The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/4/06


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Boo

New Year’s at Marone Industries. Brooke picks up a gigantic seashell in Nick’s office. She thinks back, remembering some of their tender moments on the beach. He comes in and remarks that he picked that up on the coast of Cameroon……and to what does he owe this……? She says she is not sure who to go to, but she came here for his advice. He sits down and tells her that he is all ears. She tells him she found out something about Taylor. And she’s not sure she should go to Ridge with it or not. He replies that sorta depends on what it is. Slowly she reveals that on New Year’s Eve she had walked in on Taylor kissing Hector.

At Tridge Manor, Taylor is confessing to Stephanie that she was upset with Ridge for not coming home for New Year’s Eve. Stephanie remarks that he is on his way home now though, and she was so patient and faithful. How many other wives would have been mad as hell and wanted to punish their husbands? They sit, and Stephanie goes on that Taylor doesn’t know how relieved she is that he’s married to someone as mature as Taylor. Someone he can love and trust so completely. It’s eating at her, killing her inside and Taylor finally tells her to stop it. She confesses she does not deserve her praise; not anymore!

At Forrester, Thorne tells Darla that if he doesn’t fill the position, he’s in big trouble. Sally wheels herself in and tells ‘the troops’ if this is about her squatting at their home…….Darla goes to her and assures her they love having her. She says she called her because they need her help, and she’ll go see if the applicants are here. Thorne fills her in. Megan got promoted and he’s about to interview the final candidates for the executive assistant position. And he needs her help. She relays that unfortunately her decision making abilities have been far from sterling lately. But, he tells her she is a pro and she knows what to look for in an assistant and this is a very, very important position. He need someone with business savvy; someone with people skills, and someone who could cover his back when needed. She agrees, it will brighten her day, seeing all of those precious wannabees left wanting….. what with Queen Stephanie on the warpath and all the changes she intends to make.

Darla shows in the first of the candidates, a short, perky, did I say perky blonde with bazooms out to here and happily flaunting them. She pouts that she thought they would be alone and she purposely shakes her ‘assets’. Thorne suggests they get started. She says sounds good to her. She removes her jacket and what wasn’t evident before, certainly is now! She practically oozes with enthusiasm and makes a point to Thorne that she will be sure to work as closely to him as humanly possible. She shakes her er……shoulders again. As she strokes her hair, she purrs to just give her a chance and she will show him exactly what she is willing to do for Forrester Creations. She runs her fingers along the desk top. Clearly embarrassed and in an awkward moment, Thorne replies they may have found something. The girls just give him a look. Sally remarks, “yeah, the Himalayas.” Sally turns to the young lady and tells her she thinks they have heard enough, seen enough so why doesn’t she put her jacket back on and hit the door. Blondie pouts again and tells Thorne thanks anyway. Sally tells Thorne she can read people, and that young woman spells double trouble with a couple of double D’s. It’s a bomb, they’ll pass.

Taylor tells Stephanie that she is not a saint and frankly she is tired of being called one. She slaps her thighs twice as she says she has made mistakes and been quick also to judge. And her marriage to Ridge is not this cute little picture of happiness that Stephanie paints. But, Stephanie counters with the important thing is they love and respect one another and there is integrity in the relationship. Taylor sighs and states to Stephanie that she has something to tell her. She WAS angry at Ridge because he could not be bothered to come home to spend the holidays with his wife and children. She points out he had the company jet. He could have flown here and flown right back. She had told him how much she wanted to spend that night with him, but he didn’t respect that. She’s NOT a priority. Stephanie asks why is she getting so upset now? Taylor lashes because she realizes she is NEVER his priority. Stephanie wants to know what is going on? Taylor admits she is lonely. Simple as that, she is lonely and she needs her husband with her. Stephanie points out that he will be. But, Taylor says it might be too late. On New Year’s Eve, she didn’t spend it alone.

Brooke fills Nick in that she found Hector’s badge, went back upstairs and spied them kissing. He’s surprised and says he didn’t see that one coming. She replies he should have seen the look on Taylor’s face. Brooke remarks that Taylor said the kiss was innocent and Hector was just comforting her. Nick counters with she knew what she was doing. She’d let him in; she knew what he was there for. Brooke snarks Saint Taylor turning down a man in need!, not likely. He tells her to stop it with 'the saint'; he never bought that. If she really was a saint, she would have respected Brooke’s marriage with Ridge. Brooke wonders now that they know what she is capable of; wonder what other things she has done they don’t know about? All of her life she’s been on a pedestal and Stephanie hasn’t missed an opportunity to point out all of Brooke’s flaws and compare them to Taylor. Nick says if she is vindicated, how does she feel? She doesn’t even know why she cares. Or why she ever allowed the comparison, but she did. He commiserates, they are only human beings, people, and things affect them though they wished they didn’t. Brooke confides that she has questioned some of the things she has done, some of her mistakes, so perhaps she does deserve……Nick tells her to stop it. He tells her she is the finest person he knows (careful, Pinocchio, you’re nose is growing!). Brooke confides she can’t believe Taylor would do this to Ridge. She is always talking about trust and fidelity; such hypocrisy. “Well, now the tables have turned. I’ve waited all my life to be in this position.” He comes back with okay, she’s in this position. And she wonders what she is going to do about it?

