The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  10/16/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Fireworks today folks!!!

Oh no, today's rating has TV-14 with both a "D" and "V." V for violence. :(

Sheila still has Eric at gunpoint, and orders him to put the phone down. Taylor is still in the doorway unnoticed by Sheila. Sheila says it didn't have to be this way because she just wanted a better life for her daughter. Eric spots a stunned Taylor in the door. Run away, Taylor!

Eric tries to motion for Taylor to get out of there, but Taylor just keeps walking in, probably not sure what to do. Sheila complains about having to live on the run all these years. Taylor finally realizes what he is saying and tries to make a mad dash out of the house, but Sheila spots her and threatens to shoot Eric. She tells them to stay still and not even breathe.

Sheila orders Taylor over to where Eric is. Taylor just wants to talk to her about this. Sheila says to spare her the psycho-crap. Taylor explains that she wants to talk about Erica. Only Sheila can spare her the pain of what has happened. Sheila defends her actions, and claims she isn't crazy or violent. She was just protecting her daughter. Oh c'mon does that really work anymore? She tried to make things better for her, but blames Taylor and Amber for trying to dig out the truth and ruin her life. They made it ugly. Sheila wonders what she is supposed to do now. She's backed into a corner. D'oh! Like Lance!

Ridge apologizes for not believing Amber about all this mess. She appreciates the apology, but says he doesn't need to do that. Ironically she tells him to go home and give his wife and kids a big hug and be thankful he has them all. Stephanie says that is a great idea, and Ridge offers her a ride home. The music is still a little uneasy. Amber and Rick make out some more.

Ridge talks to Catherine on his cell phone, and tells him he is coming straight home after he drops off Stephanie at the main house. She tells him all the kids are asleep. Apparently, Taylor left, and she doesn't know where she is. He tells her to have Taylor call him once she gets back. Stephanie suggest he call her on the car phone now, but he admits he needs to make his apology in person. After never believing Taylor about Amber, he has to make it all up to her. Stephanie says she was duped by Sheila, too. Both Stephanie and Ridge are ready to be home. Stephanie realizes that she hasn't called Eric to let him know what happened. Ridge gets a sinking feeling that Sheila may try to visit him. She might risk her freedom to spend some time with him. Stephanie is horrified and Ridge picks up the pace a little.

Amber talks with Rick, and asks him if he was going to sleep with Erica. Amber explains how horrifying it was to hear Sheila talking to Erica about getting pregnant. Rick says he was not going to sleep with Erica, but admits it was confusing for all these things to happen. Rick beats up on himself for not fighting for his marriage unlike Amber. Amber explains that her marriage was all she had left. She explains that when thought she was going to die, she closed her eyes and thought of him. They rejoice how the whole mess is over.

Amber goes in Eric's room and wakes him up, but gently. He is so happy to see his mommy home.

Megan visits with Brooke and Hope, and man, it looks like they got a new Hope. This one has darker hair, or maybe I'm just spacing. Anyway, Megan is wearing a horrible blouse that looks like a cross between a turtle-neck and a t-shirt with ruffles. She says she is addicted to Hope now, but admits she considered checking in on Brooke. Brooke says that she has more self respect than to chase after another married man. Later, she asks Megan to hang around for a minute because she left the baby's bottle in the main house. Doh! She says she'll tiptoe in the through the kitchen.

Taylor tells Sheila that her daughter loves and needs her, but Sheila counters she will lose her either way because she can't stay in town. Taylor reasons that Erica could still stay in LA, and maybe even get to know James. She could do a lot of things, but not if Sheila hurts them. Taylor tries to reason with Sheila that if she hurts any of them, Erica will have to pay the price alongside her. No one would want her here, and it would haunt her the rest of her life. Sheila tells her to her shut up, but Eric agrees with Taylor and says they are trying to help. Taylor says there is still a chance to turn this whole thing around and asks her to make the right choice and give her the gun.

Okay, the longest slow motion scene ever! Taylor appears to making a little progress with Sheila and it looks like she might give her the gun. Unfortunately, Brooke is coming in to get the baby's bottle at that moment. Okay, slow mo time. Eric and Taylor spot Brooke, and Taylor yells (no audio) for her to stop. Brooke stops and in shock drops the bottle on the floor and it spills. Sheila turns around and Brooke takes off for the door. Sheila begins to aim at Brooke, but Taylor grabs Sheila's arm to stop her. Sheila turns around and they both struggle for about the equivalent of 3 seconds, until we hear a shot, and it's pretty obvious Taylor has been hit. Taylor immediately falls to the floor in between the coffee table and the couch. Brooke turns around during her flight to see what happened, and is horrified as well as Eric. Sheila is horrified because I don't think she realized what was happening.

Eric takes this opportunity to tackle Sheila for the gun and another struggle takes place. Brooke takes action and runs over to help Eric subdue Sheila. Another struggle winds up with Brooke getting shot. We watch as a terrified Brooke slumps to the floor, but is still conscious. I figure maybe she got hit in the shoulder. At this point with one hand on Sheila's head and the other on the gun, Eric manages to knock the gun out of Sheila's grasp and punches her to the floor. All the doubles were needed for the three women being knocked down I guess, though I can't see the need for it in Brooke's case because she really just slumped over. Eric bends down to see if Brooke is okay. Taylor is in Brooke's line of sight, and she immediately calls Taylor's name. Eric runs over to see if Taylor is okay. He rolls her over to see a huge red spot on her upper left chest. He has so much blood on his hands, and she is completely unresponsive. Brooke cries out Taylor's name, and Eric is in total shock.

Well, we'll see how this all pans out tomorrow.