The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/25/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Yay! Itís time for vacation!

Tricia is shocked that Brooke would stoop to such a low level and dump food on her. Brooke explains that Tricia drove her to it with her bad mouthing. Tricia says she is done trying to reason with Brooke, someone who flies off the handle at any whim. She knows that this isnít good for Ridge. Brooke attacks Triciaís character and adds that she is using the situation and wants Ridge to be sad all the time. Tricia grabs Brookeís basket and walks it to the door and Brooke follows. She opens the door, dumps the basket in Brookeís arms and kicks her out, literally. Wow that was so funny and Tricia exclaims that she feels so much better.

Thorne and Eric discuss Tricia and how she is staying with Thorne. Eric thinks that she and Thorne might get together, but he is holding back. His reasoning deals with Macy not Brooke. He isnít shielding himself from being hurt, but he does feel that things arenít settled with Macy. Eric understands but points out that Tricia might be able to help him out on that one. Good point.

Brooke changes in her office and Bridget stops by. Apparently, the lunch date got rescheduled for later. Brooke tells her what happened with Tricia. Bridget is a little disappointed in Brooke for doing this and points out Tricia probably isnít going after Ridge. She is a professional after all. Brooke feels she is using the situation to get close to Ridge and shut Brooke out. Bridget says that even if that is true, she didnít have a lot of leverage before. Now though, sheís made an enemy in Tricia. Brooke looks off and sighs. Bridget does try and makes her feel better by saying that Ridge isnít into Tricia. But wait, what does it matter? I mean if Brooke just wants to help Ridge, what does it really matter if Tricia and he get it on?

Tricia showers upstairs and comes out when Ridge gets home. She only has a towel on. She wanted to stay up there so the kids didnít see her like this. She explains what Brooke did, but doesnít harp on it at all really. Tricia also tries to back off on Ridge and therapy and says sheíll see him after he gets back from Portofino. She wants to give him some time and space to do this thing with Eric. Ridge offers Tricia some of Taylorís clothes so she doesnít have to ride her motorcycle back with just a towel on. At first she is hesitant, but Ridge assures her it is okay. Once she has changed, Ridge sees Taylor again and finally confides in Tricia about what has been happening. Tricia says it is normal and that theyíll have to be careful about this transference. This is another good reason to spend some time apart. Things get really comfy and cozy between the two of them and weíll see what happens.