas awkwardly tells his Dad that he can’t say he agrees with what he is doing, but he does know that sometimes you have to make decisions that will hurt those you love. “Staying in the game with your heart only half in it – it wasn’t good for mom either. I hope this is better for both of you.” They hug. The girls hug their mom at the door. Then Thomas and his mom hug as he leaves.

Ridge tells her they took the news pretty well. A little defiant, she replies that he has no idea how this may have affected them. He may not know for years. He remarks that they lived with Brooke; they understand. She states that what they understand is that Brooke never let go of him. That she’s loving this turmoil they are in. She’s responsible for it. Dangling R.J. over his head; blackmailing her about Hector. He chides, Brooke forced her to keep her affair with James a secret? She stiffens and says he can end their marriage but he can’t change her opinion of Brooke. She goes to her purse and dabs her nose with a tissue and then hands him a ticket. Says she was going to the dry cleaners later, now he can. He tells her he will take care of it. She tells him she needs some time alone and he says all right. He heads toward the door; stops and slowly turns back around to her. They go into each other’s arms. With tears flowing, she rubs his back and tells him their marriage was so beautiful. It was the most wonderful years of her life. She takes off her ring and says she should have never put it back on. Ridge slowly slips away, picks up his coat and leaves.

Angry, Stephanie demonstrates that all the devastation, all the problems and scandals that have been brought upon this family have been the result of ONE person (she holds up finger), one woman, Brooke! Eric reminds her that she is the one on the warpath, not Brooke. She laments that neither he nor Ridge have ever seen her for what she really is. And she’s telling Eric that she’s scheming to get her hands back on Ridge. And the wonderful marriage he has with Taylor is going to be destroyed. They have got to do something to stop her! He tells her this is sad. She thinks her manipulations are things that have saved their children from themselves; that she’s the glue that holds the family together. But, she’s really only made things worse. He points out that it is Stephanie’s lying that put Ridge in this situation in the first place. Do Ridge a favor and stay out of his life from now on. He raises his eyebrows and emphasizes, “let our adult son make his own choices. That’s what a good parent would do.” He leaves; she ponders.

Brooke slips into the cabin calling Ridge’s name. Taylor saunters out of the bedroom. Brooke tells her she has been trying to reach Ridge. Taylor says he just left. “You shouldn’t have any trouble finding him. You never do.” Brooke states that she is sorry; she is too late. She didn’t want this.

Taylor walks straight toward Brooke and coldly states, “take your victory, Brooke. Dance on my grave with it. But, don’t play Miss Innocent. I know who you are. I know what you’ve done. And I hate you for it. Do you have any idea how much I hate you?”

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