The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  11/20/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita


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At Ridge’s, Brooke stops by and notices how fired up he is about the competition. They talk about how Eric got him riled. She makes sure this is the right time to be doing this, but Ridge’s mood convinces her that things are better. Hmm, it’s interesting that Brooke isn’t a little upset by the competition, because she wanted Ridge back at Forrester. Eh, whatever. Ridge has been doing some sketches at home and the kids are upstairs watching a movie and Hope is spending the evening with Stephanie. Ridge is surprised by this, but Brooke says that even if she and Stephanie are fighting, Stephanie wouldn’t let that get in the way of her relationship with Hope. Brooke is supposed to meet Megan for drinks, but offers to stay with Ridge. He tells her to go have some fun. Brooke leaves as she smiles at a busy Ridge.

Bridget comes from downstairs and says the kids were up to no good upstairs, but all is well. Ridge tells her Brooke stopped by to check up on him. Wait, why wouldn’t Brooke see if Bridget was there and visit her for a little while. I guess things are a little rocky with them again, because Bridget’s smile kinda fades. Ridge wonders what is going on with them. He realizes they had some problems after her divorce, and offers to be an ear for Bridget. After some more pressing, Bridget snaps that she doesn’t need or want to talk about it and walks off. Whew.

Bridget brings Ridge some coffee and apologizes for her outburst from before. Bridget appreciates his help, but she is an adult and so is her mom. She realizes Brooke has grown a lot in the last year and doesn’t want to dreg up past mistakes. That’s a part of her life she would rather stay in the past.

Amber cleans up some sketches around her office and wow it looks like she is wearing the same outfit from the kidnapping/murder night. Rick comes in her office and apologizes for his lengthy meeting. He realizes that Amber hasn’t been in her office in a while. She points out she wasn’t sure she was even coming back after all this talk of getting Ridge back. Not to worry though, it didn’t bother her because she is happy with what she has accomplished at Forrester and even more satisfied with just having her family. The two of them are really happy that Ridge and Eric are so into the Portofino competition, but Amber wonders if Brooke is into it. Haha, Amber brings up my earlier point that this competition derails her efforts to get Ridge back at Forrester.

Rick downplays Brooke’s interest in Ridge and says that basically their relationship is platonic. He points out that Ridge and his mom may end up together, but that wouldn’t be for a long time. She realizes he is still grieving. Also, she wouldn’t rush into another relationship. Amber questions the validity of the statement and says she can remember when Brooke was so obsessed with him last year. Rick says that by offering Ridge his job back, she was trying to help the family unity. Amber isn’t so sure.

Amber isn’t sure that Brooke will hold back after her near death experience. Amber went through that and she remembers how she would do anything to get her family back and once she did, she didn’t want to waste anymore time apart. That could happen with Brooke. Rick isn’t sure, but Amber says that if Brooke does decide to go after Ridge, she doesn’t see anything that will stop her.

At Las Olas, Megan takes a few swigs of her drink while she waits for Brooke to show up. God, I really hate the Las Olas music. It’s so cheesy and repetitive (literally I think we’ve heard the same song every time we go in there.) Brooke shows up and apologizes for her tardiness. Megan is sure she was over at Ridge’s. She notices her good mood and asks what is going on with her and Ridge. Brooke coyly smiles as the credits roll. Okay, Taylor has been dead for like close to a month and all these random characters from the summer are still on the theme. A website update though. Hunter Tylo’s bio and her picture with Ridge on the CBS B&B homepage have been removed. The picture is now the four Forrester men (Eric, Rick, Thorne, and Ridge).

