The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  11/26/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita


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Hi everybody! “Hi Dr. Nick!”
Hah, anyway. So what happened today on B&B?

You’ll recall I told you things got really close between Ridge and Tricia because he is seeing Taylor in her place. She snaps him out of it and tells him she should have never changed into Taylor’s clothes. Ridge wonders what is happening to him. Tricia says that he is just beginning to deal with his pain. He hasn’t opened himself up to the hurt because he isn’t sure if it would stop. Tricia doesn’t offer an easy solution but she does suggest that him opening himself up to the pain and facing this denial will lead him on a path to healing. She heads for home.

Thorne talks to Brooke about what happened with Tricia. She again admits it might have been a mistake, but that Tricia deserved it. She goes on and on about her faults and that all in all she is quack. Thorne reveals that he is giving Tricia a place to live, which upsets Brooke and further confirms how Tricia is using the situation to her advantage. Thorne makes Brooke feel better by saying that only Ridge will decide who he will be with. Brooke feels that Ridge would never turn to Dr. Quick.

Later on, Tricia and Thorne share some alcohol by the pool. Gee what a lovely combination. They also talk about what happened with Brooke today, but not that much. After trying to sleep, Tricia comes back down to a pondering Thorne and tells him she couldn’t sleep. Cue in the sexy seductive music and Tricia in nightie.

Sally is on cloud nine right now with all of Ridge’s great designs. She can’t wait to get to Italy and knows they will win the competition. Clarke is happy that she is in such a good mood, but is dragged to Insomnia to “celebrate life.”

CJ gets the karaoke setup with the sound guy. Ahh the joys of karaoke. Mark stops by looking for Bridget, who isn’t there. He decides to stay and pester CJ. CJ tells him he doesn’t have time to stop and chat and that his parents are coming to Insomnia tonight, together. Mark is surprised to hear that they actually go out together. CJ says it’s a regular thing with them and that they are really good friends. The two of them are good for each other. Mark delicately tries to say that Sally and Clarke as a pair are unlikely for many reasons, but mainly physical differences. Ouch. CJ doesn’t get mad, but says that his dad changed when he was with Sally and wasn’t so much of a player like he was. Mark still finds it weird.

Sally and Clarke show up and CJ sits them at a table. Mark meanders over and the happy “family” chats. When Sally finds out tonight is karaoke night, she starts singing an aria, and not so well I might add. Mark stares on, horrified.

Mark and CJ watch as Sally literally pulls Clarke to the stage to sing “I Got you Babe.” Hmm, they don’t look like Sonny and Cher. They do a pretty good job too. After they sing, Sally tells Clarke that she likes the new, not so self absorbed Clarke we all once knew. She adds that she never wants to see the old one again.

Ridge calls Brooke at her office and tells her to get over to his house, pronto. He doesn’t sound happy. She makes it over there and says she has been a bad girl. Ridge agrees that she has been a really bad girl, to which Brooke responds with a question. Would he like to spank her? Cue on raised my raised eyebrows, sexy music, a skeptical look from Ridge, and seductive giggles from Brooke and you have our closing.