The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/15/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Tricia and Thorne run up from the beach after a swim. She is freezing her ass off of course, but um where did they get the bathing suit. We find out Thorne just had one “lying around.” Um, okay, why? It just happens to fit Tricia too. Tricia gets a little nosy and asks how many bedrooms Thorne has. 2 plus the loft over the garage that he rents out. She asks if anyone is renting it right now. Nope, but Thorne wonders why she isn’t happy at Ridge’s. Tricia reminds him she is living in a hotel and that she is keeping a strictly professional relationship. If she gets romantic with him it would cause more harm than good. That’s exactly what she was trying to get through to Brooke. She realizes Brooke just wants to help, but any kind of relation- ship they have won’t be real. Brooke will just be a substitute.

Mass and Stephanie discuss the issues with Brooke and Bridget. Though Bridget isn’t in favor of her mom hitting on Ridge, she believes that she just wants to help. Stephanie just wants peace for once in her life. Mass points out that Brooke sure didn’t care about being Ridge’s friend when she kicked him out of the company way back when. Stephanie adds that she had no use for him then, but now that friendship is so important. She wants to be able to grieve for Taylor without worrying about Brooke putting the moves on her son. Later on, Stephanie asks Mass for his help where Brooke is concerned. Mass says she isn’t alone. Wait, didn’t this happen last year and resulted in that stupid scheme involving Stephen?

Ridge brings him and Brooke some coffee. She says that he shouldn’t be drinking that because of his sleeping problems. When Ridge picks up his coffee cup Brooke notices that his hand is working fine. You’ll recall Ridge’s drawing hand was seriously hurt when he fell on a vase and shards of glass sliced and diced his hand. Ridge acts like it is no big deal and admits he can draw pretty well, but hasn’t had much inspiration. This leads Brooke to ask Ridge what it would take to get him back to Forrester. Ridge doesn’t think he is in any position to make a decision like this right now. Ridge does note that one thing has pleased him. Brooke getting rid of Deacon was the best thing that could have happened for the company and Bridget. Brooke is obviously uncomfortable. Ridge says that she probably knew Deacon was cheating on her before Bridget did. Uh-huh. Things end well and Brooke and Ridge share a hug before she leaves. Brooke almost leaves her purse, but Ridge catches her.

Thorne tells Tricia that sadly Brooke has always been a substitute. All the times Ridge and Brooke have gotten together, he has been hurt. It usually happens after something bad happens like Caroline leaving him, or her dying, or Taylor’s plane crashing. Tricia is surprised that Brooke is okay with all that. It’s so degrading to her. Thorne admits she has tried to move on, but it is like a moth to flame.

Bridget makes it over to Ridge’s and starts to clean up the coffee stuff, but he says he’ll do that. Bridget does it anyway and finds out that Brooke came by. She says that’s good. Bridget asks Ridge to tell his mom that Brooke has been helping him out. He figures out she had it out with her. Bridget makes it clear that she loves Stephanie, but she can be a royal pain in the ass.

Tricia figures out that if Brooke plays the “damsel in distress” routine, Ridge will be more interested because he is more likely to want to be a hero, than felt sorry for. Thorne wonders if Tricia’s description of Ridge as the huge hero is a little biased because she is interested in him. She denies her interest. Thorne offers his loft to Tricia and she promises not to get involved with Ridge.

Bridget goes off on Stephanie somewhat. She thinks that she feels her mom is Satan. Not everything Brooke does has an ulterior motive. Also, Stephanie treats Ridge like a 5 year old. She thinks she should butt out and get a life. Ridge agrees and says she is making a lot of valid points, but I think he’s just too tired to really care. Bridget wonders when all the crazy fighting will end.

Bridget keeps Bridget company with some herbal tea. They talk about their respective moms and their differences and similarities. She points out that Ridge is the only thing they both have in common.

Ridge talks to Bridget about what happened between her and her mom. He tells her she told him about it and it’s obvious that Brooke is really trying. He keeps talking about it and notices that she is passed out on the couch. He covers her with a blanket and then the phone rings. Brooke is pretty peppy on the phone. He tells her about how Bridget passed out on the couch. She tells him that she is thinking about him. They say goodnight and Brooke turns out the light and lies down in bed and is all snuggly with herself. Oh man, is she falling for him?

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