All right either the camera man is drunk, or we’re viewing the world via a drunk person at Las Olas who happens to be looking at Brooke and Megan. Whoever it is turns around and motions for another drink/shot of hmm why does that bottle remind me of whiskey. We move to shot of the man’s arm and part of his leather jacket. Okay not to spoil the surprise (and I could be wrong, if so I won’t take this out), but its Deacon. Yep, all we’re missing is some smoking and really bad sarcasm. “Deacon” downs the rest of that drink as Brooke and Megan continue to talk. Brooke is on cloud nine because Ridge is doing so well. She tells Megan that he is drawing again, though he didn’t show her his work because both he and Eric are keeping things a secret until the competition. Megan wonders what Tricia would think about the competition, but Brooke could care less. She points out that even though Tricia is staying in town, Ridge didn’t bother to consult her about this, and Tricia can bad mouth her all she wants; it won’t affect Brooke, nor Ridge. Brooke confides that she and Ridge are really “connecting” again. God, I hate that word. It’s so overused. Brooke explains that she and Ridge have been talking and it seems like she can tell him anything. She sees now that she is a much better person now and hopes Stephanie will see that she isn’t falling into old patterns. “Deacon” glances over at the ladies’ table.

Megan questions Brooke on her feelings for Ridge, but she denies any romantic interest. When asked if the cards are on the table for her and Ridge to get close in the future, Brooke replies that she isn’t a fortune teller. After her near death experience, she has realized she has to get satisfaction in the present and not hang onto some day. Okay, that kinda sounds like old Brooke there. Life for today, not tomorrow. All consequences are out the window.

The camera pans over to a shot from the bar. “Deacon’s” hand is on his glass and we can see Megan and Brooke. Their waiter asks if they want anything else, but they say they are fine. “Deacon” motions the bartender by tapping his glass to bar and shove it in. The bartender tells him he’s had enough and points out that he can’t be smoking in the bar. “Deacon” motions the bartender close to his face and blows smoke in it. I used to have a friend that would always do that. Bleh! The bartender most not like confrontations because he just sighs and gives him more alcohol and doesn’t make him put the sin stick out. “Deacon” turns around and watches the two ladies some more.

Brooke says that she and Ridge are good for each other. She feels she can be completely honest with him and has nothing to hold back. Megan’s like “hold on you didn’t tell about your love child with Deacon????” Brooke does a 180 and says he doesn’t need to know about that, but wait can’t you be completely honest with him? Nothing held back? Whatever Brooke. Brooke explains that all of that is in the past, and she is a present day woman now. Damn that is so convenient. Brooke says her affair with Mr. Sharpe is ancient history. Okay I’m convinced the man is Deacon now, especially after the smoke and totally transparent “memory joggers” the writers have placed here to be sure we know the whole story.

Brooke signs the check (wow someone paying with a credit card!) as she and Megan get ready to leave Las Olas. Megan explains to Brooke that she wasn’t trying to give Brooke the 3rd degree about Ridge. She realizes that Brooke doesn’t need a man to be happy. Brooke agrees. That was the old-school Brooke. The new and improved Brooke doesn’t need Ridge to feel sexy or beautiful. She doesn’t need Stephanie’s approval. She knows she has changed and doesn’t feel she has to cut herself off from Ridge to prove it. Eh, she’s got a point there. The two stand up and Megan asks if she can walk Brooke to her car. Brooke has to hit the bathroom before she leaves and tells Megan she’ll see her tomorrow. Megan walks in one direction as Brooke fumbles with the signed copy of her bill and the other one that she gets to keep. “Deacon” watches her. Brooke starts to leave and “Deacon” throws his cig in his glass and grabs his pack and lighter and follows her. As she walks down the stairs to the bathroom, Brooke drops her wallet and her receipt. She stoops (in really tall heels I might add) to get them. As she does so, we get “Deacon’s” blurred perspective as he walks up behind her. Brooke turns around and gasps when she sees him. We finally see its Deacon and what the hell happened to him? Well, I guess you’d like him if you’re into the whole “non-shaven, probably hasn’t bathed in days” look. Deacon asks if Brooke has missed her. Brooke doesn’t say anything. He walks closer to her and looks her up and down like he’s about to mount her and then tells her that “daddy” is back. AHAHAHAHAHA! That’s great! Brooke’s like “Eww.”

Seeing stars update. I saw Sandra Vidal in a “Maaco” commercial. She said “Better get Maaco!” in Spanish.