The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/28/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Well, Taylor is dead, and you can bet there will be a hell of a fallout in store for us now.

Megan stops by Brooke’s house (not the guesthouse) to baby-sit Hope. Brooke has moved back in the house. Hope has adjusted to new surroundings better than Brooke. Brooke admits that she was just getting a sense of peace, but Megan doesn’t think that has to change. Megan then appalls me and asks Brooke if she has thought about starting over with Ridge if Taylor were to not make it. Brooke is horrified and says that the thought has never crossed her mind.

Cut to a Jack O' lantern. Bridget carves pumpkins with the kids at their house. The kids ask Bridget if she would bake some pumpkin seeds for them like Taylor has before. Bridget admits that she has never done that before but will try. The kids explain how to separate the guts from the seeds of the pumpkin. Bridget isn’t exactly enjoying all that but does it for them anyway.

Ridge has moved Taylor back to her bed, and she is lying in peace. He watches her. Eric and Stephanie enter the room and ask how she is. He responds that she is peaceful. Stephanie notices that they have taken her off the monitors. She asks whose idea that was. Ridge explains that it was Taylor’s and that she and her doctors knew there wasn’t anything more they can do. Ridge goes on to say that she is gone. Stephanie is in a state of shock.

Brooke assures Megan that she isn’t thinking anything about Ridge, except that Taylor will come home to him and their kids. Megan thinks it is only natural to consider what would happen if Taylor were to die. Brooke doesn’t want to have this conversation. Megan starts talking about soul mates, and I’m wondering why she is even encouraging all this. I mean a few weeks ago, she was looking pissed that Brooke was even talking about Eric and his romantic feelings. Eh, whatever.

Stephanie says it isn’t too late and wants to call the doctors. She rushes to Taylor’s machines, but Ridge stops her. She tells him he isn’t thinking clearly and tells Eric to go get a doctor. Ridge tells Eric to stop it. He wants to just leave Taylor alone. He explains she had no fear or no pain, and again, he asks her to leave her alone. Stephanie bursts into tears and begins a small conversation with Taylor. She tells her it isn’t her time and that she can’t leave her babies and Ridge. She realizes Taylor would see some lesson in all this, but Stephanie cannot see anything good about this. She then affirms her promise to make all the dreams Taylor had for her family come true. However, Stephanie will never understand why she is leaving and says good-bye. Then it’s time to sob.

Bridget asks what the kids are going to dress up as for Halloween. Thomas explains they won’t be trick-o-treating this year because Steffy is scared without her blanket, Stinky, which she gave to Taylor. Bridget thinks Taylor wouldn’t mind giving it back for a night. Steffy asks Bridget if she thinks her mom will be home for Halloween. Bridget thinks she will try.

Stephanie enters the room and says she spoke to a nurse who is going to page Dr. Cooper and Dr. Maclaine. Eric seems to be off in another world but does respond. He tells Stephanie he brought Taylor a gift. It’s a silk gown to replace the unflattering hospital gowns they make you wear. Yeah. It was made of silk from Thailand. He had been saving it for a good time to use it, and he thought of Taylor’s warm voice when she talks to Thomas and twins. Eric goes on to say the color, which is blue, strives only to be as beautiful as Taylor’s eyes, that were so full of compassion. He says the fabric is almost worthy of her. He will never forget when he first saw Taylor walk into a room. He thought she was so much of a lady and very beautiful. Eric breaks down a little but is comforted by Stephanie. Just then, Dr. Maclaine enters the room and apologizes to them all for not being able to do more. Also, two nurses enter with a gurney, presumably to take Taylor away. Ridge becomes furious and tells them to get out of there and that they aren’t taking his wife away. Mark and the nurses head back out. Stephanie and Eric leave Ridge to be alone with Taylor.

Megan is worried something is wrong with Taylor because she has a friend at the hospital who says that her condition has been downgraded. Brooke refuses to believe that anything bad will happen to Taylor.

Bridget brings the pumpkin seeds out, and the kids point out that she forgot the garlic. That was Taylor’s secret ingredient. Steffy wishes her mom would come home and wonders why people have to get hurt. Bridget isn’t sure but guesses that it helps them to appreciate everyone more.

Ridge talks to Taylor about how the men tried to take her away like she is nothing. Ridge curses to God and says that He can’t have her because they need her so much more. Hmm, tell that to Brad Bell. He asks Taylor to not leave him and sobs. The camera pans out as Ridge sobs to the ceiling of the hospital room.