The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/7/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Hey did everyone have a good weekend?

Erica, Rick, and Eric enjoy pizza in the living room. I think it's funny that they always eat in on the really expensive looking table and on the floor, instead of at the kitchen table. Erica wonders when they'll get tired of pizza, but Rick jokes that could never happen. Eric asks for his mom, and he wants Amber right now. Erica saves the day by suggesting that Eric make his momma a card that says he misses her. Rick whispers a thanks to Erica.

Amber is horrified when she figures out that Sheila has arranged everything to frame Amber and that Erica is really Mary. Sheila says she brought all this on herself and is sarcastic when referring to Erica as Amber's nanny. Amber says that if she hurts her son, she will kill her. Sheila says that Erica would never hurt Eric. Amber screams that Erica is just as crazy as Sheila. Sheila thinks that Erica is the best thing for Eric, since he has had to grow up with a drug addicted mother. You know she was only drug addicted for like 6 weeks and that was after a traumatic experience. Sheila says that Stephanie and Amber stole her future, but she will not let Amber take Erica's away. Amber says that Rick wouldn't go for a whack job like Erica, but of course, Sheila says she is perfect. Amber retorts that she is a stalker who has been after Rick this whole time. Sheila corrects her, as she puts her gloves on, that Erica actually left Mystic to come to LA, because Amber was her big fan. Sheila tried to warn her and tell her what Amber was like, but she wouldn't listen. However, it didn't take long for Amber to prove Sheila right. Sheila calls her pathetic, but Amber says it's pathetic that she is encouraging her daughter to chase a married man. Sheila smiles in a coy way and says she is going to guarantee her daughter gets Rick. D'oh!

Eric kisses Hope in the guest house. They laugh about how Hope is getting so big. Brooke smiles at how Eric likes having a baby around the house. Brooke asks when the grandkids should be getting there. Any minute now. Eric asks about her plans for the night. Brooke jokes that Hope really wants to go dancing and there is this new club on Sunset, but momma needs her sleep. Eric suggests that Hope go out and Brooke sleep. He notices an odor, and says that she needs to be changed. Eric does the honors and the scene is quite funny. Eric does have some problems using the adhesive already on the diaper, but with Brooke's help manages to get it done. Brooke says he did well, but needs to speed up, because her little diva was getting impatient, and a little chilly, without her diaper. Brooke coos Hope, and says Uncle Eric is silly, all it takes it "One, two, three." Then she's all clean and fresh.

Amber says that Rick isn't in love with Erica, but Sheila thinks he will be soon. Amber notices the phone on the table and tries to move over to it as she talks. Sheila has an answer for everything, but obviously senses what Amber is doing and pulls a gun on her, and says that Amber is going to abandon Rick. Sheila orders Amber over to the bar. She asks Amber what her poison is these days. Eventually she admits that Lance's accident was no accident. She makes Amber pour a full glass of tequila, and then dumps it on the bar. She says they are going. Amber tells her she cannot do this, but Sheila says she has a choice. Either come with her or leave in a body bag and then sets the trigger.

Rick watches Erica and Eric make the card for Amber. Erica gets up to talk Rick. Rick is worried about Eric. He's acting out and misbehaving at day care. Erica says she has tried to distract him, but he keeps thinking about his mom. She says he is just like his father, eh no, not Deacon, Rick.

In the car, Amber asks where Sheila is taking her. No answer. What is she doing? No answer. Then she asks Sheila if she really thinks that getting rid of her will solve all of Erica's problems. Sheila says that is the idea. Amber says that if she disappears, then Taylor and Rick will remember all the bad things Amber said about Erica, and they will realize it was her. Sheila laughs at the irony of that. Erica is actually innocent, well sort of, in all of this.

Eric doesn't want to bother Brooke during her favorite time of day, at night. He recalls she likes to watch her children sleep. Eric is worried about Rick. The whole ordeal with Amber has taken it's toll on him. Brooke thinks that Rick will get past Amber. If they haven't taught them anything else, it's to respect themselves. Eric excuses himself to go help Stephanie when they hear her car drive up. They leave, but not after Eric says a very dramatic "goodnight" to Brooke. Brooke watches as Eric leaves from the window.

Rick says that Eric knows something is wrong between Rick and Amber, and feels they shouldn't pretend nothing is wrong. Erica blames Amber for all of this. She has not only hurt herself, but her son, too. Rick thinks he needs Amber. Erica says she needs peace and lies through her teeth about how Amber brought this all on herself, and to make matters worse, her son. Ironically, Erica points out that even the most loving mother can be a bad influence on her child. Yep!

In some fenced area that has a lot of trash bags, Sheila shoves a tied-up Amber. Amber is soaked to the bone, and Sheila has her hooded jacket on. Amber says that Sheila doesn't want to do this, but she demands that Amber get inside the fenced area. The camera pans to a danger sign. Amber says that Sheila's plan will not help Erica, because when Erica finds out what happened, she'll suspect Sheila and Rick will suspect Erica, because of all the things Amber has said before. Okay, same argument as before, but, of course, Amber is hysterical. Sheila says that isn't true, because after she is done with Amber, no one will suspect a thing. What the hell does that mean?! Sheila then shoves Amber into a pile of trash bags behind her. Amber struggles to get up as Sheila puts up her gun and then pulls out the what I like to call an oversized pair of needle nose pliers. It's more like a gigantic wire cutter that you would use to cut through say fences and stuff. Whatever it is, it isn't exactly a fun tool to be on the other side of. Amber panics, and says that she will do whatever she wants, but to not hurt her family. Sheila says her family will be just fine, but this is the end of the road for her. Sheila moves in on an Amber, who is now screaming for her life. The screams get louder and more blood curdling as the camera gets close up on Amber's face and the cutters get closer to her face. Then, the camera just shows the shadow of the cutters and Amber's face on the metal walls that echo Amber's horrifying screams. Whew, that was not fun. If Sheila was going to kill Amber this way, oh boy, do I feel for Amber. I would rather be shot.

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