The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/10/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Alright, first Sheila continues to taunt Amber about how Rick is planting the seed tonight. Yuck! Sheila tells Amber that if she gets any ideas to leave again, she’ll shoot her and adds a silencer to her gun so as to not make a lot of noise. Sheila tells Amber that Erica is sick and tired of seeing her put Rick through hell and will be there for Rick unlike Amber ever has been. She then rips the tape off Amber’s mouth prompting a scream from Amber. Amber snidely tells Sheila that she is going straight to the prison Psych Ward. Sheila begins packing her clothes up and Amber questions her about that. Sheila says she is going on a trip, but won’t say where or who with. Amber deduces it can’t be Erica because that would ruin her twisted plan, and it can't be Eric because he despises her. Amber says that when she tells Eric what she did, he will make sure she goes to prison forever. Sheila coldly tells her that she won’t be telling him anything. Amber nervously asks her what she is going to do to her, but Sheila just says the possibilities are endless. Oh no.

Rick decides to pull out some Scotch because of what happened and has put a major dent in the bottle. Erica is overjoyed to hear that Rick is giving up on Amber and happily refills his drink. Rick bitches about Amber, and then heads to bed. Erica says to herself that the night is not over yet for them.

Taylor and Ridge share some wine, and he reiterates that Taylor is being led on when it comes to Amber. He tells her to face reality and prays that Amber will never come back.

Eric brings Phoebe, Steffy, and Thomas back to their parents because they were all pretty scared during the storm, plus Steffy wanted “Stinky” her blanket. Taylor is happy to see them, and says they can make pizza there. Steffy asks if Amber can help, but Taylor tells her Amber isn’t there. Taylor goes off with the kids, while Ridge explains what happened to Amber to Eric. Eric can’t believe it.

The kids, Taylor, and Ridge enjoy pizza in the living room. Taylor says that the thunder is really angels bowling. They all joke about it. Taylor goes off a tangent about how she’ll always be watching over her babies even from heaven. Hmm, is this foreshadowing?

Stephanie pays Mass an unexpected visit. She brings him a drawing the kids made of themselves and Eric and Stephanie. She promises him that she will always make him apart of he grandkids’ life. He takes some comfort in that, but still wishes they would know the truth. Stephanie thanks him for keeping the secret in confidence for her.

Rick undresses, as Erica comes in in a nighty and tells him he can still have a family. He can do it with her. Ugh!

Sheila makes the fatal mistake of calling Mass, but he can’t get to the phone, so he tells Stephanie to put it on speakerphone. Stephanie instantly recognizes the voice of Sheila. She coaxes Mass into agreeing to go on the cruise with Sheila when she asks about it again. Mass says that he needs a few hours to get it all together, and if she would call him back then, everything would be ready. They hang up and Stephanie tells him who his mystery woman is. Stephanie is in complete shock.

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