The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/6/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

New Year’s at Tridge Manor; Ridge has just returned from Paris vowing to Taylor that he will never, ever leave her alone again on these important holidays.

The shower is running in background, and she is rehearsing something important that she is about to tell him. The phone rings and it is Stephanie. Taylor immediately tells her that she and Ridge need some privacy right now. Overly concerned, Stephanie asks if she has told him already? Taylor relays no, as he is in the shower and she can’t talk. Stephanie implores her to just listen then. She warns Taylor that Ridge will accept her kissing Hector, but he will never accept the idea of her sleeping with James and keeping the truth from him all those years. Taylor replies that a half-truth is no truth at all. Stephanie tells her she is putting her family in jeopardy and Brooke is just waiting. Taylor tells her she has to go, bye.

Ridge walks in at that moment, clad only in black boxers, toweling his hair and asks if she is ordering take out? She asks if he wants her to? He drapes the towel over his shoulder and jokes that maybe they should as he doesn’t want to leave the bedroom for a week. He doesn’t even want to leave the bed! He comes to her and cups her chin and runs his fingers along her jaw and tells her he missed her so much. He kisses her on the neck and she utters that she missed him too.

Brooke answers her door and it’s Stephanie (the old gal moves fast. She must have been on her way already when she called Taylor). Brooke sighs and remarks she wondered how long it would take Taylor to call out her dogs. All Stephanie says is that she knows what Brooke saw. Brooke says she got an eyeful. It was practically a peep show. Stephanie barges on in while telling her not to make jokes about this. Brooke replies, “what, Taylor standing there in her underwear, kissing a man other than your precious Ridge? What would you call it?” Stephanie says – bad judgment. Brooke laments that she was cheating on her husband! If that had been her, Stephanie would have kicked her out of town. Stephanie retorts that she thought she had. Brooke tells her that Taylor is not such a good person after all. But, she is sure that Stephanie doesn’t blame her. She must blame the big, bad fireman, saying he took advantage of her, right? And then she had told Taylor she would fix everything. “You came over here to blame me and say it was all my fault, when we both know damn well it’s not.”

Ridge is lighting candles when Taylor comes out of the bathroom in her short gown and robe. She calls his name and apprehensively tells him she has something to say. He asks her to sit down on the bed. He knows she is angry, and she has every right to be. He explains that he got a lot accomplished when he was away, but that was no excuse for missing the first holidays with her since she was back. He wishes he had moved heaven and earth to get back to her and the kids. She replies she wishes he had too. He tells her but he’s here now and this is where he wanted to be. (come on, buster, you’ve got some serious groveling to do here!) And he bemoans the fact that it wasn’t exactly great being in his hotel room having Christmas by himself, when he knew he should have been there with her, showing her how much he loved her. How much he wants to show her tonight! He strokes her hair and she tells him she loves him too. They share a kiss as he gently lays her back on the bed and his ardor grows and they kiss passionately.

Stephanie angrily chastises Brooke of why was she over there anyway? She had told her to leave Taylor alone. Brooke brusquely answers that she didn’t push Taylor into Hector’s arms or force him to kiss her. And from what she saw, neither did Hector. Stephanie warns her not to try and judge Taylor. Brooke tells her, “get off your high horse. I’m not the only one in this family who makes mistakes, and now I have proof.” Stephanie points her finger and continues for Brooke not to compare her behavior with Taylor’s. They bicker over one kiss, with another man with Stephanie saying Ridge neglected her and Taylor was upset and confused. Yes, confused, and for Brooke not to try and use this to undermine this marriage. “I’m telling you, Taylor will tell HER husband what she wants to tell him. YOU keep your mouth shut and stay out of it.” (here, here, famous last words that both of you could heed).

