The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/18/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Hey everybody, all I have to say is Q-800, V-590, A?!?!!!

The doctors, including Mark, are working on Taylor. They actually have to stop her heart while they work on her. Doh!

Stephanie and Ridge go upstairs to check on Taylor’s condition. Eric waits for Amber and Rick to show up. Eventually when they do, the doctor gives them Brooke’s prognosis. She’s going to be just fine and has very little tissue damage.

Rick and Amber go in to see Brooke. She’s conscious, but very tired. They talk about what happened and Brooke explains that Taylor saved her. They grow concerned about her condition.

Stephanie tries to tell Ridge that he won’t lose Taylor because she is a fighter. Ridge convinces himself that things will be okay.

Mark informs Ridge on how the surgery went. It went well, but the procedure might involve complications including clotting, infection, or even brain damage from when they stopped her heart. Oh no. Ridge wants to see Taylor. Stephanie watches from outside as Ridge tells Taylor to hang on and not let go. Stephanie seems to be affected, and I wonder if she is thinking of telling Ridge the truth about his paternity. Hmm, that could be an interesting aftermath to all this.

Have a great weekend.

Okay Erica visits Sheila in jail and you will never believe what happens! Erica is livid with her mom for all the lies and betrayal, not to mention that she might have killed two people tonight. Sheila explains that Brooke snuck up on her and Taylor attacked her and the gun just “went off.” Okay, Sheila. Neither Erica nor I buy that excuse. Things get heated when Erica demands to be called Mary and threatens that she will never see her again. Sheila loses it and calls her an ungrateful bitch. Sheila then tries to take it back, but Erica says it is good to see her true evil side. Erica wonders what it will feel like to rot away in prison with no purpose. Sheila counters that she will always be apart of Erica and corners her and then kisses her on the lips and I’m not talking about a normal parent to child kinda kiss on the lips. It’s prolonged and disgusting. Erica is terrified and demands the guard let her out. The guard complies and gives Sheila a horrible look. Sheila manically laughs as Erica runs out but then starts to go a little batty and bangs her head against the wall a few times for good measure. Yikes!