The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/8/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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At Spectra Clarke has some news for Sally, who looks like she is in a bad mood. He reveals that his son Mark, through Margo, is back in LA. Sally is shocked.

Sally finds it amazing that Margo would ever let her son near Clarke again. Clarke thought so too and thinks that she did try to keep them apart, but in the end, Mark grew into his own person. Sally asks if Mark knows about CJ. Nah, he didnít tell him yet, but thinks the two will get along famously.

Bridget makes it back from her visit to the beach and calls CJ boss. Heís in a good mood and says they donít need to be so formal anymore. he notices her beachwear and wonders if she has been playing hooky on him. Nah, she met Mark outside of Las Olas on PCH. CJ finds it more than a little inappropriate that her superior is hitting on her. She denies that they are dating, but then friendly accuses CJ of being jealous. Just admit you are CJ!

CJ denies his jealousy of Mark. He retorts that he doesnít want Bridget to waste her time on a guy like Mark. Bridget notes his transparency and then jets to go pick up Thomas from school. She turns around and looks at CJ and smiles as she leaves.

Later, CJ is working in Insomnia, when guess who walks in? If you guessed Mark, you could be a writer! Anyway, CJ spots and instantly starts fuming. CJ asks him what he is doing there. Mark replies that he is looking for Bridget. Itís instantly obvious the two donít like each other. Mark wants to look for himself. CJ tells him to stay away from Bridget because she sure as hell doesnít need someone who is using his position to get her into bed. Mark denies that and says that he is trying to help Bridget. He took her to the beach to cheer her up, but unlike her, CJ has probably never known what it is to suffer loss. Oh boy, big mistake. CJ scoffs and then decks Mark right to the floor. Mark didnít even see it coming.

Mass and Stephanie are still together in her office. Stephanie thinks about the differences between Brooke and Taylor and realizes that eventually Taylor even saw the good in Brooke. Stephanie wants to honor her memory by trying to bury the hatchet with Brooke. The problem is that she still doesnít trust her. She wants to believe that she would stay away from Ridge.

Tricia stops by Stephanieís office and is reintroduced to Mass. Sheís there to check on how they are doing, Stephanie says they are fine, but admits they are concerned about Ridge being taken advantage of. Triciaís smile instantly reveals she knows who they are talking about.

Stephanie explains their concerns about Brooke and how she says she is trying to help Ridge, but they arenít sure that is what is really going on. Brooke may be lying to herself on this one and they donít want her to fall into old patterns. Tricia suggests they talk to Brooke, but they say that hasnít worked. Stephanie admits that when she tries to talk to Ridge about this, it usually makes it worse. Tricia leaves her cell phone number and suggests that they talk to Ridge about this and say that they are available to talk. Tricia leaves and Stephanie says she is going to talk to Ridge before Brooke can get a chance.

Ridge apologizes to Brooke about how Jack went off on her. Brooke tells him not to worry about her. Ridge says that the house feels totally different without Taylor. He doesnít know how to even go on. Brooke has an idea: come back to Forrester. Brooke tries to get Ridge to come back to the company but admits she came over to help Ridge through his hard time. She tells Ridge that he isnít the young Casanova that he used to be. Heís a much stronger and better person because of Taylor and now because of that, heíll get through this with some help from his family and friends. Ridge tells Brooke about Bridget and how she was amazing with Thomas last night. Thomas was much ďhappierĒ this morning. He also admits that Tricia told him to not hold his feelings in. You can tell Brooke is already a little hot to hear her name again. She says she agrees that Ridge needs to talk his feelings out, but not with a stranger like Tricia, but rather someone who knows him well, like Brooke.

Ridge steps out on the terrace and notices it is going to rain, again. Ridge tells Brooke about Taylorís story about how thunder was really angels bowling in heaven and that if she were an angel she wouldnít have time to bowl because she would be watching over them. Brooke thinks that it sounds like Taylor knew and was trying to prepare him, but Ridge says nothing could have prepared him for this.

Ridge remembers how Taylor took Amber in and how she saw the good in her and everything. Ridge becomes angry and says they had a deal. They were supposed to grow old together. Getting old wouldnít be scary if she was with him, but now she isnít. Ridge says he canít do it on his own. Brooke hugs him and then Stephanie walks in, spots them, and is instantly angry.

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