The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/11/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Oh god it’s Monday.

Now I know I usually comment on the opening theme song and when different pictures are added so it may seem I haven’t done this in a while. There’s a good reason for that. The pictures haven’t changed! They actually have not changed since Sheila and CJ were added to the theme in June. It’s been 5 months since there’s been any change. Of course, with all the firings and “bump downs” and additions, we can expect some big changes in the next few weeks. It always takes B&B a few weeks to catch up the changes to their theme.

Stephanie wants to know what is going on. She just “caught” Brooke with Ridge. Brooke says nothing is going on, but Stephanie reminds her that she told her not to see Ridge. Now she finds her with her arms wrapped around Ridge.

Brooke tries to calm Stephanie down and assure her that she has the best of intentions. Ridge says that they were just talking and that Brooke offered her support as a friend. Stephanie is sure she offered more than that, which offends Brooke. Stephanie says that she gave Brooke the benefit of the doubt after their earlier talk, but reminds them that if the kids walked in and saw them, it would be terrible. They are in enough pain and having them witness their dad in the arms of his ex-wife would be horrible. Ridge says she is overreacting, but Stephanie of course disagrees. Just then, Bridget and Thomas walk in. Bridget asks what is going on.

Thomas shows his dad an A he made on a paper at school. Bridget, Stephanie, and Brooke are off to the side. Bridget asks the two ladies if everything is okay, but she felt like she walked in on something. Brooke says everything is fine. She walks over and asks Thomas what he has there. Ridge explains that he made an A on his vocab. pop quiz, even though he didn’t have to take it. Brooke and Stephanie think that is great and Brooke asks him if he would like to get some ice-cream when his sisters get home. Thomas says he doesn’t want any of Brooke’s ice-cream. He lashes out to her and says he knows she was mean to Taylor and that he doesn’t want her in the house. He demands that she leave and storms in to the living room. Stephanie pulls Brooke aside and says the best thing for this family would be if she left them alone. Ridge talk to Thomas. He asks him what is wrong. Thomas will only say that he wants Brooke gone. Ridge says they don’t kick people out at this house, but rather ask them to leave nicely. He apologizes to Brooke who says she was going anyway. Brooke looks pretty upset as Bridget takes Thomas upstairs. Thomas had added a “good!” after Brooke announced her departure.

Stephanie believes that Brooke doesn’t want to cause any problems, but her very presence has and will continue to cause problems. Ridge says that Thomas is acting out his anger and is only repeating what he heard Jack say at the funeral. Brooke says that Thomas doesn’t need to hear them screaming and yelling downstairs and with that decides to leave. Ridge apologizes for what transpired and Brooke says she’ll see him soon. Ridge comes back into an angry Stephanie.

Stephanie thinks that Brooke needed to be reminded of what is appropriate behavior in this situation. Bridget comes down and says that the whole situation is making her feel a little uncomfortable. She says that this really doesn’t have anything to do with her or Brooke. She just wants to make sure that this is what the kids really need. She is worried that her presence might make Thomas angry because it takes away attention from him. Both Stephanie and Ridge agree that Bridget has been a big help and that her being around will continue to help the kids. Thomas overhears from upstairs and smiles as Bridget agrees to stay around some more. Hmm.

Bridget finds an angry Thomas looking for his video games in his room. Bridget tells him to sit down for a minute. She asks him what is bothering him. Thomas just doesn’t want Brooke around. Bridget explains that Brooke is just trying to help and isn’t trying to steal his dad away. She also isn’t trying to replace Taylor in Ridge’s life or the kids’. Thomas doesn’t really seem to care and starts to play his video game as Bridget leaves.

Sally isn’t sure about Clarke’s reunion idea. She thinks he should wait a few days before dropping a bomb on them, well at least Mark. Clarke thinks she is overreacting and believes the boys will be fine with each other. Sally explains that each of them has believed he was the only son in his family for their whole lives. Wait, didn’t CJ know about Mark? Anyway, Sally wants him to get the boy’s relationship off on the right foot. Clarke again says she is being a worrywart.

Clarke says that the boys are family and they’ll love each other. Sally reminds him that they are strangers. She sees Clarke is determined and warns him to make sure that CJ knows where he stands with him before the introduction, otherwise there could be some major fireworks when those boys start competing for his attention. Clarke almost looks flattered about the prospect of that happening. I’m sorry but who would want his attention? He’s not exactly a great role model.

Sally wants Clarke to prepare for any consequences from the two boy’s meeting each other. Clarke promises to make it clear to both of them that there will be no competition between them. He leaves for the reunion and Sally rolls her eyes.

Mark gets up off the ground after getting smacked down on Friday. He says that was a sucker punch and scoffs that it would be like CJ to do that. CJ asks him if he wants another one. Mark claims that he could pulverize him, but doesn’t want to waste his time on a good for nothing coffee grinder. To him and the rest of the world, CJ is insignificant.

CJ asks Mark what he said to him, prompting a condescending remark back. CJ tells him to back off from Bridget, especially since she could sue him for harassment. Mark says that he is treating her like a lady, which is something CJ knows nothing about. After some threatening words from CJ, Mark asks who raised him. Are all of his relatives ignoramuses?

CJ tells Mark to leave his family out of this and points right in his face. The crowd that had gathered around after CJ knocked Mark to the ground has finally dispersed. CJ tells Mark that Bridget isn’t interested in him. Mark claims that Bridget told him that she didn’t have any feelings for CJ. CJ knows that isn’t true because Bridget is a private person and wouldn’t tell him anything. Mark jumps in and says he knows about her messy marriage/divorce and tells CJ that she told him lots of things.

CJ asks Mark about what Bridget said to him. Mark says they have been talking about Bridget’s future. He says that they’ll be spending a lot of time together and that Bridget is way out of his league. He’s just a pathetic dropout. Ouch. Mark tells him to let Bridget know he stopped by. He walks towards the door. CJ’s anger builds prompting him to take a bag of coffee beans and hurl them towards the door at Mark. Clarke walks in at that exact moment and gets nailed by them. Both CJ and Mark instinctively yell “Dad!” You can imagine the confusion that came after that. CJ asks Mark what he said.

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