The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/7/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Brrrrr! It's November! Brooke warns Stephanie to shut it unless she wants to undo all the progress they have made. Stephanie retorts that Brooke is doing that right now. She would rather that she turn her back on Ridge then offer other body parts to him. Stephanie reminds Brooke that she doesn’t have go back too far to see the last time Brooke tried to seize a vulnerable Forrester man. Brooke thinks Stephanie is forgetting about the summer. Stephanie says that she defended Brooke to Massimo and Jack and now has to eat her words. She explains that Mass warned her that Brooke would be up to her old tricks. Stephanie says Taylor isn’t even cold in the grave yet and Brooke is enlisting the help of her family to get Ridge back. Stephanie asks her if she has any shame.

Mass looks at a picture of Taylor from when she had shorter hair. He asks Ridge, at his house, how they are all doing. As I predicted, Thomas is having a harder time coping with the pain. Tricia had told Ridge that the girls are too young to grasp the concept of death. Mass asks if she has been helpful. As much as can be expected in this kind of situation is Ridge’s reply. Mass notes that Ridge sent the kids back to school. It was Tricia’s idea to establish some order in their life, but her suggestion for Ridge was to take some time off. Ridge knows that Mass probably doesn’t want to hear that right now. Mass says that he isn’t worried about Marone, but that he is worried about Ridge. Mass slips during the last sentence and almost says “my son” but quickly covers and says “my friend.” Ridge notices how long this day has been, but how short his last day with Taylor was.

CJ checks on Clarke to see how his sandwich is. Bravo. Clarke asks if Bridget is at Insomnia today (that’s where they are). No, she took off some time to be with her mentor. Clarke notices CJ’s disdain when he refers to him. CJ explains that he thinks the guy is a jerk, because he is taking advantage of her as her mentor or boss. Clarke points out that CJ is her boss as well, and that some healthy competition might be good for CJ. He encourages him to pay more attention to Bridget and that taking advantage of her might be a good thing. Hmm, okay? CJ doesn’t want to hear it. He wonders what Clarke’s big news is. Clarke asks CJ if he would like to meet his big brother. CJ’s like “wha?”

Wow, the next transition has a beautiful aerial shot of the coast line. I always love the coastline out there. It has sandy beaches and cliffs. It looks so cool. Anyway Bridget meets Mark at some kind of “on the beach” bar/restaurant. Mark doesn’t have a lot of time because he is in-between shifts. Bridget has all her books and starts going over all the things she needs to do with him. Bad lab report, topic for a 301 term paper, and questions about a book he lent her. Mark clarifies that he meant for this to not be a mentoring session, but rather a date. What!? Dude do you want to get your ass fired?

CJ is a little confused. Clarke explains that he meant his half brother. CJ realizes he is talking about the kid Clarke had with Margo Lynley. Clarke tells CJ that he stopped by out of the blue the other day. Clarke says he is a great guy and that CJ will love that.

Bridget is more than a little surprised by this. Mark tells her that if she feels weird about this at anytime, she can leave. He just wanted to get to know her better. He can keep his professional and social life separate. But still, Mark you may not have a choice on that one. Bridget is okay with it. She does admit that she just got out of a messy divorce and that she and CJ are kinda dating. Mark asks if things are any more serious now than before. Nah. Mark doesn’t understand how CJ could pass up such a great opportunity. He has no patience for the guys don’t go after what they want. Okay, Mark you’re starting to walk on thin ice with me. You’re sounding a lot like the “soul mate/destiny” kinda crap that we’ve already been subjected to before. Plus, don’t knock CJ. Mark says that he just says what he feels and doesn’t apologize for it or wait for a better time. Gee, that’s a great excuse to do whatever you want. Then, Mark tells Bridget that he met his dad yesterday for the first time and it went great. He adds that you just have try things in life. Now I agree with that, but I don’t agree with doing anything you heart desires. He also adds that CJ would have never gone out on a limb and taken a risk like he did. Wow, you’re so great!

Brooke reiterates that she is not going to make a play for Ridge and adds that it will take a long time for him to move on anyway. Stephanie promises her that whenever Ridge does move on, it won’t be with her. Ooh.

Stephanie is blunt with Brooke. She says that she hasn’t just been hanging around for Brooke’s sake. She did it for Hope and her family. She’s been standing guard against Brooke and now Brooke has to do that too. Brooke says that if one day, she and Ridge were together it could be a good thing. Stephanie says that Brooke never sees her obsession with men until it’s too late. Stephanie asks her to once again, stay away from Ridge. Stephanie leaves. Then, Brooke grabs her purse and leaves as well.

Mass gives Ridge some advice. He advises Ridge to protect himself from Brooke. Ridge tells him he doesn’t have to worry about that. Mass just tells him to be careful. Mass heads out.

CJ can’t believe that Mark just showed up like that and isn’t mad at all. CJ asks what he is life. Clarke says that he polished and smooth just like his dad. CJ does worry that if Mark doesn’t know about him, it might cause some problems. Clarke isn’t concerned about that because family seems very important.

Okay, more CJ bashing time. When Bridget says that Mark has a right to feel a little sorry for himself after being abandoned by his dad, he says that Bridget has been hanging around her “boy” CJ too long. Bridget clarifies that he isn’t a boy and isn’t hers either. Mark thinks that she could do a lot better. Damn, he’s going hardcore after her now.

Mass stops by Stephanie’s office. He tells her Ridge is managing, but wishes he could do more for him. Stephanie admits she was wrong about Brooke and explains what happened today at the meeting. However she doesn’t feel she will go near him again after their talk. Pssh.

Brooke steps up to Ridge’s door and knocks on it. Ridge answers and says he was just warned about her. Brooke admits she was warned not to come near him. Ridge invites her in anyways. Brooke says she is sorry for what he is going through. They hug. Uh-oh. Stephanie might blow a fuse when she finds out.

Get it on! Brooke tells Ridge that if he needs her, she is there. Mass says that Brooke will chip away at Ridge bit by bit without him even knowing it.