The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  11/6/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Mass tells Stephanie that they have got to protect their son. He is worried that Brooke will go after him while he is vulnerable. Stephanie at first isnít sure, but the seeds of doubt are placed in her head as she leaves for a meeting at Forrester.

Brooke has called a meeting at Forrester and Kristen, Thorne, Rick, Amber, and Eric are there. Brooke has called this meeting to tell them all that she needs their help in bringing Forrester back together. Over the past few months, everyone is going in their own direction with their own plans. They need to come together in light of the tragedy and stick together. On that note, she wants to get Ridge back in the company. Stephanie walks in just as she says ďI want Ridge back.Ē Stephanie looks surprised and then rolls her eyes at her.

Tricia pays Ridge a visit. He happens to be looking at a picture of Taylor when she arrives. She gets there in a motorcycle! Yep, she did ride it over there, but not from New York. Tricia says she will stay in town as long as it takes to make him feel better. Uh okay? Ridge says the kids are at school and notes that they arenít talking about their momís death around them. Tricia explains that they are afraid to hurt Ridge by talking about it. They will follow his lead of silence, so he needs to get things out in the open. She says that she normally doesnít advise too many drastic changes in the first few months. Ridge had said he was thinking of moving. She thinks it might be a positive step. She also suggests avoiding their old routine. Maybe they should move furniture or eat at a different place in the house. Interestingly enough, Tricia seems mighty pleased to hear that Bridget spent the night last night (after she realizes she is Ridgeís half sister) and that Brooke has not come by.

Stephanie wonders what Brooke is talking about. Brooke clarifies that she means she wants to get Ridge back in the company. Everyone is unsure about the idea, especially since Ridge has a contract (and a rather good one, Stephanie adds) with Marone at Spectra. Eric loves the idea of course. They all agree to work on figuring out a way to get Ridge back. After everyone leaves, but Stephanie, Stephanie shakes her head and tells Brooke she is amazing. Brooke mistakes this for a compliment and Stephanie corrects her. Brooke is put on the defensive and says her intentions are good. She points out that she has changed and that over the last few months, vulnerable months, she could have reached out to a man, but she didnít. Stephanie doesnít believe that shacking up with Ridge never once crossed her mind. She warns Brooke to stay away from Ridge! Brooke is very very upset.

CJ and Bridget discuss her involvement with Ridge and how she has helped him. CJ points out that it's better that she is helping Ridge rather than her mom trying to get it on with him. He tells her she doesn't know how helpful she is and that she is very important in Ridge's recovery.

Go Gyro!