The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  11/12/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita


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Bridget serves dinner to the kids and Ridge in the living room. It looks like they have set up the dinner table in the living room per Tricia’s advice to change things around. Mmm, spaghetti and tons of breadsticks. In fact way too many. It almost looks like we’re in and Italian restaurant. Steffy wants more sauce, but is told by Ridge to ask nicely. Thomas wants some chocolate milk, but apparently that’s against the rules. Ridge offers Bridget a seat, but she says it’s a little early for her. Yeah I eat at like 4:45 (dinner I) and usually again around 10:00 (dinner II). Everyone is happy which makes Bridget smile.

CJ wants to know why Mark keeps referring to Clarke as his dad. He corrects him and says he is Clarke’s son. Clarke is helped up and explains that they are both his sons and introduces them to each other. Mark has a shocked look on his face and CJ has that “you gotta be shitting me” face that we all get sometimes. The three sit down in a corner of Insomnia and Clarke tells them he didn’t want them to meet like this, but is really thrilled to hear that they already know each other. Yeah, Clarke they aren’t best friends or anything.

Darla struggles to hold on to several looms of fabric and Sally doesn’t do anything to help her. They discuss, as they walk, CJ’s meeting with Mark, Clarke’s other son. Darla almost knocks down the wall of Sally’s office when she tries to enter but finally gets it right. Hit it much harder and the whole set would have come down Darla. Anyway Sally says that knowing CJ, he isn’t going to be happy sharing the attention of his dad. Yeah, especially with Dr. Perfect.

Bridget and Ridge talk as the kids play after dinner. He makes sure she isn’t putting her school on a lower level because she is spending all her time helping him. Bridget assures him that she won’t drop the ball when it comes to that, but this is the main reason she wants to be a doctor: to help people. Right now, Ridge and the kids need her help. She also promises to get a social life too. Yeah if only I had a choice on that. These days, my social life is tailgating with roommates’ parents. Yeah! Woo! Parents!

Darla wonders why Sally is so worried. God, this is exactly like Clarke’s speech. CJ has no reason to be jealous, blah blah. Even if Mark wants a relationship with Clarke, it’s not like that could take away from Clarke and CJ’s past. Well it may not do that, but if the fellows can’t stand each other…you know the rest. Darla feels like this could be a great thing for CJ.

CJ explains to Clarke, who by the way is thrilled that Mark is a trauma surgeon, that this is the same “jerk” that is mentoring Bridget Forrester. Then, a curve ball. Mark says that he has already asked to be reassigned because he doesn’t want to be a mentor to someone he is personally involved with. What?! Wait a minute, first of all, I would agree with CJ that Mark and Bridget aren’t “involved” really. Second, didn’t Mark say that he could keep his personal and professional relationship separate. The fact that he reassigned himself so quickly after the beach thing makes me wonder why he asked to be her mentor in the first place. Can we say “desperately lonely?” Or maybe not. All things being equal, it’s pretty shifty. CJ throws a zinger at Mark by saying that he has been using the University Pre-Med program as a dating service. Mark says that he just took her to the beach and that she liked it. Clarke interrupts and demands they stop and tells them they are acting like children. Hmm, because you act like a child Clarke?


Ridge and Bridget discuss her personal life. She tells him about CJ’s jealousy and about how her mentor basically took her out on a date without her knowing about. She likes both of them a lot, but now isn’t sure she is ready for either of them. Hah.

Darla says reunions can be life altering experiences. Yeah in good ways and bad ways. She starts to tell Sally about these two sisters that met, but she interrupts and asks her if this is about one of her ditzy friends. Darla isn’t even offended by that and goes into sorority girl mode: “Nooo! It was Like on TV.” These two old women were reunited after being separated at birth in an orphanage. Anyway long story short, it doesn’t matter who raised you, family is family. Um, okay.

Mark has had enough and wants to leave. CJ is fine with that, but Clarke says that no is leaving until they straighten this out. Neither Mark nor CJ want to have anything to do with each other. Clarke tries to level with CJ. He knows how lonely he had been since his only sibling, Macy died. Mark seems surprised by this and Clarke adds to Mark that he thought he was an only child all these years. They can try to ignore each other, but they will always be brothers. They cannot change who they are.

Mark and CJ do a 180 after Clarke’s speech and agree to not put Bridget in the middle of this. Huh. Then, they agree to get to know each other, shake hands, and after Clarke physically insists, they hug. CJ didn’t expect the hug, but does it gracefully. Clarke tells them to get to know each other and call him if they need anything. Wait, shouldn’t Clarke be getting to know Mark? Oh well. Clarke leaves. CJ tells Mark that he has to get back to work, but to swing by anytime. Coffee is free as well. Mark thanks him and smiles. As soon as CJ leaves, Mark’s smile fades into utter disappointment. Ditto with CJ in the other room. Gee, that didn’t last long did it?

Bridget takes a call from her cell phone and guess who it is? CJ. Ooh! Naughty. He tries to make plans with her but she says she is kinda busy at Ridge’s. He tells her they can meet up after he closes up at Insomnia. As their call ends, Bridget gets another call from Mark. Wow. Two peas in a pod. He wants them to have dinner. Again, Bridget tells him she is busy right now, but he says that he can make some reservations after she gets done. Bridget is completely flustered and that’s probably why she accepts. CJ and Mark fake smile at each other knowing they’ve screwed the other one over.

Bridget tells Ridge what happened and he tells her to get out of there and get ready. He offers her the family car because the roads are slick and her little convertible isn’t safe. Wait, that’s very fatherly of Ridge. Oh boy what if those paternity tests were wrong. Haha! Anyway, she thanks Ridge and leaves as he reads the kids a story. She smiles at a picture of Taylor as she leaves, who is smiling back.

Have a good evening!