The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  11/4/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
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Tempers flare today on B&B!

Okay well, Stephanie finally visits Sheila in prison. Sheila is smug about her situation and doesn’t want to give Stephanie any satisfaction. She says prison isn’t so bad. Stephanie rubs in the fact that she can’t be with her daughter. Sheila admits that what happened with Taylor was an accident, because she was really going after Stephanie. Having heard enough, Stephanie calls the guard in to take Sheila away. On her way out, Sheila tells her she’ll be getting out of prison soon and when she does, she’ll be coming after Stephanie.

Brooke and Bridget discuss how it would be more appropriate for Bridget to go by and check on Ridge instead of Brooke. She admits that Jack’s words might have some truth in them and given Ridge and her history, she wants to give him some space. She does suggest that Bridget check up on him though.

Ridge wants to put the kids to bed, but Thomas isn’t ready for bed or school for that matter. Ridge says they can talk about school in the morning and takes Phoebe and Steffy up to bed. Later on, he finds Thomas still up downstairs and realizes he can’t sleep. Thomas doesn’t want to sleep because it will be like Taylor is really gone. He got to see her today and wants to hold on to that forever. Ridge says that things, unfortunately don’t last forever. Bridget comes by and offers to stay up with Thomas so Ridge can get a little rest. She and Thomas talk about what sounds like a “Harry Potter” book.

Tricia stops by to see Brooke and things get more than a little heated between the two of them. Brooke is just being sensitive to Tricia’s advice. She notes that it is a good thing that Brooke is distancing herself from a really vulnerable Ridge right now. Brooke retorts that she doesn’t like her advice and if Ridge really needs her, she’ll be there for him, whether Tricia likes it or not. She advises Tricia to take her degree and go help someone else.

Bridget has a voiceover monologue; much like Sally’s when Tony and Kristen were getting married. She speaks about how Ridge was such a strong man who is now in such pain. It breaks her heart to see him. Ridge sobs at the end of the show.

Whew..well hey! Bobbie Eakes is coming back in December! That ought to be interesting.