The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/10/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

Still New Year’s at Tridge Manor, Taylor pleads with Ridge that this has nothing to do with Brooke. What hypocrisy? He’s just ripped her a good one for not so much once sleeping with James, but taking the moral high ground and not mentioning it and condemning Brooke of much the same things over the years.

He barks that it has EVERYTHING to do with Brooke, and the way she has treated her all these years; condemning her for all her mistakes….for being human! And my God, if she can’t see that……

At Stephanie’s, she is on the phone leaving a message for Taylor, again begging her not to divulge this secret about James after all these years. Don’t say a word to Ridge until she has talked to Stephanie. Felicia walks in and practically scares the Bejesus out of Steph. What’s this mysterious message she just left for Taylor and what doesn’t she want Taylor to tell her husband? Steph doesn’t want to divulge and Felicia cajoles her; she can tell her as she will take it to her grave…….literally.

At the beach house, Nick is stoking the fire with more wood. Brooke brings Bridget a cup of warm milk and honey. Both seem to be doing their best to pamper the mother-to-be. Brooke asks if there is anything else she can get her. Half way sarcastically, Bridget replies maybe a crystal ball. Nick wonders what she would do with that? She replies she’d peer into it and see what is going on over at Ridge and Taylor’s. See what Taylor is telling him about kissing Hector, and what his reaction is. Nick states that he can pretty much guarantee how the dressmaker is going to react. Brooke chimes in, especially if there is more to it than just a kiss which is what she picked up from Stephanie earlier. Nick scoffs – an affair? Not St. Taylor and the heroic fireman! Bridget asks then if not an affair, what is it? Nick offers that maybe they should just stay out of it and not get sucked back into Ridge’s life. Brooke and Nick exchange knowing glances. (I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of this anytime they are in same room).

Taylor continues with Ridge. Yes, Brooke has been a problem in the past, but right now…..right now she is pouring her heart out to him, confessing her sins. She says she is asking for forgiveness because with forgiveness comes healing. And with healing, a chance to start over again. To get things back to where they were, and she knows they can do that. She begs Ridge – this is not about Brooke, but “us” and working through their feelings; repairing the damage and rebuilding the trust. She cries she just wants to make their marriage healthy and whole again. She tells him she knows this is the worst time to ask him especially since she just told him about James……but she just needs to know that he wants back what they had, as much as she does! She squeaks, “please, sweetheart, tell me that’s what you want!”

Felicia jokes that’s it’s true. Dead men, or in this case, women tell no tales. Stephanie tells her she doesn’t want any gallows humor. Felicia answers that if she doesn’t, she’d be a basket case and Stephanie’s seen it, it’s not pretty. So, what’s the skinny? Stephanie tells her nothing for her to be worried about. Felicia knows it must be juicy. Stephanie rebukes that it is nothing she doesn’t want to confide to her, but doesn’t she have enough of her own to worry about? But, eventually she does tell Felicia that Taylor made a mistake a looooooong time ago and now she wants to confess it (eyes roll). Felicia grabs her mother’s cheeks tenderly and guesses that she doesn’t want Taylor to tell, and why is she NOT surprised?

Taylor begs a stoic Ridge to please say something. He shakes his head and tells her he doesn’t even know who she is anymore. She counters that she hasn’t changed. She is still the same woman he fell in love with. He begs to differ – she is different……the Taylor that he thought he knew kept something from him for a very long time…..something very fundamental to their marriage. And it wasn’t just her; it was his mother too. The two women he most respected in the world and they both conspire to keep the truth from him…..again. She thinks he’s probably talking about Stephanie keeping the fact that Massimo is his father. He admits that she lied to him, most of his life. Letting him believe he was someone he wasn’t. He spouts he guesses he should have known then that she wasn’t that pillar of virtue that he always believed. But, he wound up forgiving her… to find out “my wife, who was always the symbol of integrity and fidelity was with another man.” She laments one time, and under very unusual circumstances which he said he forgave her for. He repeats again with gestures – but forgiving the hypocrisy still doesn’t excuse it. He accuses her of always taking the moral high ground with Brooke. Her and his mother ripping her apart every chance they got! And what really rips him apart…..he makes a fist to his chest… that she KNEW what a hypocrite she was being and she still did it. Whenever his mother called her a slut or a whore ….she interrupts and cries that she never called her those names. He bellows but she didn’t defend her either. She answers she didn’t have to; he was always so quick to. He admits there were times when he stood by and he shouldn’t have. And he’s not proud of that. He points his finger in her face and tells her the difference between the two of them is that “you, Taylor, you were living in a glass house. YOU were the one living in a glass house and the one throwing stones at EVERYBODY. Well, eventually you have to pay for the damage, Taylor, in ways you never dreamed of; in ways you never expect.“

Bridget tells Nick that her mom and Ridge are always going to be a part of each other’s lives. He knows, as they share a son together. He and Brooke exchange another knowing look and he sheepishly tells her she doesn’t need him telling her how to run her life. Bridget thinks it’s okay. He cares for her and just wants the best for her, just like she does. She doesn’t want anything to happen to that marriage, but if it should…….she knows that Brooke and he had a pretty amazing history together and a pretty intense love story and if there is a chance to get that back, she doesn’t see why she wouldn’t take it. Another glance between Brooke and Nick (where are Bridget’s eyes?)

