The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/1/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Todayís show starts off with Stephanie looking at the same picture Taylor looked at before her final flashback involving her and Stephanie. Itís the most recent wedding photo of the two of them. Stephanie looks up and sighs. It must be a new day because Stephanie is dressed in black and I assume for a funeral, Taylorís. Thereís a knock at the door. Itís Jack Hamilton, Taylorís dad. I was wondering when he was going to get there. The two hug. Jack says he has been in town for an hour and that he was supposed to go directly to Ridge and Taylorís house, but wasnít quite ready to face the kids and everyone. Stephanie and Jack sit down for some coffee, ironically enough on the sofa right where Taylor landed when Sheila shot her. Jack asks if the service will be private. Stephanie says it will be in the garden at Ridge and Taylorís house and yes it will be private. Jack is glad for that because he doesnít want Brooke there. Stephanie, looking surprised, says she doesnít know if Brooke will be there.

Jack is more than a little upset to hear there is a possibility that Brooke might show up to the funeral. Stephanie explains that Brooke has not been a problem for Taylor and Ridge recently (well in the last year) and that the two of them had patched things up. Jack doesnít care and sees Brookeís presence at the funeral as inappropriate given all the problems she caused for Taylor.

At Spectra, Sally sighs and says she canít believe that Taylor is gone. Kristen and short haired, clean-shaven Tony are there as well, alongside Darla. Clarke walks in and asks if they have time to go over a fabric order. Everyone looks dressed for a funeral though I would doubt Clarke would go to it. He says that maybe it would be better if they didnít all feel sorry for themselves. Sally says they arenít feeling sorry for themselves, but rather Ridge and the children. Clarke agrees it will be difficult for them to grow up without their momma. Hmm, Clarke looks different. Wait I know, his hair is really short and it looks like it has been grayed from before. Ah, theyíre making him look older so weíll believe that Mark is his son.

Bridget walks through the corridors of University Hospital; hmm I need a short hand for that. Iíll just call it U-Hospital. She bumps into Mark and tells him she had to reschedule a lab so she can go to Taylorís funeral. She thanks Mark and knows that he tried his best to save her. CJ walks up (he was actually with Bridget) and Mark asks if the two of them are going to the funeral. CJ says yes since basically his whole family will be going there as well. They head on to the funeral leaving Mark to ponder about his family. He flashes back to another scene with his mother, Margo. Lauren Koslow really doesnít look old enough to be his mom, but whatever I guess itís a compliment for her. Heís packing a suitcase and she comes downstairs and asks if he is going to LA. He says he is. She warns him not to try and contact his dad because he will just bring him heartache and pain. Basically the same message as the last flashback though this time Mark says he hasnít decided whether he will contact his dad. Mark comes back to the present and says that ready or not, itís time to meet his dad.

Mark shows up at Spectra and it looks as if everyone has left, except Clarke. Clarke asks him if he can help him and Mark says that he doesnít need his help, but rather his attention. He calls Clarke ďdadĒ which definitely gets Clarkeís attention.

At Ridge and Taylorís, the kids make a collage of Taylorís pictures on a poster. Itís pretty sad. Ridge sits down with them and makes sure they understand what is going to happen today. Itís okay to be scared and to cry if they need to. He asks if they want to say anything during the funeral. One of the girls asks if they can sing. Ridge thinks that is a wonderful idea. He asks Thomas if he would like to do anything. Thomas says he would rather not and then states he wonít be attending the funeral. Poor Thomas. Heís at the crappy age where heís old enough to understand everything that is going on, but too young to completely cope with the pain and anger. The girls are old enough to understand death, but I think itís different with them. I donít think they grasp the magnitude of the situation. Anyway, Ridge says itís okay for Thomas not to go, but thinks that he will regret it in the long run. In fact, Ridge will save Thomas a seat, in case he changes his mind. In the mean time, Brooke walks in the house. Ridge says that they wonít be the only ones at the funeral who are sad about Taylorís death. A lot of people loved her.

Brooke notes to Ridge that she is early. The kids continue to glue and cut pictures, but Thomas turns around and notices Ridge and Brooke talking. Brooke asks Ridge how the kids are doing. Ridge turns around and looks at them, prompting Thomas to turn back around and continue his work. Ridge knows they are hurting but he doesnít know how to help them. Ironically enough, this is the time when he needs Taylor the most. Brooke hugs him.

Out in the garden, the funeral director tells Eric and Thorne that they are ready to start. He asks if he would like him to go get Ridge and company and Eric thanks him for doing that. The director also notes that Ridge requested an open casket service and says this is the best time to do that. Oh boy, this is going to be fun. Rick and Amber are also waiting around for the service to begin and when the director goes to open the casket, she holds on for dear life to Rickís arm. Taylor has a nice dress on and is made up to look very nice and at peace. She has a peaceful smile on her face, like the kind when she died. Amber starts to lose it when she sees Taylor and turns away. Once she gains her composure, she goes to have a word with Taylor. She walks up to the casket and thanks Taylor for all she did. She tells her she will never forget her and all she did for her. She adds that she will love, cherish, and protect her own family as much as Taylor did for her own. Saying goodbye, Amber sobs back over to Rick.

Jack and Stephanie arrive as the Spectra gang does. Sally offers her condolences to Jack. Kristen and Tony explain to Jack how much of an inspiration Taylor was for them during a hard time in their life last year. Itís all a little too much for Jack and he thanks them and stumbles off. Tony feels sorry for making him sad, but Stephanie says that at a time like this, itís definitely to be expected. Jack takes this time to go say goodbye to his baby. Hey, where is Zach Hamilton, Taylorís brother? I would think he would want to be there. Oh well. He tells her how special she was to him and how he will miss her so much. Itís really touching. We get closer shots of Taylor and even in death she looks pretty good. Jack gets up and turns around to see, Ridge, Phoebe, Steffy, TriciaÖand Brooke enter the garden. Brooke isnít ďall-overĒ Ridge, but she is holding on to him. Jack starts to seethe in anger as he glares over to her before the break.

Stephanie spots Jack and Brooke and runs interference on Jackís side. He canít believe that Brooke would dare to show up and that she is all over Ridge. Taylor isnít even in the ground yet and she is putting the moves on him. Okay, not exactly true, but címon can you blame him for thinking that? A year ago, or almost any previous year we might have expected it. Stephanie tells him to not make a scene, to think about his daughter, and most importantly to let her handle this. Sheíll ask Brooke to sit in the back. Sally spots Brooke and scoffs how shameless she is. Darla notices how hot (angered) Jack looks. Tricia takes her seat and Kristen says they are about ready to start. Brooke says sheíll be there in a second, but she w ants to spend a moment with Taylor. She walks around the seats and starts to get towards Taylor. Jack spots her, and Stephanie, who is hugging the twins, doesnít notice what is happening. By the way, Thomas has walked up and is standing outside the gates of the garden and looking in. Jack grabs Brookeís arm and asks her what the hell she thinks she is doing. Brooke explains she was paying her respects to Taylor, but he says that isnít happening. Like a mom with her 5 year old, Jack marches Brooke, in arm to the back of the seats, right in a good view for Thomas to watch the scene. He tells her that after all the pain she has caused Taylor, it is totally outrageous for her to be there. Brooke doesnít understand it and Jack says he doesnít want her there and neither would Taylor. He asks her to leave and then when she doesnít move, he shouts for her to get out. Thomas watches, horrified. Oh boy.

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