The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/14/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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It's Thursday!!!

Stephanie pays Bridget a visit. At the time she was making herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The dinner of college champions! At first, things are really good between them. They talk about CJ and his brother Mark, which astounds Stephanie. You’ll recall that Margo and Stephanie never really got along. Stephanie thanks Bridget for being there for Ridge. She asks her how he is. She tells her that she is sleeping over there every night. Ridge is doing alright, but she knows things are still hard for him. Things turn ugly, when Stephanie asks Bridget to let her know if Brooke tries to interfere with Ridge, she gets mad. She tells Stephanie that she won’t be her spy. She also adds that she doesn’t understand why Brooke has to be such a concern for everyone. Stephanie can’t believe that she would actually ask that, especially after what happened with Deacon. She tells her to face it; her mom gets obsessed about men and loses all judgment. Bridget thinks that Brooke is grieving just like everyone else, but Stephanie believes she is “thrilled.” Whoa. OUCH! Bridget completely disagrees and refuses to help. Stephanie tells her she can close her eyes on this if she wants, but she will not let Brooke go after Ridge. That’s all there is to it. With that, Stephanie storms out despite Bridget calling out her name. Side note, Stephanie mentions how Thomas got mad when Brooke showed up “the other day.” I thought it was the same day. I don’t think we’ve had a gap since Thomas lashed out at Brooke.

Tricia walks onto the patio at what I think is Thorne’s house. She peers into his house and I guess he sees her and runs up from the beach. Strange how Thorne manages to keep a perfect tan when it’s been raining so much in LA and it’s freakin’ November! Anyway, he went out for a swim, which is also surprising because I know that water is cold (the water in San Diego in April was only 63 degrees). He doesn’t have a wet suit on and it’s nighttime, but I digress. He asks if he can help her and then recognizes her. Tricia says that she was riding around trying to figure out Ridge and Brooke and that’s why she stopped by. Given their history, she’d like his input on them. Thorne simply states his opinion: Ridge and Brooke will get back together. Tricia admits that she told Brooke that she didn’t think it was a good idea for her to be hanging around Brooke, but now isn’t sure it was wise to tell her that. For starters she isn’t sure if her own personal feelings are interfering with her judgment. Thorne infers that she has personal feelings for Ridge. Tricia looks surprised and somehow I gather she wasn’t going to say that.

Back from the break, and with a brewsky, Tricia tells Thorne that she meant her personal feelings about Taylor might bias her decisions regarding Brooke. She still feels loyal to Taylor and reminds Thorne that she is grieving right alongside everyone. Thorne informs her that Taylor and Ridge hooked up after she helped him through Caroline’s death. He also reiterates that like the tides, Brooke and Ridge will get back together. Wow Windsor is really letting his southern accent slip in. I guess it’s the Texas theme again.

In the first scene with Ridge, he looks at a picture of Taylor from their wedding and recalls her last moments alive in the hospital.

Brooke stops by later. Ridge and her talk about a lot of things, including Tricia. She tells him to be honest with her. If she is making things worse and if he doesn’t want her there, he should tell her and she’ll leave. Ridge notes her insecurity. Brooke goes on about this past summer and being a good mother. She wishes she was like Taylor. Brooke knows there are plenty of ways to screw up as a parent and is worried about how Stephanie thinks that by reaching out to Ridge, she’ll screw up everyone’s, including Hope’s life. Should she trust what everyone is saying? Or her heart?

Ridge admits he has a lot to learn about not following his instincts all the time. Case in point Amber. Sadly, Ridge realizes that if he had trusted Taylor, she’d still be there. Ouch. Brooke admits that she has lost Bridget, not in a physical sense, but more on an emotional level. She knows that she doesn’t trust her anymore, and with good reason. Ridge says that she can win that trust back by thinking before she does things just like now. I have to admit this is a little more mature of Brooke to think and talk about these issues instead of just ignoring what Stephanie and the others said and start hanging all over Ridge. Ridge said he knows that Eric was in love with Brooke for a while. Brooke says that nothing happened. Ridge realizes that and says that proves his point that she has changed. He tells her she should be “damn” proud of herself.

Brooke tells her about how Taylor talked to her while she was in the hospital. Brooke sees that Taylor has really rubbed off on him. Brooke stops for a second and realizes that she came to help Ridge, but he is actually helping her. She apologizes and says that her problems are nothing compared to his. Ridge tries to tell her its okay, but she babbles on and then really screws up and says something along the lines of “shoot me! I’m an idiot!” Immediately, realizing how insensitive her remarks were, she tries to take them back. Ridge is actually laughing at this and I have to admit it’s really funny. She apologizes, but Ridge says it’s okay. He admits it feels good to laugh again. He thanks her for that and they hug.

Aww. See ya tomorrow!