The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  10/15/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Okay, hereís a quick recap.

Amber wants to go home, but unfortunately Lt. Baker has to clear some things with her legal troubles. In the meantime, she talks to Stephanie about how itís finally over. Taylor shows up and words cannot express the gratitude she has for her for believing her the entire time. Once things get straight, Taylor offers to take Amber home, but Stephanie and Mass offer to do it. Wait, who is looking after Ridge and Taylorís kids?

In the car, Taylor hears Ericaís jingle for Amberís line and jokes about the timing. She then realizes that Ericaís name is a namesake for Eric and for some reason I think sheís going to head over to the main house. Donít do it, Taylor! Donít!

Erica tries to apologize, but it always seems to come out that she never meant to hurt Rick. Hmm, what about Amber? Erica explains that at first she knew nothing of her motherís past, but Rick says as soon as she found out the truth she should have confessed it all. Erica rationalizes that she was afraid Rick would hate her. Pssh. Erica pleads for his forgiveness, and then Amber shows up and says that she cannot forgive her. Rick and Amber hug and kiss, but then she gets down to business with Erica. She calls her a sick and twisted piece of trash just like her mom. The only reason that Erica came to LA was to BE Amber. Erica defends herself and says that at first she really did admire her. Amber says that if she was alone with her she would probably strangle the life right out of Erica. A part of Amber hopes she gets some help, but the rest of her hopes she and Sheila rot in hell. Okay, maybe you should apologize to Amber now, Erica. I mean she apologized to Rick like 5 times! Anyway, the police come and want to take Erica downtown to answer some questions. A female cop accompanies her upstairs to change. Later, she comes down dressed and tells Rick that if he only believes one thing, then to believe that she loved him. Get her outta there! The cops and Erica leave.

At the main house, Eric doesnít realize Sheila is there, but once she speaks he figures it out. He wonders why she came back after all this time. She knows he would never help her, but she wants him to help her daughter, his namesake, and reveals that girl is actually Erica. Eric is horrified by this and tells Sheila to go to hell. She pleads with him to not let her mistakes affect her daughter, but Eric has no time for her and even says she is as crazy as ever. He is even more horrified to learn that Sheila was behind all of the problems Amber had, but Sheila says he wanted to believe Amber did that, because he wanted her out of the family, too. He doesnít want to have anything to do with her or her daughter. Sheilaís venomous side comes out when she calls him a self-righteous bastard. Eric knew Sheilaís true colors would soon show and goes to call the police, but she tells him to stop. Eric turns around to see a gun pointed at him. At that moment, Taylor walks in the door. Sheila has her back to the door and doesnít see Taylor, but Eric does. No Taylor! No!! Oh well.

Tomorrow, I think someone might get shot, because there are stunt doubles for Brooke, Taylor, and Sheila appearing tomorrow.  Bye!