The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  10/9/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Alright, here goes. Amber manages to use the scissors to cut away her ropes, but does it slowly so as not to arouse Sheila’s suspicions. Sheila figures out that no one is looking for Amber, and stops looking out the window. She continues to taunt Amber about how bad of a person SHE is, and how Eric and his whole family have been trying to get rid of her for years. She even goes so far as to say that she is doing them all a big favor. When Sheila fixes her and Amber some water, Amber stands up and tries to sneak past Sheila as she pours the water. Amber actually makes it to the door, unlocks it, and opens it, and is THIS close to freedom, but Sheila grabs her, slams the door shut, and puts her in a chokehold on the window. Amber is screaming a whole bunch throughout this. Where the hell are those nosy neighbors? Okay, Amber’s first mistake was trying to sneak past Sheila, who was pouring water right next to the door. She should have done that when Sheila was in the bathroom, or maybe by the TV, but not right next to the door. I tell you what I would have done. I would have taken those scissors and planted ‘em right into Sheila’s back, or better yet, her neck. Just go straight for the jugular.

Amber gets free of Sheila’s hold, and a fight breaks out. Amber and Sheila go whirling into the table with the lamp on it next to the sofa. Both Sheila and lamb crash to the floor. Amber takes this opportunity to run for the scissors and gets them. She tries to cut Sheila, but misses, and they go into another body lock that lands them both of the sofa. Then Sheila, who is underneath Amber, pushes her back onto the coffee table, and as they struggle, Sheila winds up in the same place and, of course, the coffee table breaks. Sheila finally takes control of Amber, ties her back up, and covers her mouth.

Meanwhile, Rick explains how he knows there must be some mistake about Amber to Lt. Baker. Baker isn’t sure, but tells him to call him if he hears anything from Amber and he’ll call Rick if they find Amber. Rick is in shock. He wonders when this all will end. The noise has woken up Little Eric, and Erica takes him back to bed. Rick thinks about the promise he made to Erica to not let Amber jerk him around anymore.

Taylor and Ridge get back from the party and are ready to get it on. Taylor wants to check on Amber, but Ridge says he wants her to himself. She’ll go get the wine while he starts the fire. Before they can do either of those things, Lt. Baker comes to the door and explains that Amber is missing. Taylor says that Amber is there, but Baker explains how they found her tracking device in an alley. Taylor goes to look for Amber in the kitchen. Taylor can’t find her or any note as to where she is and suspects foul play. Baker explains how they found pills and tequila in the alley, which explains everything to Ridge. Taylor says the tequila thing is an obvious setup after what happened the night of Amber’s drugging. They all notice the bar’s condition, especially the glass dumped over. Taylor says anyone could have done that. Baker says he can have the guys check for prints, but doesn’t think it matters. Ridge shows Baker out, who tells Taylor if Amber calls her to let him know. Taylor picks up the glass, smells it, and sighs.

Taylor calls Rick to let him know what has happened. He starts to get really mad, as Taylor defends Amber and says this is the last straw. He’s tired of Amber’s selfish behavior. Taylor tries to reason with him that Amber was perfectly normal this afternoon.  Rick says that’s the scary thing. They never know when Amber might explode.

Erica calls Sheila to find out what happened to Amber. Sheila says she is safe, and Erica tells her not to hurt Amber, though she worries Amber will tell Rick the whole truth. Sheila says it won’t matter once Erica is pregnant. She will forever be in the Forrester family. Amber glares at Sheila. Erica gets off the phone and walks to the top of the staircase, observing Rick drink a glass of liquor. She sinisterly smiles down at him, probably planning her next move.

“Get it on” time. Sheila has some terrible plans for Amber including her having to take some pills. Amber ends the whole thing damning Sheila to hell. What will happen next?