The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/31/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Happy Halloween!

Ridge and Bridget embrace each other as Taylorís greeting is heard on the answering machine. She tells him to stop it and that it isnít good for him. Ridge says he isnít sure what to do. Bridget tells him the kids will be back soon with Eric and that they donít know about Taylor. Eric and the kids arrive with doughnuts.

Eric says that they will be there for Ridge through this whole ordeal. He brings the kids back in and slowly sits them down and starts to tell them that Taylor wonít be coming home. Ridge is visibly shaking, but then someone comes to the door. Bridget answers it and itís Tricia. She explains who she is and why she came there. Bridget says that they could really use her help. Tricia talks with Ridge while the kids get hot chocolate. He explains that he was going to tell the kids that God wanted Taylor as angel really bad. Tricia advises him to tell the kids the truth, starting when Taylor was shot to when she died. Ridge isnít sure he can stay strong during this. Tricia says the kids need to see Ridge grieving so they can in turn grieve. He wonders what he would do if he totally lost it. Tricia tells him sheíll be there for him if he needs her, but doubts he will.

Stephanie has called Amber, Rick, Kristen, and Thorne over to the main house to tell them the bad news. Everyone is floored to hear that Taylor passed away. Amber goes off in a corner and sobs, Rick is in shock, Kristen is in total disbelief of what happened, and last, Thorne is completely pissed. Stephanie attempts to comfort Amber. Amber canít imagine a world without Taylor and blames herself for letting Erica and Sheila into Taylorís life. Stephanie says that Taylor would have made it her business because that is just the way she is. Amber prays for Ridge and the children because today will be the hardest day of their lives.

Mark and Dr. Cooper talk about Taylorís case. Mark is somewhat disillusioned with medicine and how it and Taylorís spirit to live were not enough to save her. Later, he has a flashback to just prior to him taking the job at university hospital in LA. Hey itís Margo! Mark is telling her how he got a job at a teaching hospital ER, but slowly reveals that it is in LA. Margo tells him to not call his father (Clarke) because heíll on be disappointed. Mark is resentful that his dad hasnít been around. Coming back to the present Mark looks off and I think he wants to call Clarke.

Okay this is really painful. Ridge slowly reveals to the children, in detail, what happened to Taylor. The kids question why Taylor isnít coming home. Ridge explains that she was shot and that her heart was badly damaged. The doctors tried to save her heart but they couldnít. Ridge reveals that Taylor, their momma, died last night. The twins are horrified and say they donít want their mom to be dead. Thomas doesnít believe itís true and snarls that he hates Ridge for saying something like that about Taylor. Ridge tries to hug him but he pushes away and begins slamming the pillow cushions into the sofa. Ridge and the twins are crying by now and Bridget tries to stop Thomas. It ends with Bridget hugging a crying Thomas who continues to say that it isnít true.

Wow, that was really bad, but really good. The acting, even the kids was superb and heart wrenching.

See you tomorrow.