The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/11/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Okay it’s weekend time folks, but first, an exciting B&B!

Mass dismisses Stephanie’s notion that the woman on the phone is Sheila. Slowly though, the pieces start moving into place. Stephanie describes Sheila’s physical condition, and reveals she has a daughter. Mass remembers Sheila mentioning she had a daughter, and slowly they figure out that Erica is really Mary. Stephanie figures this all has to do with Rick and Amber and calls Taylor and Ridge to warn them.

Taylor looks up Lt. Baker’s number because she wants to check in with him about Amber again. Ridge makes her stop, and then they proceed to have sex. (prolly for the last time!) Next, Stephanie’s call comes in and Taylor is shocked to hear Sheila is back. Ridge takes the phone and is told all the details. Stephanie wants him to get Amber and all the kids together and their room, but Ridge reveals that Amber is missing and the cops found her bracelet in an alley with pills and alcohol. Stephanie knows it has something to do with Sheila. Ridge tells them to call the cops, and he’ll call Rick. Taylor realizes it all adds up and that Amber was really setup. She gives Stephanie, Erica’s address so they can go look for Amber. Stephanie is about to call the police, but Mass says they can call from the car.

Ridge can’t get an answer at Rick’s place, possibly because the power went out and all of their phones might require power. (Old phones or simple phones don’t.) Anyway, so he heads over to Rick’s house, and tells Taylor he loves her.

Stephanie reaches Baker while in the car, and says they will meet him at Erica’s place.

Erica tries to get it on with Rick, and despite his protests, she persists. She insists that they don’t need protection because she is a virgin, and she has taken care of the rest. Oh Lord. Rick resists at first, but eventually they start making out on the bed.

Sheila tells Amber that she isn’t going to let her go. Amber says that a baby is not going to keep Rick and Erica together. Sheila says the baby is just insurance, because the two of them love each other. After changing, Sheila orders Amber to take a whole bunch of pills and warns her that she’ll shoot her if she doesn’t cooperate. Sheila says that it doesn’t matter to her because she’ll just chop up Amber and pack her away in a suitcase and dump her overboard in the yacht. Eww. Sheila is about to take off Amber’s mouth cover, but then hears a panicked knock at the door. Sheila cautiously goes to the window and peers through the blinds only to see Stephanie staring right at her. Outside, Stephanie is sure she saw Sheila and wants to get in immediately. Hearing Stephanie’s name, Amber attempts to scream, but, of course, it’s really muffled. Sheila goes into terror mode, and turns around and looks ready to shoot Amber on the spot. Oh no!!!!!!

Have a safe weekend guys!