The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  10/30/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

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Okay, will Ridge impale Sheila today?

Sheila is more than a little shocked to see Ridge standing there. Once she has mustered some gumption, she tells Ridge that she is sorry and that she never meant to hurt Taylor. Ridge is so angry he can barely speak. He tells her that he finds it odd that she would call what happened an accident. Ridge informs her that what has happened has consumed him, just like Sheila has been consumed by her hate. Sheila tells Ridge that Taylor wouldnít have wanted that. Bad move, Sheila. Ridge wonders if Taylor would have wanted to be blown away or to leave her kids. Nah, sheís gone, but Sheila is still there, and Ridge says he canít live with it. He grabs Sheila behind the neck and tells her that she canít live with it, either. Sheila panics and calls for the guard, but she isnít there. Ridge grabs her by the throat and pushes her into a wall and just about strangles her to death when a guard comes in and tries to get him off. He pushes her off and continues to strangle Sheila, until 3 guards manage to separate Ridge. Ridge screams to a choked Sheila that heís going to send her straight to Hell. Whoa!

Eric and Bridget talk to Phoebe but donít reveal what happened to Taylor. Eric suggests he take them all out for breakfast and that Ridge will be home later to tell them about Taylor. Bridget hangs around to wait for Ridge to get home.

Stephanie visits Brooke and unfortunately reveals that Taylor died last night. Brooke is in shock and canít believe this has happened. She laments for Taylor, Ridge, and the kids. Stephanie tells her who stopped by later. Brooke seems annoyed that this Tricia character provokes Ridge, but Stephanie tells her Ridge didnít need much provoking and feels Tricia might be able to help. She then admits that Ridge stormed off and no one knows where he is, but she hopes he isnít doing anything stupid. YeahÖ.

Ridge comes home and Bridget sees him. He doesnít see her. He slowly walks in and flashes back to when they all had pizza the night Taylor was shot. That show was almost a month ago, because that was before they went to the party and Amber was kidnapped by Sheila. Recall, Taylor said she would be one busy angel. Yeah. Ridge also flashes to Taylor taking care of three kids during the lightening storm, as well as when he came home from his big trip in August, and the dinner Taylor made for him. Bridget tells him she is so sorry, but then someone calls him and painfully Ridge listens to Taylorís greeting on the answering machine. He plays it repeatedly. Then, he sobs in Bridgetís arms. Oh my. That sucks a fat one!