Seven applicants, seven bombs for Thorne. Sally quips if the job pool were any more shallow, it wouldn’t be a pool at all! While Darla lets the next one in, Thorne tells Sally he needs someone with experience, more than just a pretty face who can make coffee. She glances at the next resume which looks promising. She tells Thorne he studied at the Polimola and the Instituto Marangon. He ushers Robert in and remarks his resume does look impressive, time in Italy and in France. They are looking for someone who is assertive. Someone who is not afraid to be heard or their ideas known. Think he’s up to that? To which, Robert barely audibles that he’s their man. And it’s downhill from there as all have to pull their chair up and lean forward to hear him barely whisper and mumble.

Brooke goes on how Stephanie called her the slut of the Valley, trash from the gutter. And Taylor with dignity and refinement. That Brooke should be ashamed of herself and how Taylor never needed a man to make her feel good about herself. Nick agrees that Stephanie is pretty good at those putdowns. Brooke pronounces that both Stephanie and Taylor destroyed her marriage; they took it away. They robbed the children of a father; they robbed R.J. of his father. Brooke had begged her, but she didn’t care. She wanted her life back despite the pain and suffering that it would cause for everyone else. She got it. And you’d think after that, she would respect Ridge. “But, no Little Miss Perfect… Miss Saint Taylor…the one who could never find herself in a bad situation is cheating on Ridge.” She had skated through life, the little angel above all of them. But just one word from Brooke to Ridge could cause her life to come crashing down her. Isn’t it time for her to be held accountable like the rest of them?

Stephanie looks surprised and disappointed when she asks Taylor who she spent New Year’s Eve with and she replies Hector. Taylor explains that she didn’t invite him. He just showed up to wish her Happy New Year. He thought Ridge would be here and then Ridge called and he overheard that. Stephanie adds and he stayed? Taylor says not for long, but longer than he should. But, she knew it was a bad idea, so she’d asked him to leave. She thought he had. She went upstairs to go to bed but she guesses he didn’t want to leave her there alone or feeling lonely. She stammers again that she thought he had left, so she was going to bed and there he was. She was feeling vulnerable and she kissed him. Stephanie lowers her head. Taylor gestures to Stephanie she knows she is very upset with her; angry and disillusioned. She’s NOT perfect. “If I were Brooke, you would have already slapped me. So go ahead, come on, let me have it!”

Can we say punk rockerish? Raymond sits there in his tight black sleeveless tank top, black pants with silver belt and chains, covered with tattoos, ear piercings that we can see, spiked hair yet spouting the words respectability, class and dignity, things he thinks he can help restore at F.C. All are stunned. Thorne tells him don’t call them, they will be in touch. To the others, Thorne says, “how hard can this be? Somebody, please tell me. I don’t need tattoos, I don’t need piercing, I don’t need breasts in my face or whispers. I need somebody good. I need somebody great. Somebody who knows this business inside and out – somebody I can count on (he twirls toward Sally) when the going gets tough.” Sally tells him there is a distinct possibility that person does not exist. But, he thinks she does. Ok, Sally quips, where is she? Throne says he is looking right at her. He conveys to her he could interview a thousand more applicants and no one would come close to her abilities. He NEEDS her help! Darla also joins in with a big grin. Sally gives her answer; that’s she’s really flattered, really she is. But, she had just about decided that her days in the rag trade were over. She thinks what he is looking for is a nice, streamlined ship, and she’s nothing more than a broken down old battle axe. He needs someone who knows how to inspire, someone brimming with ideas, someone with panache! He tells her she is exactly right, and that someone is her! He begs, he needs her brains; he needs her instincts; he needs her grit. The way things are going, she will be his greatest asset. He begs her to take the job…..for him! Darla nods her approval.

Stephanie pooh poohs the idea of Hector kissing her; doesn’t mean a thing. She was angry, upset and vulnerable. Forget the whole thing. Taylor confesses they can’t. Someone walked in and saw them kissing – not one of the children, but Brooke! Stephanie knows she will hold it over Taylor’s head. Taylor says it’s all right, not to worry about Brooke because Taylor is going to tell Ridge everything that happened. Stephanie thinks that is a good thing. That’s the only way to deal with it, head on. Taylor opines that she has been up all night thinking about her marriage. How all of this trouble is happening since she came back. And then it hit her. A marriage can’t survive without total honesty. And they need to be COMPLETELY honest and she reveals there is a secret she has been keeping; an indiscretion from her past. She wrote a letter about it once to Ridge, but he didn’t see it. Stephanie perks up because she knows a little something about this. Taylor says they never talked about it, but now it’s time he needs to know the truth.

Stephanie tells her flat out NO. She does not want her to tell Ridge. She knows what this is about. She knows she slept with James. But, this is so insignificant now; after all these years have passed. “I do not want you to tell your husband. If you do, you’ll lose him. I do not want that to happen.“

Nick sits by Brooke on the couch and says he agrees that Taylor should be held accountable for what she has done. But, he thinks the real question she should be asking herself, is why does she care? Did she think by interfering with her marriage was going to change what happened to Brooke? And did she even want it to? Brooke admits that if she were still married to Ridge, she wouldn’t have discovered the feelings she had for Nick. And as brief as that was, she would never give that up for anything. But, they had both decided that his future was with Bridget. And she had to think about her future too. Because she has a son with Ridge and he thinks about his father every single day.

Nick is shocked. What the hell is she talking about? What is she saying? “That you want a life with Ridge again? Is that what you’re saying to me?”

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