Afterwards, still nibbling on her neck, Ridge tells Taylor that he has something for her. He opens a black velvet jeweler box showcasing an exquisite diamond necklace and tells her Merry Christmas. She catches her breath and tells him it is beautiful and so extravagant with all those diamonds. He tells her it was the only thing in Paris that was almost as luminous as her. And one diamond for each year they had been together. One diamond for each of their kids. For all the happiness she had given him, and for the happiness, hopefully, that he will give her. Shyly, she thanks him and bestows a kiss on him. He corrects her, no, he thanks her. He knows he’s pushed her to the limits the last few weeks. He laments that he half expected all his stuff to be chucked out on the lawn when he got back. She scoffs that she doesn’t want him going anywhere. He tells her he’s not going anywhere, not for a long, long time. He remarks that he learned something in Paris. Day after day being surrounded by gorgeous models, a lot of beautiful people – he realized that physical beauty just didn’t seem to inspire him the way it used to. He thinks she spoiled him. Her beauty seems to transcend the physical. It just kind of radiates from within her. He kisses her hand. He continues - her passion for life, work, their family, helping people, that’s what inspires him. ”That’s what makes you so……so unique.” Demurely, she tells him that she’s not, not really. But, he tells her she is to him. She tells him that is sweet. She appreciates the flattery. He opines that it is true. Yes, she is a beautiful woman, but he thinks it is more her kindness and virtue that makes her so extraordinary.

She’s having a hard time fighting back tears and words that she must say. Finally, she tells him that she has something to tell him.

Brooke tells Stephanie that SHE is the one who should stay out of this, not Brooke. Stephanie demands that she does NOT want her disrupting that marriage. Brooke asks then what is she going to do now? Fake another heart attack? How many lies is she going to tell to keep this farce going? Stephanie angrily offers that their marriage is not a farce. Brooke asks then why was Taylor kissing another man? And why didn’t Ridge come home for the holidays? Stephanie justifies by saying they had some problems, but she did not want her to try and exploit that. Brooke brings up how Stephanie had exploited her son when she tricked him into renewing his vows with Taylor. Stephanie counters with the fact that he’s had more than ample time to change his mind, and hasn’t. Brooke threatens that he might after what she tells him about Taylor. Stephanie states this is exactly what Brooke has been waiting for, isn’t it? She’s lost Nick, so what? All of a sudden Ridge is going to be her destiny again! Brooke tells her that her future with Ridge is not the issue here. Stephanie shouts that she doesn’t have a future with Ridge! Brooke says that Stephanie wouldn’t even be there if she really believed that. But, she is, so that means Ridge and Taylor’s marriage is in serious trouble.

Taylor paces the floor and explains to Ridge that he’s right. She was upset when he didn’t come home for the holidays. He has no idea what it did to her. This was her first Christmas back with the family, and he wasn’t there. She tells him she was hurt, and confused….and then he’d called to say he wasn’t coming back for New Year’s when he had said he would……He stands up from the bed and tells her he messed up, he’s so sorry. She doesn’t look at him but with head bowed, she says so is she! He tells her she has nothing to be sorry about. She vows that yes, she does. This time she walks toward him and looks at him and says when he’d called to tell her he wasn’t coming back from Paris, Hector was there. Calmly, he states that didn’t they agree she was going to keep her distance from that guy? She tells him that she was not expecting Hector. She was expecting him. And how she had this whole special evening planned for them with candles and champagne. And then he didn’t show up, and Hector stopped by to wish her a Happy New Year. Actually, he was just leaving when Ridge had called. Throughout this, Ridge is taking this very well, low-key, almost apologetic for his not being there for her. He remarks that Hector WAS leaving, he didn’t? What?

She continues. No, he didn’t leave. He saw how upset she was. “Because I was so looking forward to having you back home again and seeing you.” She tells him this year has been so hard for them and they have been through so much. She just wanted to start the New Year off right. “Again, I was second priority. You left me here alone while you went away on business overseas. It just feels like this marriage has never been a priority to you.” He denies that; it’s not true. She argues that she asked him to come and he didn’t. He says he explained that. She tells him she did not want an explanation. She wanted him to need her. She wanted to be appreciated by him. He approaches her and puts his hands on her shoulders and tells her she knows he appreciates her. But, she winces that she didn’t feel that way on New Year’s….at least, not from him. Ridge smirks and finishes for her… Hector realized what she was feeling and took advantage? She tells him she was vulnerable, and they both knew that. She’d asked him to leave, but he didn’t. He’d followed her upstairs. His eyes widen as he repeats – Hector was up in her bedroom again? She had kicked him out, right? She confesses, “I told you that I was hurt and confused.” She turns away from him. He’s being patient. She tells him that she let Hector kiss her. Ridge again repeats – he kissed her right there in their bedroom? Sheepishly, she whispers that she knows she shouldn’t have let that happens. She knows that.

