The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/4/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Hey, it's weekend time folks!

Eric made a monstrous sandwich, but Stephanie wants nothing to do with it. They are in the main kitchen. Brooke comes in and is advised to stay away from the sandwich, too. Brooke laughs and agrees, but is glad to see that Eric got his appetite back, because he called in sick today. Yeah, it's the next night folks. Eric admits that he was playing hookie, but Brooke is fine with it. He needed the time to rest. Eric corrects her, and says they did nothing of the kind today. First they had a picnic in the San Gabriels followed by tons of hiking. Okay, I really can't imagine Stephanie hiking anywhere. She says the mountains are lovely this time of the year. Yep, indeed. On the way home Stephanie made Eric endure four antique stores.

Oh God, that's horrible! I usually would always wait in the car and just take a nap. Stephanie tells him to rest while she goes to pick up the kids. Apparently, Ridge and Taylor have some big dinner planned that nobody knows about. She leaves, and Brooke notices how happy she is. She wonders if they had fun last night.

Amber reads Eric a story with Rick in Ridge and Taylor's place. The two watch from afar, and boy, are they dressed to the nines. Taylor tells Ridge to be patient because Amber and Rick need to spend time with Eric together. Ridge says this is all a sham, and that the family is prolonging the inevitable. Eric wants to be read the story again, but Rick says they have to get going. Amber says they have some more time, but Rick insists they must leave. He can tell that Ridge doesn't want him there. Ridge tells Taylor that he will not allow Rick and Amber to be in his house alone. He's adamant that's the way it's going to be, despite Taylor's longing eyes. Taylor says she doesn't like the idea of Amber being left there alone.

Sheila tells Erica that this is the night. Oh goodie! More perfect mother and daughter prattle for me to recap. Okay, and if things were already gross, Sheila says that Erica's ovulation test was positive, so in the words of Morgan a few years ago: "Tonight's the night." I would think a daughter would be mortified to talk to her mom about her ovulation, but oh well, they're both nuts. Erica doesn't know how to get Rick to make wuv to her. Sheila sees this is as a positive. If Rick were to give in too easily, then Erica wouldn't want that kind of man as a husband. Sheila tells her to just be there for Rick through the next crisis. Erica jokes that it is too bad she can't schedule one to coordinate with her cycle. Sheila says they might be able too.

Amber says goodnight to Eric, but he says he wants her to come with him. Amber says she can't. Amber tells him she'll write a song for him. Rick picks up Eric, who yells that he wants his mommy. He starts to leave, and Taylor comforts a crying Amber. Taylor says they will prove her innocence, but in the meantime, she has got to sit tight. Amber promises to do that. Ridge says to Rick that Amber puts on a good show, but it can't take back what she did. Rick retorts that he doesn't know Amber. Ridge points out that he has been living with her. He is still his brother, and he cares about him. Rick doesn't get mad, he just leaves with Eric.

Erica tells Sheila that she was kidding, and doesn't need a crisis to get close to Rick. Sheila thinks she does. Erica says Sheila has done enough to Amber. She will handle Rick from here. Sheila disagrees, and says that Rick is going to be looking for someone who is a good mother and so she must get pregnant soon. Women like Brooke and Amber went wrong there, and women like Stephanie and Taylor went right in that respect. Sheila tells Erica to be there for Rick in his darkest moment. Erica gets freaked out, and wants to know what Sheila is planning. Sheila doesn't answer. Oh Lord, what the hell does that mean?

Brooke doesn't expect Eric to kiss and tell. She figures that Eric spent the night, and notices Stephanie was glowing today. Eric admits that they are doing much better. Brooke is truly happy for them.

Stephanie comes running into Taylor's place a little wet from a thunderstorm. She apologizes for being late, but no one in LA knows how to drive in the rain. Amen! Apparently, the kids are gonna make pizza and spend the night at their grandparent's house. Steffy is gonna go without her security blanket, too. Wow. Actually, I didn't even know she had one. Ridge and Taylor go to get the kids and say bye and leave Stephanie to see Amber sitting on the couch. She says hello and explains the plans for the evening. Amber guesses that Ridge didn't trust her enough to babysit his kids. Stephanie asks her if she is okay. She explains how Rick and Eric just left the house. Stephanie knows this is hard for her. Amber thinks that she thinks she deserves it. Stephanie doesn't quite think that. She puts a lot of faith in what Taylor says, but Amber strikes back that she doesn't have faith in her. She asks if she understands how much that hurts her, and reminds her that she saved her life once. Amber stomps off telling her to forget it. Stephanie looks pretty sad after that.

Eric gets some ingredients for pizza. He explains the plan to Brooke and how he and Stephanie used to make them with their kids back in the day. They talk about their kids, and how things have changed. Brooke wants to repay Stephanie for what she has done. Eric thinks that she sent him over there last night to repay Stephanie. Brooke says that is dumb because he isn't hers to give away. Huh?

Amber sits in almost complete darkness in the house. She hears a knock at the door, and knows it's Rick. She runs down to answer the door, and lo and behold it's psycho Sheila! Wait, how did she know no one else would be there? Amber is totally freaked out as Sheila asks her to invite her in.

Brooke corrects herself and says they were meant to be together so that's why she sent him to Stephanie's room. Brooke splits before Eric delves in too much.

Okay, Erica is at Rick's place and doesn't seem to be worried about what her mom is up to. Rick and Eric arrive. She offers pizza to Eric and explains that even though this is her day off, she wanted to be there. She wants to be there for Rick whenever he needs her. Barf.

Amber slowly backs into the house, and Sheila follows. I would run for the nearest phone and do some fast dialing and screaming. Sheila shuts the door behind her. They keep walking across the living room. Amber stutters out Sheila's name, and wants to know what she is doing there. Sheila claims it's revenge for what happened, and how she didn't let her kill Stephanie and tried to stop her from taking her own daughter. Also, Amber is standing in the way of her daughter's happiness. Amber is confused because she doesn't even know her daughter. Amber finally realizes that Erica is Sheila's daughter, and that she has been doing all the horrible things to her. The show ends with Sheila's beady little eyes staring Amber done.

Have a great weekend!