The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  11/19/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita


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Hereís a quick recap!

Eric chides Ridge until he finally accepts his designer challenge in Portofino in a few a weeks, but not before everyone says that this isnít the time for it. Tony says he doesnít think this is the proper time for a competition. As I said, Ridge finally succumbs to Ericís challenge and accepts. Sally thinks it will be great and that they can really show up Forrester now! She is all ready to go, but Mass tells her to hold on. He isnít sure about Ericís motives. Ridge agrees and wonders what Ericís problem is. Is he still mad about the stolen distributors thing from July. Mass gets really pissed off and slams Ericís behavior.

Mass doesnít want Ridge to do this, but Sally disagrees. God, could Sallyís cleavage be any bigger today? Sheís gotta pull that blouse up a notch. Ridge seems to be mediating through their argument and starts to leave saying that they have a lot of work to do before the challenge. He explains heíll be back soon. Hmm, he must know what Eric is up to.

CJ comes in Ridgeís place and gloats that he fooled Dr. Mark. Bridget isnít mad, but she thinks he should go because the girls will be home from school. Apparently, the girls ride a bus home. CJ seems to get a little miffed when she dismisses him because she has to give all her attention to the girls.

An exterior shot of the Beverley Hills sign reminds me how rich everyone on this show is.

The girls get home, but Phoebe isnít feeling well. She misses her mom. As Bridget suggests fun activities for the afternoon, she spots a note that tells her to come down to the pool. The girls want to go.

Everyone makes it outside to the pool and spots a makeshift ice-cream shop on the sidewalk. The girls are ecstatic at the idea of getting to make ice-cream sundaes and beg Bridgetís permission. Bridget laughs and says itís okay.

Back from the break, we get to hear some cheesy clown music and dammit what does this remind me of? Oh yeah! When Morgan was hanging around during that Forrester party dressed as a clown! The music is exactly the same and just as eerie. The girls finish their sundae making and start chowing down. Bridget canít believe CJ did this and is so happy with him. CJ admits he called Catherine and worked out all the details with the gardener via her. Bridget wants him to understand where her priorities are. She isnít trying to push him away, but CJ says he understands and just thought he could use some help too.

Stephanie demands an explanation from Eric. Eric smiles and says that he took care of Ridge, but not in the way you think. Stephanie says that his behavior was horrible, but when Eric explains that he wanted to spark some fire into Ridgeís eyes, she smiles and says heís a sneaky devil.

Bridget realizes that CJ knows what the girls are going through. He says that if they can find the smallest thing that will give them any kind of happiness, it will make all the difference. CJ explains that Bridget did that for him. He goes to join the girls in some ice-cream. They get some whip cream on him and Bridget wipes it off and then kisses him. Wow!

Sally is on the phone trying to find out about Portofino. Mass wants her to stop and wait a second. He is sure that Eric is up to something. He is trying to lure Ridge back to the fashion world. Sally understands that, but says that Mass should get behind Ridge on this one. This could be the best thing in the world for his (Massí) son.

Ridge enters Ericís office. Eric is busy working on a sketch. Ridge just hugs his dad and simply says thank you. Eric continues to taunt Ridge, but he admits he know what he is up to. Eric admits he needs that he needs this too. Ridge says he is up for the competition and if Eric wants that, heíll get that. They leave on friendly competitive terms. Stephanie spots Ridge and they talk about how much Eric loves him. Eric tells them to break it up and Ridge jokingly says the old man is going down. Eric and Stephanie smile.