Felicia advises her mother that she should let Taylor handle her own marriage her way. Stephanie asks even if it means for her way that the marriage would end? She knows Felicia’s brother. He can forgive many things, but this? (raises eyebrow). Felicia can’t imagine Taylor doing anything so terrible; surely that is not what her mother is worried about? Steph confesses – it’s Brooke. She is afraid she will take advantage of the situation. As fast as her beautiful legs will carry her to him! Felicia reminds her they do share a son together. So God forbid that it happened, but if he and Taylor split up, would it be so bad if he went back and reunited with Brooke? Her mother shoots her a look and Felicia remarks to forget she said that. Steph opines that she only hopes that Ridge doesn’t forget what he and Taylor mean to each other. And if she does tell him that he’s mature enough to forgive her. “Because to me, the alternative is unthinkable.”

Nick and Brooke continue to look at each other while Bridget prattles on that she knows her mother doesn’t wish any harm on Ridge and Taylor’s marriage but……if it does break up….she knows her mother is a strong woman who loves her career and being a mom to R.J. and Hope, but it’s stressful being a single parent and if she could raise R.J. with Ridge, she doesn’t see any reason why……Nick butts in and tells her he thinks her mom is managing just fine. She realizes that but she grew up without a father in the house and she just wants the most wonderful things for R.J. and Hope, but most especially for her mother! Another soulful look between Brooke and Nick.

Taylor clings to Ridge and cries to him – what is he trying to tell her? He tells her he thinks she knows. He lambastes that she has treated Brooke so unfairly, how could she expect?…….He’s disgusted and walks away. Holding her arms out wide, she asks to expect what? Not to bring Brooke into this like she asked. “My God, Ridge, I just bared my SOUL to you, MY SOUL to you, okay?“ She screeches that she doesn’t want to talk about Brooke; she wants to talk about them! To communicate so they can start rebuilding and healing. He tells her she had plenty of time to communicate. She had YEARS and YEARS to tell him about James, but she didn’t! And the one thing he thought he could count on with her was her honesty. “I treasured you for that. I treasured us for that.” And he regales how now all those moments he thought he believed in seem so false to him, they don’t seem real. They don’t mean anything to him anymore. And he continues that his perception of her went into almost every decision he ever made…..including the one at his mother’s bedside to give up his little son and Brooke. He has a constipated, pained expression on his face and confesses it was the most gut-wrenching decision of his life. But, at the time he thought how could he not choose an angel? Because that is the way he saw her. Perfect, beyond reproach. She breaks down and cries that she is NOT perfect. But, he advances that is the way she wanted him to see her. She wanted him to see her as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. He says he doesn’t see that anymore. In fact, he doesn’t even know what he’s looking at anymore. He turns away and starts to put on his pants (only a robe before). She asks what is he doing? He says he can’t stay. She psychically grabs him and his clothes and tells him she won’t let him leave. She won’t let him end it this way. But, he does as she breaks down.

With Bridget all tucked in bed early, Nick tippy-toes back with Brooke. Brooke is admiring the knitting Bridget has been doing and they discuss that briefly. Also that Bridget loved the gossiping and she apologized, but just couldn’t keep her eyes open. Brooke jokes there is plenty of gossip around when it comes to the Forrester clan. He waits a tolerable minute and then asks if she thinks Ridge and Taylor will split up? She counters with if he is asking her how she feels about that. He says he doesn’t; it’s none of his business. Forget he asked. Brooke says for her either, as Stephanie so pointedly reminded her. And now that Stephanie’s protégé of perfection has fallen off her pedestal, she’s imagining all sorts of crazy scenarios; she’s running scared. And for Brooke, with Stephanie it’s again the seductress-in-waiting for her precious Ridge. She finally says enough of that, she doesn’t want to talk about it, but rather what a wonderful job he is doing with Bridget. How he’s really taking care of her and how she’s really at peace. (true, but how many times are these two going to declare they will stay away from each other and then continue to get together with their longing looks?) She looks into his eyes and tells him he truly is an amazing man, Nick Marone!

Awkwardly, finally she gets up and says she’d better go. He follows her to the door and thanks her for coming and takes her hand and says it meant a lot to Bridget…..and to himself as well. As she leaves, he hollers for her to hang on, she forgot her purse. As he hands it to her, their hands touch. They both realize another awkward moment and he tells her he probably has no right to say this, but…….if Forrester and his wife don’t patch things up……if they don’t….he knows he’s the father to R.J. and the history they have had, but… feels so wrong if she would go back to him after what he has put her through. She tells him it’s okay, she understands. She tells him goodnight again…….smiles……and then gives him a big hug again telling him she appreciates what he is doing for Bridget. She whispers, “everything.” Again, a soulful look exchanged.

Ridge picks up his keys with Taylor still pleading for him to listen. He says he’s heard enough for tonight. She offers that he hasn’t heard what’s in her heart. He turns on her and says he thought he knew! He thought when he looked into those incredible eyes, he was looking into her heart. The most honest, the most pure heart that had ever touched his life. Now, in a few fragile minutes, all had changed. The relationship, who they were as a couple! It all seems suddenly so unrecognizable to him. She shakes her head and cries no, no, he can’t mean that. He asks if she thinks he WANTS this? The way he sees her now? He wanted to die too when he saw her in that cemetery ….with the light blasting from behind her…..that’s who she was to him….the Angel that returned to him. That’s the way he saw her. She cries she wants to BE that person and she can still BE that person….if…..he finishes – the Angel placed on Earth for him? That’s what he’s always seen her as. She begs that she is still that person; she hasn’t gone away. She pleads that she knows he is disillusioned and lost faith in her, but please don’t lose faith in the two of them! They can work through this; please don’t let it defeat them. She grabs on to him again and begs him to please say he believes in them. His jaw is set; he pulls away with his shirt only half on. She caterwauls while falling to the floor, no, no, no, oh God she is sorry!

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