The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/21/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita


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Alright, a few interesting things happened today.

Brooke is obviously horrified to see Deacon in LA. He informs that he spent a lot of time drinking in New York and lost his job. Now, basically, he’s back in LA to make her life miserable, though he won’t say exactly what. Deacon’s pretty bitter that Brooke dumped him like yesterday’s garbage. He reminds her that she was in the affair too and is just as guilty as him, though she seems to be getting away with it. He sadistically smiles at her as he leaves.

Bridget stops by Ridge’s room. He’s getting ready for bed and they talk some more about what is going on with Brooke and Bridget, mind you nothing specific. Bridget feels like she’s an old and wise soul now, but feels at peace. They hear a motorcycle ride up and Ridge knows its Tricia. Bridget is surprised by the female guest. Ridge goes down to get rid of her. Tricia is coy with Ridge on coming over so late, but later chastises him for missing their sessions. Ridge makes a good point and says that he doesn’t need a shrink everyday, but Tricia is adamant that he will meet with her tomorrow morning. As Tricia leaves, Ridge hallucinates and sees Taylor, and we do too. It’s really Hunter Tylo. She tells him not to be late tomorrow, but then Ridge blinks and sees Tricia. Weird.

Mass has a brilliant idea to stop Brooke. He says they should tell Ridge about her affair with Deacon. Stephanie has a lot of reasons to not like this idea. First it would re-hurt Bridget by bringing a huge scandal to the surface. Next, it would screw up Hope’s life and Stephanie doesn’t want to be responsible for bringing Deacon back into Hope’s life. She closes the subject with Mass on this one. Hmm, we’ll see.

See ya later!