The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/17/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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B&B time!

Brooke is lying on the floor bleeding and not moving much. Eric is talking to the dispatcher informing him of the shootings, getting an ambulance and the police there. Eric checks on Taylor, who is mighty pale now. Brooke calls him over and tells him to not let Sheila get the gun. Sheila is still out cold, but Eric removes the gun from the floor and takes it to a table. He also gets a cord and uses it to tie Sheila’s hands behind her back. Ridge and Stephanie arrive and are shocked.

Mass and Sally enjoy some Irish whiskey and discuss what happened this evening. Sally is surprised that Mass got taken in by Sheila and jokes that he and Eric have similar tastes in women. She gets serious and says it could have been much worse, and Mass agrees. Luckily, this time no one got hurt.

Stephanie screams that Eric is bleeding. He explains it isn’t his blood, and they spot Brooke. Ridge rushes to her, and Stephanie asks if Sheila did this. Affirmative. Brooke whispers to Ridge that she is sorry and says Taylor’s name. He says that Taylor is at home, but Eric explains that Taylor is there. At that moment, Stephanie spots Taylor and is horrified. She and Ridge rush to her side. They get blankets for a still unmoving Taylor and Brooke. The EMS crew arrives with two ambulances. One EMT works with Brooke, while the other gets going on Taylor. After the 2nd ambulance gets there, and the cops, the house is full of people. Lt. Baker and Office Jackson pick up a groggy Sheila, who now has handcuffs on. Two EMT’s wheel Brooke out. Apparently, her blood pressure is low and she isn’t stable, but she is conscious. Meanwhile, Taylor’s EMT’s have her on an IV and oxygen tank. They can’t find pulses in the radial locations (like probably her feet) and worry there has been heart damage, plus the fact that she has lost a gallon of blood. They get her out of here. Stephanie goes with Brooke to University Hospital and Ridge gets a ride with an officer. Baker and Jackson hold on to Sheila who now faces Eric. She explains that she never meant to hurt anyone, and she loves Eric. Eric does something like push her away and they take her away thank god.

At the hospital, Dr. Bloom talks to Stephanie and Brooke. Brooke still has a bullet lodged in their shoulder that they have to get out. When Brooke explains how she didn’t know that Sheila was in the house and Taylor saved her life, her pulse becomes rapid and the alarms go off. The doctor tells her to calm down and so does Stephanie. Brooke wants to see Taylor. Cooper asks if she has any numbness, but Brooke isn’t sure. She just feels dizzy. The doctor explains that she lost a lot of blood. Ugh.

Ridge walks with Taylor as they wheel her into surgery. Her pulse is thready and weak so they have to move now. Ridge spends a minute talking to a ghostly looking Taylor. He tells her she needs to hang on, and when she gets better SHE can talk to the kids. They both say they love each other, but have to be separated when her BP goes plummeting. Ridge prays that she will be okay.

Amber and Rick decide tonight is the night to get it on and have a little frisky fun. You guessed it. Endless double entendres, pillow talk, and coy remarks. Gotta love sexual teasing!

See you Friday!