The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/18/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Bridget takes down a message for Ridge at the start of the show. Apparently there are some student teacher conferences coming up. The doorbell rings and guess who is there? None other than Mark. Mark says he is making a house call to prevent Bridget’s “blues.” He shows her a file that gives a profile on one Lani Brauer. She graduated with a nice GPA (summa cum laude) and she’s a specialist for pediatric medicine at university hospital. That’s Bridget’s new mentor. Bridget looks a little perturbed.

Bridget didn’t realize that Mark would get her a new advisor so soon. The other good news is that Bridget made a 98 on her anatomy test. Woo hoo. The third surprise is Ming the masseuse. Hmm, sounds pretty nice.

Ming gets to work on Bridget, who is wearing a skimpy little towel on. Ming starts who work and Bridget is enthralled. Apparently it’s very soothing. Ming’s hands move down out of camera. A pair of hands move back on camera and predictably it’s Mark’s. Man, he seems to be having more fun than Bridget.

Ming sneaks out of the house as Mark continues to give Bridget the rub down. Once Bridget hears Mark’s voice, she gets up in shock. Begrudgingly, she lets him continue, until his pager vibrates. Aw, an emergency? Yep a 911 call to the emergency, so he has to go. He tells Bridget they will finish this soon. He leaves. As he walks out the door, CJ steps out from a bush and smirks at him. Turns out he called Mark’s pager number with a phony emergency. Oh damn, I’m laughing so hard right now! That’s great.

Stephanie bitches about how Brooke is the same old slut she was before. Everything she promised her was just lip service. Taylor isn’t even cold in the grave and Brooke is going after Ridge. Like before, Brooke doesn’t care who she hurts to get what she wants. Eric is reading a magazine and doesn’t seem to be paying much attention. Brooke walks in and says “Eric I need to talk to you…” and then adds Stephanie’s name when she spots her. Brooke actually needed to talk to Eric about Ridge. Again, Eric isn’t really paying attention and Brooke and Steffers proceed to argue on an on about what’s best for Ridge. Stephanie thinks they should take the advice of a trained professional on this matter and let Ridge deal with his grief. Brooke says that she knows Ridge better than Tricia and wants him back at Forrester. Stephanie says that she is as transparent as water, and besides he has a contract with Marone. Brooke adds that she just wants him at Marone to keep him away from Brooke. Stephanie just wants what is best for Ridge, but Brooke doesn’t think she has a clue as to what that is. Eric slams the magazine down (it’s a fashion magazine, probably Eye on Fashion) and says that neither of them know what is best for Ridge right now. He suggests they give him a kick in the pants. Brooke and Stephanie are stunned.

Eric explains that he is ticked because he just saw one of his designs in the Spectra showing. He says that Spectra ripping off his designs isn’t a new thing, but having Ridge involved is. He storms over to Spectra to get some answers about this. Stephanie tries to dissuade him from going, but runs after to tagalong. She promptly tells Brooke to stay put. Brooke complies, but sighs a whole bunch.

The Spectra gang sets up Sally’s office for a welcome back party for Ridge. Sally isn’t sure the décor is festive enough, but Darla think it’s perfect. Side note, offhandly, as Darla swings away at hammer after she finishes putting up the banner, Clarke grabs it from her and shakes his finger at her. Interesting, but I have no clue what it means. Tony and Sofia finish bringing in the food and drink. Massimo shows up on cue and isn’t sure this is appropriate. Mass reiterates that Spectra is apart of Marone Industries, but Ridge is supposed to be running the whole thing, not just Spectra. Sally knows that, but points out that it’s hard to take the designer out of the man. From experience, Sally feels that the best way to get past what happened is to throw himself in his work. That’ll save him. Mass gets a little on edge when Sally seems to empathize with what happened to Taylor. (Explanation: Sally refers to Macy as “her daughter” which if you didn’t know it you’d think she was saying Mass was in a similar situation, since Ridge is his son, though it was his wife that died.) Mass is glad that Ridge is coming back here and not Forrester. Sally gets a buzz letting her know Ridge is downstairs. He makes it upstairs and they all yell surprise! Ridge is more surprised than anything, but seems a little touched.

Ridge is speechless during everyone’s welcoming. Sally tells him that his work is going to help him get on with his life. That’s why they are glad to see him, because that means he is trying to move on. Everyone says cheers to Ridge. Ridge adds that he has some news. Uh-oh. Sounds ominous.

Ridge slowly explains that he’s going to need a lot of time off to be with his kids. He only came in today to get a few of his things. He doesn’t know when he is going to be ready to come back to work. Outside the office, Eric and Stephanie get off the elevator. Stephanie begs Eric to not make a scene, but he’s adamant that he’ll come down hard on everyone. The two barge in on the party. Sally immediately tells him to get out, but he says that he has to talk to all of them. He calls Sally’s operation pathetic and tells her about the knocked off design. She says that is a Spectra Original, but Eric doesn’t think anyone there could design that kind of quality clothing. Ridge steps up and says that he designed it.

Eric can’t believe he’d take credit for it. He lashes out at Ridge about this knock off. Eric says that Ridge is no competition for him. Under Eric’s guidance he was good, but now on his own, he’s pathetic. Eric adds that Ridge is a liar. Stephanie tries to calm things done, but to no avail. Eric challenges Ridge to a designer square off in Portifino, Italy. They’ll take 6 of his best designs. Ridge says that if he wanted to show Eric up he could do it with 2 shakes of a lamb’s tail. They’ll let the Europe fashion world decide. All the Spectra crew eggs Ridge to take the challenge. He just glares at Eric.

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