The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/22/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita


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The 100th Friday!

More Taylor sighting today. Ridge, of course completely forgets his appointment with Tricia, because he's too busy designing his dresses. She stops by and he immediately remembers. They argue about the merits of grief counseling and then later, Brooke. Tricia is worried he is transferring his feelings for Taylor over to Brooke. She uses some slightly psychiatric jargon, which causes Ridge to see Taylor instead of Tricia. Taylor tells him she knows medical talk like that turns him on. Ridge is freaked out again but doesn't say anything. He asks Tricia to hang around the house for the kids to come home while he runs some things over to Spectra.

Megan and Brooke talk about her encounter with Deacon last night. Brooke isn't sure what to make of it. She is relieved though, that Deacon doesn't seem to be interested in Hope. She also thinks that he wouldn't do anything to hurt Bridget. Megan suggests that she give Bridget a heads up on Deacon's arrival in town, but Brooke doesn't want to stress her out. Hmm, or maybe Brooke doesn't want to bring up bad feelings again? Brooke adds that she doubts Deacon will go to any of the local spots, like Insomnia and cause problems. Bridget stops by and they discuss Ridge of course. Bridget is so excited to see him full of life again. She does inform Brooke that Tricia stopped by last night. Brooke thinks it was highly inappropriate for Tricia to come over uninvited at such a late hour. She is pleased to hear that Ridge doesn't seem to be taking Tricia seriously at all. She figures eventually Tricia will get bored and crawl back under the rock she came from. Brooke then decides to get takeout for her and Ridge so they can have a lunch date at his place. Bridget jets for a lunch date as Brooke calls Megan to make all the arrangements.

Sally, Clarke, and Mark discuss what's going on with him and Bridget. Mark gets defensive and says that CJ broke the rule to see Bridget too. Sally doesn't seem to worried about Mark and CJ fighting over Bridget. She's probably jealous of her. She even goes on to say that Bridget is probably worth the fight. Things get a little awkward when Bridget shows up at Spectra for a lunch date with Mark, but all is well. Ridge stops in with his designs and tells Bridget that Tricia is watching the kids while he is gone. Bridget becomes concerned that things could get ugly when Brooke shows up to Tricia at Ridge's.

Brooke has all her arrangements and wow that dress makes her look like a nurse. She knocks on the door and starts spouting some Italian (she got Italian take out), but stops short when Tricia answers the door. Brooke wants to know why she is there. Tricia tells her why, and adds where Ridge went. She thanks Brooke for thinking of Ridge, and forcibly takes the basket away from Brooke and promptly shuts the door. Hah. I guess the door is unlocked because Brooke comes on in. The two immediately go at it about Brooke's intentions/motives and Tricia's intentions/motives. Brooke doesn't think Tricia has a clue as to what is good for Ridge and is perhaps a little jealous that a non professional like Brooke is making more progress with Ridge than someone who went to school for it. Tricia says that Brooke is pathetic for hitting on a hurting vulnerable man to bolster her own self concept. Brooke really gets pissed off with that remark and goes over to the basket and pulls out a jar of marinara sauce. She tells Tricia it would go great with her outfit. Tricia doesn't think she would have the audacity to do it, but then lets Brooke dump it all down her neck (she was wearing a turtle neck). Sauce is everywhere and Tricia is livid. Brooke tells her to stay away from Ridge and think twice before messing with her again. Tricia glares back in disgust. Meow!

Have an awesome weekend.