The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  10/8/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Okay, Amber is screaming as Sheila gets the wire cutters close and struggles as she cuts off her tracking bracelet. Amber stops screaming and is suddenly confused. Amber says that the police will find her. Sheila counters that she is counting on that. She then pulls out a bag of pills and the rest of the tequila bottle. She dumps the tequila out around the pills. Boy, is it raining.

At the police station, some officers notice that a tracking device alarm is going off and go get Lt. Baker. Oh wonderful, that guy, along with the rest of the LAPD are about the most inept crime fighters in the country. But, hey, if you want frame jobs and false accusations, they are your top police station!

Lt. Baker tells the two officers to go where Amber's last sweep located her, and he'll go by Rick's place. He says that she is in a heap of trouble.

Erica and Rick talk about Amber some more. Erica says that she feels Rick should do whatever he thinks is right concerning Amber. She just wants him to promise her that if Amber lets him down again, he won't support her anymore. On cue, Lt. Baker comes to the door asking Rick if he knows where his wife is. Rick is shocked.

The officers make it to the alley where Sheila had Amber. They find all the bait that Sheila left and radio it in to Lt. Baker. He's pretty mad that Amber cut off her bracelet and explains to Rick what happened. He says that isn't possible, but Baker assures him it is true. Okay, see what I mean?

Bridget and CJ talk about her mentor, and he is so transparently jealous. Bridget picks up on it and thinks it is sweet, but, of course, CJ is in denial and goes to bed.

Back at Erica's apartment, Sheila brings Amber in. She threatens to shoot her if she screams when she takes the tape off her mouth. Amber is good. Amber says her plan will never work because Rick believes her. Sheila tells her she better pray her plan works because if not, she'll have to do something more permanent. Eh! Amber is horrified to figure out that Sheila's plan involves Erica entrapping Rick with a baby. She figures it out when she sees the "Ovulation Forecaster" box. Amber spots some scissors next to all Erica's clippings of Amber. She tells Sheila that she told Rick this afternoon that if she went missing, for him to look at the apartment, because she knew it all tied into there. After all, it's near Lance's, and it's where the vandalism took place. Sheila is convinced and runs over to look out the window. Amber takes the opportunity to go over to the scissors, but Sheila catches her and orders her back to her chair. Amber sits down, and we see that she actually managed to get the scissors. She tries to wiggle the scissors into a position where she can cut the ropes around her hands. Will she succeed?

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