He’s speechless. He paces. Reluctantly, he asks if she slept with him? Emphatically, she tells him no, it was just a kiss. He reminds her it wasn’t the first, but she says it is the last. She promises him that it will never happen again. She tells him it was one awful night. He starts to walk away and she tells him she is so sorry. Ridge calls Hector an S.O.B. And why? Taylor tells him she is not blaming him. It’s not his fault.

As she wrings her hands, remarkably he is calm and gestures that he is not going to do this. He’ll deal with Hector in the morning. He’s not going to spoil this wonderful evening by arguing over Hector Ramirez. But she urges him that she needs to face this. He needs to know what happened. (quit while you are ahead, Taylor!) He asks if it was just a kiss and she replies it was. Okay, he surmises, Hector took advantage of her, and that’s all they need to talk about then. He sits down on the bed. She states that no, it’s not. She hasn’t told him the rest. She inches closer and tearfully tells him there’s one more thing he needs to know. This gets his attention and he looks at her intently.

Stephanie remarks to Brooke that there she goes again. Thinking somehow that her son’s life involves her. Brooke knows she is terrified she will tell Ridge the truth about Taylor. But, Stephanie chuckles that there is no chance in that. She is telling him everything as they speak. Brooke proffers some sanitized version that Stephanie has approved of! Stephanie admits Taylor is determined to tell him far more than she would have liked. Brooke can’t wait to tear Taylor down. Looks like Stephanie’s perfect daughter-in-law isn’t a saint after all. Or unimpeachable. And it makes Brooke think about all the things she has done that they don’t know about. But, Stephanie probably does, because she’s her champion and her confidante! Stephanie spouts that yes she is. And because she is, she knows the marriage will survive. She flashes her eyes and says Taylor is determined that it will! Brooke asks then what is she so worried about? Stephanie mocks because she knows how Brooke operates. Pretty soon she’ll start parading around Forrester Creations in her underwear, and then she’ll lure him into a sauna, or she’ll ACCIDENTALLY get trapped with him in an elevator. Brooke argues she is giving her way too much credit. She is NOT going to break up Ridge and Taylor’s marriage. If Taylor is telling Ridge the truth right now; that marriage is going to fall apart all on it’s own. (If looks could kill!)

Ridge peers at Taylor and says there is more? She’s not going to say she’s attracted to Hector; that she is interested in him? She tells him no, this is something else that happened a long, long, time ago. Something she had been keeping from him. He remarks that she doesn’t keep secrets; she hates them. She offers that this one most of all. He wants to know if it’s that bad? (as her face displays). She confesses it should have come out a long time ago. She can’t tell him how much she regrets her not saying anything to him about it. She cries that he knows that honesty is important to her, especially now in their marriage. Especially when they are trying to get back together the way it used to be. And she wants that more than anything, and she hopes he does too. He remarks that he did. Now he’s not so sure. She tells him that’s why she doesn’t want to hide this anymore. She wants to start over fresh. She wants to be the woman that he thinks she is.

He states that this sounds very serious. She says it is! She turns away and Stephanie’s words explode in her head – “don’t tell him about James. It will destroy your marriage. I’m telling you, Ridge will leave you.” Still with back turned, she shakes her head and says it was a terrible lapse in judgment. One she will regret for the rest of her life. Does he remember the earthquake, when she was trapped in that cabin with James Warwick? He replies yes, she almost died. They both almost died. She sobs yes, they thought they were going to. They both were terrified. “We were clinging to each other for dear life……Ridge…… that night…. (she turns away from him) James and I……James and I SLEPT together.” She slings her head around, sobbing, rubbing her eyes. He stands up absolutely speechless to what she just said.

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