The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/4/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
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Jack tells Brooke to get the hell out right now. Brooke says that she and Taylor were friends, but he says that no friend of Taylorís would try to still her husband away, which is exactly what she is trying to do right now. Brooke vehemently denies that. Ridge and Stephanie intervene and try to calm Jack down. He even calls her a vulture! Stephanie says he is making a scene. Ridge says Brooke can stay, but asks her to sit in the back. Brooke decides to be mature and leaves on her own. She says she is sorry for Jackís loss, but Taylorís death was painful to all of them. She stomps out and Megan follows.

Clarke is taken aback to see Mark. He realizes who it is and knows Mark must hate him. Surprisingly enough Mark isnít very bitter or hateful. Clarke apologizes for not being involved in his life. Things were different then. He was too young, too ambitious, and things werenít exactly good between Margo and him. Mark asks how he could hate his own father. Mark says that Margo referred to Clarke as a ďheartless bastard.Ē Clarke admits that she was probably right. He says that Mark was better off without him in his life. Mark explains that he stopped by to let him know how he was doing. Clarke finds that strange, but wants to find out more about his son. Mark writes down his number on a piece of paper and tells Clarke to call him sometime. Mark and Clarke hug each other and call themselves father and son.

Eric speaks to the crowd, and begins the ceremony. He says they will be mourning for a long time, but also wants them to cherish having the time they did with Taylor. They were all lucky to know her. He urges everyone to be grateful for all the things they have in their life. He turns and looks at Taylor in the casket and then the credits roll.

Eric finishes and sits back down. He asks Jack if he would like to say something. Nah. Stephanie begins her speech. She speaks about Taylorís keen sense on the human spirit. Taylor was a very pure of heart person and had the ability to uplift you. Stephanie admits that Taylor was like a daughter to her. She was also her dearest and best friend. She goes on to say sheíll miss her more than she can say. She goes over to Taylorís body and takes her hand in hers.

Kristen speaks about how Taylor helped her and Tony through a very difficult time in his life. She gave him the hope and courage to go on. Because of this, Kristen and Tony have a happy family now. Kristen stops when she sees Thomas walk through the gates. Tricia beams to see that Thomas has come to the funeral. Kristen speaks directly to Thomas about Taylor. She had a remarkable ability to make everyone around her feel safe. Despite her death, she has left behind her ideals and most importantly her beautiful children. Ridge taps Thomasí seat to invite him to sit down. Thomas does so and in the background you can see itís a little too much for Thorne, who buries his head in his hands for a while.

Ridge speaks about Taylor for a minute. He thanks everyone for being there. His talk explains how Taylor made him a better person and gave his life far more purpose than his ambition could have ever done. He goes on to say that Taylor was his wife, soul- mate, counselor, friend, and sometimes his conscious. Taylor brought out the best in him. Ridge prays that her memory and spirit will help him get through this. He looks over to her and says that he doesnít know what happened here. He canít understand how this all happened. Okay, if that werenít teat jerky enough, Ridge goes over to Taylor and takes his wedding ring off and puts it on the sheet covering her in the casket. Oh boy, now for the saddest part. The girls stand up and sing ďSomewhere out ThereĒ from American Tales. Of course they arenít on key, but itís so precious, who cares? We then get flashbacks to different times in Ridge and Taylorís tumultuous relationship: wedding 1, wedding 2, Thomasí babyhood, then the twins, a honeymoon in there, and most recently, the terrible thunderstorm evening (the night she died). Once they finish Steffy runs over to Taylorís body and gives her Stinky, her blanky, and says goodbye and that she loves her. Itís pretty sad, considering all that happened during the Morgan era. Okay that was an awfully sad show to get through. You canít really get the sadness through words, but rather through watching it.

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