The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  11/13/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita


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Half way through the week! Wednesday the 13th!

Brooke looks over one of Ridge’s haute couture designs but gets a buzz from Megan. Someone is there to see her. Brooke thanks Megan and adds that she can go home. Hmm, okay. The visitor is Tricia. It looks like Brooke asked her to be there. God, I think Tricia’s pants have gotten tighter as the day wore on. Whew. Anyway Tricia is a little surprised that Brooke called her. Brooke apologizes for kicking her out of her office the last time they talked. She knows that Dr. Quick was only trying to help. Brooke adds that she needs to talk to her about something, namely Ridge.

Brooke says that she is only trying to help her friend, Ridge, but everyone is coming down on her, even Thomas. Brooke explains how she stopped by today and that he had a little “freak out” when she offered to take him for ice-cream. Brooke complains that everyone’s negative words about her are helping to fuel Thomas’ anger. She asks Tricia to tell Stephanie to back off on Brooke. Tricia isn’t sure that everyone’s concern is so misguided. Brooke admits the mistakes she made in the past, but she is a completely different person now. Tricia isn’t sure that she can keep a good perspective given Ridge and Brooke’s past. She asks Brooke to give her a reason to think otherwise.

Brooke says no one can understand her and Ridge’s relationship. She says that they have had an unforgettable romance. Oh lord, not a flashback. Yep and it’s to the tune of “Unforgettable.” Wow a young Brooke and Ridge! The first scene is when they met at one of those infamous parties that the Logan’s catered. Other scenes from their torrid relationship come and go on the screen. Brooke comes back to the present and says that the reason it didn’t work was because it was disproportional. They had such high hi’s and low lo’s. Now things are different and more balanced. They understand each other. That’s a far as it goes. Tricia asks the million dollar question. What if Ridge is interested?

Brooke doesn’t think that Ridge will do anything like that. Tricia advises her to back off and leave Ridge alone. Brooke thanks her, but says she is wrong. Tricia heads out. Brooke waits about 5 seconds before deciding to call Ridge. She picks up the phone, puts it back down, but then rethinks that and dials. Ridge answers the phone in Thomas’ room, who is now asleep. Brooke says she wants to come over. Ridge looks exhausted but says it’s okay.

Ridge finishes reading to Thomas in his room. He tells him it’s time for bed. Thomas asks Ridge why he is so nice to Brooke. Ridge tells Thomas that he isn’t in any trouble but he would have preferred that he didn’t lash out at Brooke. Ridge asks why Brooke was bothering him. Slowly Thomas admits that he overheard Jack blast Brooke. Thomas adds that he wishes Brooke would be gone for good.

Ridge explains that Jack was just releasing his anger about Taylor’s death. Thomas says he misses Taylor. Ridge says he does too.

Tony is filled in on who Bridget’s mentor really is and how he is half brothers with CJ. Clarke explains to Tony his relationship with Margo long ago. Sally says that Mark is a wolf in a doctor’s outfit and is probably trying to seduce Bridget now. Tony pipes in that he thought CJ and Bridget were an item. Sally says they were until Mark aka. Dr. Lothario showed up one the scene. Snicker. Clarke says they would never let a woman come between them.

Tony says that when it comes to women, family, meaning a brotherly honor, has to take a backseat. Sally agrees. She says that she and Clarke raised CJ to fight for what he wants and she doesn’t care what he has to do to keep Bridget.

Bridget gets ready for her dinner date with Mark. There’s a knock at the door. Of course, its CJ not Mark. Bridget is a little flustered and tries to get rid of CJ and claims that she has plans. On cue, Mark shows up in a nice suit. CJ hears his voice and coldly looks around the door to see him. Oh boy. Man okay, the music is sooo campy! It’s like a mixture of 80’s a country, I guess to add to the comedic nature of today’s show.

CJ lays into Mark and says that they had a deal. Bridget’s like, “what?” Once she figures out the pact she knocks CJ down a level and says that they were supposed to see each other tonight. CJ says that going out to dinner and talking are 2 different things. He calls Mark a pervert and then slips that they are brothers. Bridget is floored. Neither CJ nor Mark wanted the truth out like this. Mark thanks CJ for ruining his surprise and CJ rolls his eyes at the problem he caused Mark. Oh lord the funky music is back! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Bridget gets all the details on Mark’s reunion and lack of a father his whole life. CJ and Mark get into it and it’s really damn funny. CJ refers to Bridget as an innoncent young girl. Bridget’s like, “um okay?” Then she is surprised to hear that Mark dropped her as a mentor. Doh. He was gonna tell her about that tonight. The two continue until finally Bridget interjects and asks them if they want to hear what she thinks. Cue in harmonicas. Wow this really is western music.

Bridget goes through and tells each of them about the good qualities in both of them. She says that if she had to choose between them right now she wouldn’t choose either. Bridget says she’d like to be swept off her feet. Bridget sends CJ and Mark off to eat dinner and work out their issues. She’s going over to Ridge’s to help the kids, who by the way actually have a good reason to act like children. The two protest, but leave.

Have a good night!