The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/14/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Okay what an exciting Monday!

Stephanie knows that is Sheila inside and tells Mass they have to get in and pronto. He reminds her that Sheila could have a gun, and the police are almost there. Stephanie points out that Amber could be in there. Inside, Sheila takes her aim off Amber, who is now quiet. Sheila is furious that Stephanie found her and takes aim at the door, presuming they are standing right behind.

Brooke says that she and Hope can’t go back quite yet because of the rain. Eric says it’s cool, and they can stay a while. She apologizes for coming in the first place. She normally doesn’t get a weird vibe that something is wrong with one of their kids. Eric says he did get through to Rick, which I’m a little confused about, I guess maybe he did all this before the storm. The shift focuses to Hope, and Eric suggests that they stay the night. Brooke declines, and says Stephanie probably wouldn’t appreciate that. Eric admits he hasn’t told Stephanie about their chats, though Stephanie has encouraged them being together. Brooke figures the influence is meant to be on her. She worries that if she spends the night, she will do something naughty. Eric is surprised by this, and Brooke admits she has been tempted.

More making out with Rick and Erica. Rick resists to the point that he is shoving a horny Erica off of him. He springs up when he hears someone knocking, thinking it could be Amber. Erica gets that disappointed look on her face. It’s Ridge at the door. Rick figures it has to do with Amber and is afraid.

Amber bounces around while she is tied up to try and warn Mass and Stephanie that Sheila is going to shoot. Mass calls out to Sheila to tell her to just open up, and they can talk about this. Sheila is hurt that he led Stephanie to her. Amber knocks a vase off the table and falls to the floor herself. Hearing the noise, Mass breaks down the door, and is greeted with Mr. Happy Gun. Stephanie hears Amber’s cries, and runs over to her first. Poor Amber is still tied to the chair that is now sideways on the floor. Sheila threatens to kill them all.

Ridge slowly explains to Rick the truth about Sheila and Erica. Erica listens from upstairs, and is horrified to be exposed. She tries to sneak out, just as the power comes back on. Both Forrester men tell her to hold it.

Stephanie takes Amber’s mouth tape off, and Amber sobs that Erica is trying to get pregnant right now. Sheila gloats that she probably is pregnant, and asks Stephanie what she thinks about that. Stephanie, always in the mood to speak her mind, even when confronted with a lunatic with a gun tells Sheila that she has ruined her own daughter, a perfectly good young woman. She’ll go to jail right alongside her. Mass interrupts, and says that if Sheila hurts anyone, her daughter will go to jail as an accessory. Sheila thinks he is lying, and orders him to get over with the rest of them. Just then, Sheila hears police sirens and tells anyone if they follow her, she’ll shoot: to kill! Stupidly, Mass runs after her, despite Amber and Stephanie’s cries not to, he gets shot at, but isn’t hit thank god.

Brooke thinks she has caught Eric off guard. Brooke says she would have like to see what kind of life they would have together, but she has learned from old ways. She learned that if she tries to get something the wrong way, it poisons it and then you can’t hold on to it because you don’t really deserve it. She realizes that Eric and Stephanie are meant to be together.

The rain slackens and Brooke decides to take Hope back to the guesthouse. Eric jokes that Brooke shouldn’t be so sure that if she had gone after Eric she would have gotten him. Brooke wonders if she is losing her touch, but realizes she hasn’t lost a thing from the look on Eric’s face.

Mass tells some cops where Sheila went off. Baker asks Amber what kind of car she had. It’s a green Ford Tarus, hey like me. I drive a psychopath’s car! Woo hoo! Amber says she is fine but wants to get in touch with Rick because he is over there with that lunatic Erica or Mary. Stephanie tries to calm her down.

Erica tries to cover that she was only going to close the door. They don’t buy it and Rick demands to know if what Ridge says was true. He realizes that it is true and demands to know where Amber is. Erica says her mom wouldn’t hurt Amber, but is horrified to hear that Sheila actually tried to kill Stephanie once before. The phone rings and it is Amber. He apologizes for not believing her and it’s a really touching half-scene. She tells him she is coming home.

At the mansion, Eric pours some liquor and hears the door open. He doesn’t turn around but figures it is Brooke coming back. He says they always come back and we see a drenched Sheila right behind him.

Get in on time! Eric confronts Sheila and says she is just as nuts as she was before. Sheila tells everyone (Brooke, Eric, and Taylor) they aren’t going anywhere. Doh!