The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  10/29/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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It’s a new day in LA!

Eric slowly stumbles to Ridge’s place and lets himself in with the keys. Bridget is asleep on the couch in the living room and wakes up as he enters. She says she had expected Ridge to come back at some point during the night. Slowly, Bridget realizes something is wrong and figures out that Taylor died without Eric having to say the words. She sobs and wonders how Ridge is.

We fade from Bridget’s face to a ceiling view of the hospital room. We see Taylor’s empty and nicely-made bed, without her in it, of course. Stephanie and Ridge are still in their same clothes, and she tries to comfort him. Just then, a knock at the door catches their attention and in walks a woman who has long dark brown hair and is in her thirties, it looks like. She’s similar to Taylor and her name is Tricia Quick. Ah, the grief counselor. Tricia explains she is looking for Taylor’s room and wonders where she is. Stephanie is about as blunt as you could be in this situation and informs her that she passed away last night. Tricia is taken aback but quickly gains her composure. It looks like she has a wedding ring on. Tricia explains that she was called by Taylor to come to L.A., but she isn’t a doctor, just a psychologist. Yeah, she’d be a doctor if she were a psychiatrist, like Taylor and whatever else she did. God, this is so like when Caroline died, and Taylor treated her. The parallels are uncanny. Ridge chuckles that it would be like Taylor to think of everything, meaning the grief counseling. Ridge is holding Stinky in his hand. Tricia apologizes to Ridge for his loss.

In the prison, Sheila is seated, and guess who walks in to see her? Mass. He looks pretty mad. Turns out Sheila called him. Sheila explains that the person that did the shootings wasn’t the real her. No, it was some pseudo-Sheila that pops out every now and then. Sheila tries to play the relationship card, but Mass scoffs that it was sex. Sheila thinks it was more than that. Basically, Sheila is nice as long as she gets what she wants. She asks for his forgiveness.

Bridget thought Taylor was getting better. Eric explains how Taylor’s heart was so damaged and that it was such a miracle that she came back for that last day to say goodbye. Bridget asks about Ridge. Eric doesn’t have to say anything. Bridget says this isn’t fair because Taylor never hurt anyone. Eric says they’ll have to take care of Ridge and the kids but knows it won’t be the same as Taylor’s love. In the end, though, it’s all they can do.

Tricia explains that Taylor asked her to come for Ridge and the kids’ sake, not hers. Stephanie says they could use her help on the kid front because they haven’t even told the kids yet. Tricia says she has had a lot of experience in that department. When Tricia asks Ridge to open up, he explains that he has been through this before. Tricia says that Taylor told her about Caroline and how she died. Ridge informs her there were no children in that marriage. Tricia says this will be much different and explains that each case of grief is different for each different person. Ridge says he wants his wife back, not comforting from her. Tricia notes his lack of breath and figures he probably has tightness in his throat, among other symptoms, which are just signs that the body is dealing with the death, when the heart and the mind can’t accept it yet. Taylor is dead, but she isn’t gone completely. When Tricia goes on about different ways to see Taylor, he flashes back to different moments in the recent past with Taylor.

Mass can’t believe that Sheila is asking his forgiveness. She slips up when she tries to explain away her actions through motherhood. Mass loses it and asks her if she knows who else is a mother. Sheila guesses he means Taylor and has the gall to ask about her. He says that he was on his way to the hospital when she called him to come visit. Last he heard, she was hanging on by a thread.

Sheila explains that she didn’t mean to shoot Taylor. Mass loses it again and says she was shot in the heart at point blank range. Sheila maintains that it was an accident, and she only went over to beg for Eric’s help when dealing with Erica. After what Mass and Stephanie said about her getting locked up for her own actions, she knew she had to do something. Sheila had no idea Taylor would come over there and wishes she hadn’t. Um, okay, you did pull the trigger, right? You didn’t have to do that. Sheila then asks Mass to get her out of jail, and she’ll be all his.  She hints it in sexual ways and something like espionage ways, too. Okay, Sheila, go back to the psych ward. Mass thinks she is cunning, but then he is interrupted by a call that has some bad news. Taylor is dead. Mass wastes no time in walking out of there and telling Sheila that Taylor has died. Sheila looks shocked, but, eh, she’s still tickin’ right?

Ridge resents Tricia coming in there and not knowing what she is talking about. He explains that Taylor was murdered by a nut job. Tricia admits she didn’t know that. Ridge finds it unfair that Sheila Carter, a woman no one cares about, is still taking up space and oxygen, while his wife is gone. He shouts at Tricia to tell him how he is supposed to deal with this. Stephanie interjects that this isn’t Tricia’s fault. Ridge admits she is right and says he’s going to talk to the perp for this crime right now. He storms out, ignoring Stephanie’s protests.

Bridget gets Eric some coffee. They talk about death and how to cope with all this. Bridget thinks that even Brooke has grown to respect Taylor. She thinks it’s strange to be in Taylor’s house and to know she won’t be coming home. The kids will wake up soon, and she won’t know what to say. She really wonders what this will do to them. She begins to cry, and Phoebe comes out and asks her what is wrong. Bridget covers that she is okay.

Sheila is giddy when she is let back into the visitor’s room. She asks the guard if it is the same man that is back to see her. The guard doesn’t know. Sheila sits down and the guard calls to let the visitor in. Sheila has such a devious smile on her face but it is instantly wiped away when she sees it’s actually Ridge there to visit her. Ridge glares at her.